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  1. Interesting. They changed the release date on the website today, now pushed to the 25th for Dusk. Mark is still listed as Oct 5th.
  2. Like the new jam more and more each time I listen to it, especially within the context of what was outlined in the press release. Really looking forward to hearing more.
  3. I don't hate it. Pre-ordered. also just saw some tour dates and they're hitting my city in November with Kevin Devine - STOKED.
  4. Digging through the dead to bring this back from the past. Just in case anyone is interested but missed it, another variant of this album is floating around. I saw it posted on instagram on RSD that there was a /100 black and silver swirl at the Dine Alone Pop-up. Turns out they're also selling it at the Wax on Wheels mobile record shop that tends to hit up events around southern Ontario. People on The Discogs are trying to make bank on it, so I thought I'd put it out there that it's still available for $25 if you can get to a wax on wheels event. One thing I noticed today after listening is that it seems like some guitar tracks were left off the mix somehow, so some leads are absent on this pressing which really threw me off this morning.
  5. The album has been streaming for a while now and it is quite excellent. They teased that vinyl was on its way and today is the day! Ordering is through their bandcamp right now. Vinyl is limited to 106 on black vinyl; jams are wonderful sometimes heavy, sometimes not instrumentals and shipping is outrageous. Lovely album.
  6. bridley

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    This different language stuff is some Spookey Ruben type shit, neat.
  7. bridley

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    That's from last year's tour but erroneously attributed to this year because Google lifted it from the band's website where there isn't a year attached to it.
  8. Interesting, all three are the same price in CAD on the Canadian side of the site. I wonder if Mark will go up in price if they notice it.
  9. It also seems to be completely unlisted from the website while other items that are sold out still show up when browsing or searching, only way to get to it that I can see if through a direct link. Is this common?
  10. Valuable info, thank you for the tip.
  11. I hope so, I was waiting to see if other albums (the first two, or Unplugged) went up so I could save on shipping. My first thought was - it'll come back in stock - but that might just be wishful thinking. Maybe some stock was saved for stores?
  12. Definitely did not expect that. Shit.