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  1. jrodan

    PO Now - Shame - Songs of Praise

    says limited to 1000 on that beige.
  2. considering Decay is about 14 years old, that seems unlikely unless the Woo'ing was coming from inside their father's balls.
  3. yeah, your argument using DIY and RYM as reasons that enjoying AFII is a hot take really sold everyone, brother. enjoy your music discussion circles!
  4. lol @DecayToDeath. what a turd.
  5. for sure. not really worried about being able to find the london fog for cheap.
  6. such a confusing release with the mix up. if anyone can link me to the /1500 version for less than $28ppd, i would appreciate it. this album fucking rules.
  7. mustve restocked cuz it shows available on bandcamp.
  8. instrumentally it sounds exactly like mineral. if that opening guitar line doesn't sound like mineral, then i dont know what does. his vocals on the other hand...that took me a few listens to get used to.
  9. Vocals are so weird. Gonna take some getting used to.
  10. lotus plaza is the best deerhunter associated project. spooky action is an all time great album. after getting into them i realized that basically all my favorite deerhunter songs were the ones lockett wrote.
  11. ah ha! thanks. i had no desire to bundle so i hadnt clicked on those.