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  1. I bought Besides and Joke from Juno, and they arrived within a few weeks. It looks like both Hubcap and Dog & Pony are available.
  2. The guys from ODESZA teamed up with Golden Features for a new album Standard clear LP for $25, Limited hand-poured black and yellow for $30; no pressing #'s https://store.wearebronson.com/ First two singles Heart Attack and Vaults
  3. The ep is great, and I was waiting for the pre-sale, so it's frustrating that the marble was sold out before I was even awake (Seattle), but still looking forward to this
  4. And "apple red vinyl" limited to 400 from a record store in her hometown https://seasickbham.com/collections/frontpage/products/waxahatchee-saint-cloud-lp-seasick-exclusive-apple-red
  5. Always good if you can get records for less, but it should be noted that Merge offers free U.S. shipping with every order regardless of total
  6. I think that's likely, but that there's also a chance that the tri-color is the label/artist exclusive, and the indie is similar to the reissue of Root Down, random solid of blue or gray or yellow. Only one shop, and it's in the UK, is saying that's the case, so there's definitely a decent chance that they're pressing a bunch of the same "limited" tri-color and that's all anyone can get, and maybe there'll be a black repress later on if necessary.
  7. No idea if this will also apply to US indie stores, or even if this description is correct, but found this note for the pre-order with Banquet Records. It could be one of those situations where you don't know the color until you open it. "Indies exclusive LP is on 'grey or blue or yellow' coloured vinyl." https://www.banquetrecords.com/soccer-mommy/color-theory/LVR00855
  8. For those of you who are fans of John Roderick & The Long Winters, you'll recognize some of these songs. This was the band just prior to TLW; all their demos cleaned up and remastered for vinyl. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/western-state-hurricanes-debut-lp/
  9. "Peak" vinyl is what Merge has termed the special color vinyl for each release, similar to Sub Pop's "Loser" edition. Sometimes, it's a deluxe edition that includes an extra disc, but not always.
  10. Should clarify on this point - they made it very clear when they eliminated the Crate subscription that those of us already on it were grandfathered in, but if we cancelled it, that was it; no going back. Being able to avoid crap like AM makes staying on Crate even sweeter - not remastered, generic "indie"/garage rock on a color variant when there are a ton of inexpensive copies already available in stores and online... I genuinely like being a member but this one might as well be Vinyl Me Urban Outfitters.
  11. 15 year anniversary... crazy I'm glad it's finally getting a pressing; excited to see him on the Living Room tour in a couple months
  12. They were originally talking about early Fall, but now they've updated that to trying their best to have Classics as a standalone by the end of the year. Hip hop will follow a bit after.
  13. The side subscription will eventually be available without also having a VMP ROTM sub, yes. I was responding to the idea that people can expect individual albums in Classics or Hip Hop subs to be in the store because that hasn't occurred so far. Last week they were said they were aiming to have a standalone Classics sub available to the public in September, and Hip Hop soon after, and then yesterday posted that they're doing everything possible for it to happen "by the end of the year". I'm on Crate so I've been tracking the progress.
  14. Not sure if this is true, at least initially. The VMP Classics side sub was restricted to a set number of members and none of those albums have made it to the store. They are supposedly going to open up both Classics and Hip Hop to the general public as a standalone subscription next month.
  15. Just email them; usually very responsive & most labels hold a few back for damage replacements. They accidentally sent me the black instead of the white & orange swirl of Ivy Tripp for that pre-order, and I received the correct one within a week.