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  1. seeing em in SF on thursday! cannot wait! will be spinning the lps this weekend for sure in anticipation. all three are in the running for my best ever Amoeba scores. paid less than $10 a piece for each of them. and i only bought em because i was on a 764-hero and built to spill kick and figured they would sound similar since they were on UP.
  2. yeah, this board needs more foreign posters. that is where i am getting some decent offers via discogs, i just hate selling expensive records overseas because it is a hassle and there is so much of a chance something bad can happen on that long journey.
  3. ok, i feel that then. btw, pretty sure there are a lot of people on this board that are "collecting" ya know? THE HOBBY
  4. not taking away from numero group, because literally everything they do is great, but the OG Up versions are really quite good. sound is terrific and the sleeves are nice. obviously less bells and whistles than numero will obviously do, but to say infinitely better seems like an indictment of the quality of the Up versions, which seems a bit hyperbolic. but maybe you just meant that as far as how well numero does on this stuff, and not as an idictment of the OGs.
  5. i pulled the trigger on a discogs copy offered by Redscroll. 30.98ppd is a little high, but i don't feel like waiting it out. already listened to this 3 times through today.
  6. gotta be an exclusive India pressing.
  7. bullmoose doesnt have it anymore as of this morning when i checked.
  8. so this album is amazing. band can do no wrong. any leads on a cheap US distro with this?
  9. Wife Child is a sick band name.
  10. sorry, i was being sarcastic. i definitely didnt take that ridiculous offer. and while i know i have $700 or so worth of vinyl in those 3 records, i am not looking for that much if someone wants to purchase all 3. would discount heavily. heads up to those who wanna be big OG press ballers.
  11. it wasn't a joke and i made the trade. did i make a boo-boo?
  12. if anyone wants to step up to the big boy's table and purchase vg+ to nm copies of the two og lps and 1975 12", feel free to send me a PM.
  13. plenty of people received orders from the second wave. the first two waves all shipped within a week of the initial order date. this most recent one will take much longer, but its all good, cuz he is just one dude.
  14. jrodan

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    oh wow, thank you. thank you so much. thank you a thousand times. thank you.
  15. jrodan

    Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    thats because the link was posted two weeks ago and it is long sold out.