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  1. Thanks for posting! I'm a total sucker for some Gossard riffs
  2. New Deathspell Omega up for preorder! https://deathspellomega.bandcamp.com/album/the-furnaces-of-palingenesia
  3. 10/10 record. couldnt have copped that red any quicker. thanks for lookin out
  4. too good of a deal to pass up. was able to snag the REAL number of the beast, #000616
  5. Welp, they announced this two days after i finally procured a copies of S.C. 1.&2 after years of looking. Wonder what else is gonna be on it. Hoping theres some more as of yet unreleased early career tracks they've been hiding away.
  6. my test press came today. i think they did a good job with remastering this. i was a bit hesitant to think their remaster was gonna sound much different from the originals, but call me pleasantly surprised on how clear and new sounding things are. the pressing is dead silent as well. so glad i was able to end up with a TP from one of my all time favorite bands all due to people posting in this thread!
  7. looks to be 'unavailable' now. think i may have got the last one. big ups to you fish on posting!
  8. anyone have an idea of how many Test Pressings were made or available?
  9. Profound Lore put up a new Gevurah EP which will be released September 28th. https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/gevurah-sulphur-soul-vinyl-lp 500 Pressed /100 - Gold /400 - Black
  10. $76 & release of Nov 1 Looks like the Silver & Gold boxset on AK also sold out.
  11. Wow. Thank you. Wasnt expecting to ever find one of these again for a reasonable price. Only 22 left in stock!
  12. heads up to anyone else that ordered on amazon.jp. amazon.jp wont let you cancel these items after a certain period of time passes. i cant tell for sure how this cutoff works but all of these items fall under the policy. it might be immediate upon confirmation or after a few day grace period. if you already preemptively ordered with them and are thinking about switching for a domestically cheaper order, first check to see if you can still cancel. i did not and now have a whole set of extras
  13. looks like 11 of the splatter still up on their bandcamp https://cultleadermusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-patient-man
  14. i think amazon USA did the same. now im regretting canceling my original order to save a few bucks.