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  1. Still looking for Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger. Either variant.
  2. Just got my shipment of the NOFX 7" of the month records. Noticed "I Love You More Than I Hate You" was heavier than all the others. Somehow they managed to stuff 2 copies in there. Pretty funny. Never had anything like this happen. Not sure what to do with the extra. No jacket or sleeve, just a loose 7".
  3. This is the album: https://www.discogs.com/Horowitz-Beethoven-Chopin-Debussy-Horowitz-Bizet-Liszt-Rachmaninoff-Scarlatti-Schubert-Schumann-Scri/release/4420286 Super annoying to have to listen to the records this way. Was this a common thing to do? If so, what were they thinking? Really great record though.
  4. When I sell a record, I take 2-3 minutes or more to carefully pack it because it is usually rare, out of print, and not easily replaceable. I take a lot of effort to make sure the buyer gets it in the same condition it left. Always supply them in a poly sleeve and ship the records outside of the jacket. I understand that the labels and distros we buy new records from don't have the time and resources to spend that much time packing. Some days they might need to ship 100's of records or more and they need to be really quick and efficient. You are lucky to get a piece of bubble wrap
  5. Seam splits on the printed inner-sleeves can be even worse. It's really disappointing to open a new record and see that.
  6. Went in for the wax mage, had one in my cart. By the time I selected media mail, it was sold out. Not quick enough
  7. Ha. I did the same thing. For some reason I thought they were doing unlimited black pressings of each album. Sold my color copies a while back.
  8. Sundressed - Home Remedy https://ruderecords.merchnow.com/products/v2/322652/home-remedy
  9. Anyone know where I can find the Buckcherry LP in stock? Sold out everywhere I look. Been waiting forever for this to get pressed, kind of bummed I missed it.
  10. Also, my family runs a business and we are incorporated. We've got about 10 employees in our office and about 70 spread throughout the country. We don't talk anything like this in emails, over the phone, or in meetings. We talk like normal people. I guess we are that 0.1%? Seriously, if our business was to get a 15% tax rate like Trump is proposing, we would be able to hire a new engineer which we need, pay some employees more, and have cash to invest.
  11. Trump now calling for Congressional term limits and closing lobbyist loopholes. That's a great idea that most people support, but no lifetime politician would ever suggest. One candidate running on ending government corruption, and one is the embodiment of government corruption.
  12. Wow. They are a political party running for president of the united states, not a corporation strategizing about some bullshit . They are talking about eliminating a part of the catholic church because they don't align with their views. You don't have to be religious to see how fucked up that is. It doesn't matter if they are talking about catholics, jews, muslims or mormons. This is America and the government does not get to decide how and why someone practices their faith.

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