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  1. I was so happy for like 5 seconds until I realized this is a necro of a thing that never was...
  2. sooooo What does all this have to do with vinyl records? if you really want to have this conversation could you take it to a proper place? From the rules: This isn't a forum for 'witch hunts'. If you have a personal issue with a band, artist, label, or individual please don't attempt to use VC as a personal army.
  3. it's not generally speaking, but it is when you're talking about T&N pressings
  4. got my copy today. Sounds CD sourced, a bit muddy in the mids, kind of "ice picky" highs and thin bass which makes sense because they crammed all the music they could on each side (the louder the bass the wider the track). So overall it's actually a good pressing for T&N; you can actually listen to it.
  5. "Hey guys have you listened to the bland overdone hipster music that every middle class teenager listens to? Let's make our new album like that!" - Gorillaz, 2017
  6. I post 1 min clips everyday =) https://www.instagram.com/buravinyl/
  7. so you're telling me you'll be able to bring the metal community to a consensus on what band is classified on which metal subgenre?
  8. Been waiting for this for soooo long! https://www.omerch.eu/shop/devintownsend/products/devin-townsend-7lp-eras-vinyl-collection-part-1-star-exclusive-star EXCLUSIVE SILVER VINYL EDITION - LIMITED TO 200 COPIES. The boxset contains the albums "Addicted" (Gatefold LP), "Deconstruction" (Gatefold 2LP), "Ghost" (Gatefold 2LP) and "Ki" (Gatefold 2LP) on 180 gram black vinyl, extensive LP booklet with liner notes by Chris Dick and comments by Devin Townsend, all wrapped up in a sturdy 2-piece box set.
  9. I know right? "LIVE AT LA GAÎTÉ LYRIQUE" is soo good! there are many songs there that actually sound even more awesome than the original record
  10. Scraps of tape! wow I haven't heard anything from them for a loooooong time, nice to know about this! thanks!
  11. lucky you!, I preordered 5 months ago!. at least they sent me an email just now saying that they'll ship it soon.
  12. is anyone's order still pending from merchbucket?. damn suckers over there can't even reply to an email.