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  1. anyone who got the /100 Dine Alone get a shipping notification?
  2. guessing the "bullseye" one is also a pic disc then. dammit lol
  3. Did anyone else order the blanket bundle? Said it was supposed to ship "early September", nothing
  4. Jade said he literally snapped the album cover walking past a busted light fixture on his phone. Probably had to zoom in a little bit. Now blow that up to a 12"X12" cover
  5. If you’re referring to Jeff Hickey, he wrote/played on this album before leaving the band
  6. Why does everyone still think they should change their name when they’ve had the same frontman for 16 years and this will be their 7th album with him again? Pretty sure that ship has sailed
  7. Pre-orders way cheaper on Merchnow fwiw EDIT: someone already said it i'm a dumbass
  8. I'm here for the switch to MerchDirect honestly, whoever they were going through before kinda sucked in terms of quality, and MerchDirect stuff these days is always very good in that department
  9. So what exactly would you have them do in this scenario? Distribute the album for free after paying the full cost of manufacturing, without getting any of the pre-order money? Reimburse the fans out of their own pockets, after already getting fucked out of tens of thousands of dollars?
  10. Do y’all in this thread not know how to read or something? They paid the manufacturing costs for the album out of pocket and took pre orders through Pledge Music. When it was time for Pledge Music to pay them out for the pre orders, Pledge Music up and said “fuck you” and kept all the money. What are they supposed to do, give away the record for free??
  11. Casey said on reddit that they did not expect them to go this fast and they'll be pressing more
  12. Anyone who got the print version from last Friday’s batch get shipping info yet?