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  1. ugh yes, my tri color sounds like garbage. same thing @pushbacktosquare said, the purple has so much static noise that it's just unlistenable.
  2. yes I checked just now and saw it back up, came to relay the message here as well haha. thanks!
  3. omg noooo I was just adding one to my cart before they were gone. how do I always miss these? definitely one of my favorite britney albums. every song is perfect except maybe dear diary...
  4. cancelled from amazon and went with deep discount instead.
  5. wowww I haven't thought of this album in forever. I'm so stoked for this!
  6. Wow, yes. I need this. I just rediscovered Fantasies this week and forgot how much I love it.
  7. The link works! Looks like you can still order it. I'm super psyched for this album! Kids In The Dark is giving me sensual 80's realness and I love it.
  8. Oof, $93 for the collectors shipped. I wish, cause I'm loving the single more than I thought I would.
  9. My wallet used to be an adventurer like you, then it took an arrow in the knee
  10. Are there any oxbloods available anywhere? Looks like Amoeba and Bullmoose don't have em anymore.

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