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  1. A 2xLP with the studio album and the live album together would have been cool. A 3x10" was a bad idea. I think I would drop $100 on a used copy of the regular LP before I dropped $100 on a brand new 3x10".
  2. Damn. I would definitely travel to see their final show. They are one of the most iconic and influential punk bands of all time.
  3. I emailed merchnow's support. They said it was a factory defect, and they have extras. Mine already shipped.
  4. Damn, will email them to see if they have any extras. Wish me luck.
  5. Was this supposed to come with an insert, or some kind of reflective essay by Josh? Mine did not come with anything but the records. Wondering if I got screwed.
  6. When I moved across the country, I bought these mailers from bags unlimited: https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/7238/lp-record-mailer-box-holds-bfont-colorredup-to-20bfont-vinyl-records-br-snug-fit-12-1116-x-12-1116-x-3-brdouble-walled-edges-help-ensure-safe-delivery They fit a bunch of records in each box. They were really nice. I didn't send them in the mail, but felt like they would have held up pretty well if I had. I put them in a uhaul trailer and drove that. Everything made the trip perfectly fine. I think they would work great if you're using a moving company too. The records fit perfectly in the box and they are double walled.
  7. Might pick up ...And you will know us by the trail of dead. Century of Self is a great album and the artwork is pretty neat. Only thing that caught my eye so far.
  8. Does Hassle ship anywhere in the USA? Its says they ship to the US on their site but I keep getting an error message when I try to check out. Missed the 2017 repress and this one. Super bummed. Hoping extras go up or eBay prices come down a little.
  9. You insinuated that eating meat and dairy, or diary as you put it, is unacceptable and anyone who does is fucking stupid and a dummy. Why inject this crap into a conversation about vinyl?
  10. I-Empire also available for pre-order. No info on color. Sept 24 release: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B099C8R25T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I agree. Just got it last week. Nice packaging and sounds great. Almost worth the $65 price tag.
  12. I actually dig the new song. Picked up a cotton candy.
  13. This looks like it will pretty cool to have. Going to take a chance on getting them second hand someday, or maybe some other variant will be sold in the future. Anyone want to guess the price? $88, $93, or higher?
  14. I can definitely see them making a live Coloring Book record instead of pressing a standard, playable version like everyone wants. I'm pretty much convinced that's what they will do now lol.

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