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  1. splatter is sold out
  2. saw them last night, unbelievable show. amazing live band. bought the record assuming it was the tour press and opened it up and it was black. boooo
  3. atlas

    PO: Vein - Errorzone

    Anyone get this yet? My friend got his album + shirt package today, meanwhile mine has been in "Pre-Shipment" for 5 days. Both from the Closed Casket website. Kinda annoyed
  4. Was super mad I didn't get this email and it turns out they've been going to my spam folder this whole time. God dammit
  5. update: they changed it to say Sold Out so they must have heard me yelling into the void
  6. Would have been nice for them to let you know the Pink/Blue is out of stock at any point before you hit the "submit order" button
  7. atlas

    PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    Blue/white split up, /250 http://equalvision.merchnow.com/products/v2/269575/arbiter-blue-split
  8. Picked this up at their show last night. Newspaper/magazine thing is really cool. Record rules
  9. Surprised there are still some of these left. Excited to see what color(s) I get.
  10. This album fuckin rules and I hope these guys blow up very soon. Grabbed the orange/yellow in any event
  11. I spun this earlier this week and my Air record was crackling like a motherfucker
  12. Damn, was willing to do the gold + shirt combo but saw the $17 shipping, had a stroke, and that was the end of that
  13. My splatter came today. Both looks and sounds great. As you were