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  1. Also, my family runs a business and we are incorporated. We've got about 10 employees in our office and about 70 spread throughout the country. We don't talk anything like this in emails, over the phone, or in meetings. We talk like normal people. I guess we are that 0.1%? Seriously, if our business was to get a 15% tax rate like Trump is proposing, we would be able to hire a new engineer which we need, pay some employees more, and have cash to invest.
  2. Trump now calling for Congressional term limits and closing lobbyist loopholes. That's a great idea that most people support, but no lifetime politician would ever suggest. One candidate running on ending government corruption, and one is the embodiment of government corruption.
  3. Wow. They are a political party running for president of the united states, not a corporation strategizing about some bullshit . They are talking about eliminating a part of the catholic church because they don't align with their views. You don't have to be religious to see how fucked up that is. It doesn't matter if they are talking about catholics, jews, muslims or mormons. This is America and the government does not get to decide how and why someone practices their faith.
  4. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/16557 http://www.catholicsinalliance.org/ A catholic spring?
  5. For those arguing about Clinton escalating war with Russia, please read her first speech to Goldman. I had to search Wikileaks myself to find it. She talks openly about getting involved in Syria. Assad and Russia are no joke. They will not back down under any circumstances. She makes this very clear. The US got involved for humanitarian and political reasons. One banker flat out asked her if she thinks it would be smart to align with Russia to stabilize the region once and for all. She barely responded. They don't understand the gravity of the situation they have gotten themselves into over there. Making Iran a powerful country and giving them a path to nuclear weapons was a terrible idea. She admitted in this speech that they will develop the nuclear weapons within a few years no matter what we do and that other countries, like Egypt, will quickly follow. I'm not saying Trump has the answers here, but if she is stupid enough to provoke Russia through Assad, they are not going to just sit there and let it go.
  6. Some of these emails are pretty bad but they will have to drop a nuclear bomb for it to have any effect on this election. I'm not sure if people are reading them or even know they exist at this point.
  7. My biggest problem with Trump is that he is extremely insecure. He lies about the most ridiculous shit like having the best memory in the world, or being good enough to be a pro golfer, or that he wasn't sniffling. We all heard it! Maybe his debate mic smells really, really good? Even his pussy grabbing talk is him trying to impress that other douche bag with how rich and popular he thinks he is. I know people who have the exact same personality. He looks like he is genuinely speaking for the people who make up his base. I've disliked and distrusted the government and the media for my entire life and Trump is giving a big fuck you to all of them. I respect the hell out of him for that.
  8. I voted for Gore, Kerry, Obama twice and Sanders in the Primary. Debbie Wasserman whatever called the election for Hillary the day before the CA primary was held. I still went anyway even though she essentially made my vote useless. I was so happy when she resigned in disgrace. I can't wait to see the new chairwomen go down in flames for feeding debate questions to Hillary in advance. Will her best friends at CNN even question her about it? Doubtful, any investigation could expose them for being involved. The Democratic party I believed in back in my 20s was a terrible lie. After reading these emails I will never vote for a Democrat with any ties to the Clinton's or their agenda.
  9. The Democrats have somehow twisted the the media into becoming the fourth branch of government. They are working for the White House whether they realize it or not. They are selling a message that America is racist, poor, and controlled by evil old white men who keep all the money. Democrats are the party of unity, and republicans are the party of rich white racists. I'm sorry, but that is just not true. It's a disgusting lie actually. Of course there are bad people out there with awful beliefs, but they don't represent any large portion of America. According to HRC Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS and other radical Sunni groups. They also donate tens of millions of dollars to Clinton's foundation. That is pretty scary to think about. It's not impossible to think the Clinton's are being influenced by the same people who are influencing the destruction of Western Civilization. Maybe she will blame Thomas Jefferson for this one.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37607428 BBC sits with family of Trump supporters during debate
  11. Both candidates want the best for the country. It won't be the end of the world in either scenario. Both sides will say and do anything to win, especially this close to the election, and that brings out the worst in people. They lie right to people's faces like we can't tell. I wish there was a shred of honesty and mutual respect between sides.
  12. I would like to share something I observed the other week when that dick hole tried to blow up NY and NJ When the news broke of a small explosion in NJ everyone on the news said not to jump to any conclusions. No one knows what really happened. Then a second "possible explosion" happened in the city. Again, we don't know what happened so don't speculate. The two instances may not even be related. It could be anything right? Things just randomly explode all the time. Everyone said the same thing except Donald Trump, but that isn't even my point. My point is the news media, and Washington made it very clear that we shouldn't come to any conclusions until all the facts are known. A few days later news breaks that a black guy was shot during a police altercation. Did Washington and the news media put out statements telling people to remain calm, don't jump to conclusions and wait for the facts? No, it was the opposite of that. The news media reports anything and everything that may or may not be true. First the guy was just sitting in his car reading a book while parked in the middle of the road. Then he wasn't reading, he was smoking a blunt. Then the book turned into a gun. Maybe it was a book about a gun? The false reporting is causing people to riot and kill cops. I am all for protesting the unfair practices of police. I don't think anyone deserves to die while interacting with cops except in extreme and rare circumstances. Here is what I took away: Don't spread a false narrative that muslims are terrorists and at war with America. Do spread a false narrative that police are racist killers who operate above the law.
  13. Welfare is only meant to be an assistance until you get your shit together. Plenty of people use it this way and benefit greatly. It is really easy to abuse though. You can live off welfare without working and pay nothing in taxes. If it was run properly, it would be an amazing and effective system that wouldn't even cost that much it taxes.
  14. In 2015 HRC claimed a 700,000 loss on long term investments. She used the massive loss to offset her current taxes just like Trump allegedly did. Their hypocrisy and their lies know no bounds.
  15. Federal and state income tax is theft. There are many other types of taxes the government collects. Most are bullshit. Many you could argue are fair and maybe even necessary. People fundamentally disagree with the concept of a large federal government. Huge taxes on every dollar that is passed back and forth just inflates this huge terrible beast that nobody wanted in the first place. We want to reduce taxes thus reduce the size of the government. Amazon and UPS will maintain the roads if they want to keep selling people stupid shit all day long. Freedom isn't free but it only cost a $1.05