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  1. Will let you know. Trying to do splatter for splatter and quad for quad for now.
  2. Shuga Records out of Chicago has it on red and white. They're also asking $150 for it...
  3. Looking to trade LTJ Losing Streak colors. I have yellow with black splatter, looking to trade for black with yellow splatter. Also have green/white, looking to trade for red/white.
  4. Looks like red/white won't be exclusive to Target. Lunchbox had it but it's sold out now. My Target order still shows backordered.
  5. Dulceria/Far Too Near 7" on grey vinyl with pink and white splatter Twisted Tongues/Escape From Los Angeles 7" on black vinyl with minimal white splatter Looking Tragic/Begging For Trouble 7" on Clear vinyl with blue and white splatter. Then the album on a single LP in an alternate art gatefold on a translucent black vinyl with black and white splatter.
  6. Box set arrived today finally. Came in the thinnest possible mailer with no cardboard or any protection inside the box, so when I cut it open, I cut the cover of the box 😓
  7. Thanks! Is it the same for that clear splatter STA that came out end of last year?
  8. Curious what that is limited to, the other splatter version from December is still available. @IanRees?
  9. So now that I called Losing Streak back in March, are we taking bets on a new Hello Rockview reissue for it's 25th anniversary in 2023? Mark your calendars now 😂
  10. Welp, I ended up ordering the pink Silver Linings from a couple places, and glad I did. My Target order now says back ordered, and delayed til Nov 19-26, and my Amazon order doesn't have an estimated delivery day. Placed both of these back in July. Bullmoose on the other hand shipped yesterday with my Losing Streak and Pink Silver Linings.
  11. Yup! Seen three different people now who that happened to.
  12. Seen a few different people also receive the wrong record in their Amazon Losing Streak package. Yikes.
  13. Haven't seen any photos of it yet, but it's red/white butterfly (like the white green one).
  14. Was able to confirm this morning, it is indeed totally random as far as what stores are getting for the other four variants.
  15. My Amazon package arrived and it was the white and green version. No hype sticker or anything. I ordered back in September. Mine shipped from Maryland, so may depend on what facility the order originated.
  16. LTJ Just confirmed on a comment on IG, there are 5 variants, 500 each. 500 in their store, and then the rest in other retailers. Yellow w splatter - Smartpunk/Bullmoose Black w splatter - Amazon Tri color - LTJ webstore ??? - ??? - What are the chances it's ENTIRELY random when buying from retailers?
  17. So excited for this. Saw these dudes open for Emery with As Cities Burns. The band smack dab in the middle of this lineup? Gym Class Heroes. Such a strange band for the tour but I loved it.
  18. That would be my guess at this point. Amazon and Target get the black, Indies get the Yellow.
  19. She announced back in August that she wasn't going on the Hawthorne Heights tour. She announced that she miscarried earlier this year 😔, and that combined with being diabetic on tour, she needed to take care of herself and take a break from tour life . Though it didn't sound like it was a permanent departure. Maybe that has since changed?
  20. If you haven't read books by Cormac McCarthy before, he has a very distinct writing style. I personally enjoy it. His books are also usually a very quick read for me.
  21. I should download the app for that. I used to keep track years ago using Goodread's via the website. Lately I've been reading books on music. Read In Defense of Ska not too long ago, and now I'm reading Hell of a Hat. Interesting perspective's on the ska scene in both. Also picked up Dave Grohl's book but I've been holding off on starting that one.
  22. I didn't order this from Target, but I did order another record that was on preorder. Apparently preorders on their website will not be charged, but a hold is placed on the card, and that hold expires every 30 days or something like that, so every month I would see a new automated charge via email from CC for target.com and then would never actually see a charge. That record delayed two months. Took a while to realize that's what was going on.

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