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  1. Tug is Bert McCracken just trying to get some hype around his band.
  2. I would up to buying the long sleeve shirt off someone. Or if someone wants the dolls and not the rest of the stuff I'll buy the bundle.
  3. ksleap

    Senses Fail Still Searching PO

    Thank you. I am in for a VIP.
  4. You should run it by Virgil or RJ and MTS. Just pay up front and they will take care of the rest.
  5. Me and my wife read to my 19 month old every night. It's a great thing, she loves it. 72 pages is a lot to get though.
  6. ksleap

    The Third Man Records Thread

    The liquid evaporated and Jack White was able to bottle the gassed up in TMR mason jars. While wearing a space suit he announced the jars will be sent to the edge of the atmosphere and thrown back down to the deepest part of the ocean. If I'm able to grab two ill hook somebody up here.
  7. A guy chasefindley hooked me up with that cd a year ago and it's been in my car since. Great album.
  8. I like the new song. Especially how inconstant max has been on his albums. I think that after 7 years these guys have started right where they left off. I look forward to the rest of the album.
  9. I use a razor blade. Start at the end that has the biggest gap. Press down lightly then slowly pull the blade down to the bottom. Right when you get to the end press down hard and run the blade straight down my wrist to my elbo. And that opens up the conversation to people I meet on the street when they ask me what happened. I can tell them about my collection #thehobby
  10. Tug has to be having a hand party right now.
  11. Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.This is gonna sound weird, but for a second, I think you took on the shape of a unicorn.
  12. I thought the eyes on the girls tattoo looked like L's
  13. That's how I felt when I opened the box. Right after I ordered taking back sunday.
  14. ksleap

    Crate Diggers???

    I would suggest Wesley Willis. He died in his prime and left a hole in the music industry but his music still brings a smile to my face. Good luck
  15. Me too. Had to grab it. Can whoever filled their cart let me know how many it looks like they are selling. Just curious.
  16. I went with the clear. I paid 9.50 in shipping and 2.60 in NY tax
  17. I went with the clear. I paid 9.50 in shipping and 2.60 in NY tax
  18. I like the song. I'm glad I ordered. I wish they would have had a vinyl/Tshirt bundle.
  19. I was under the impression we were all friend's here!!??!
  20. This is cool. Too bad all of his fans can't get one of these. At least it goes to a good cause.
  21. ksleap

    Lovedrug - Pretend You're Alive

    Why not just do another pledgemusic. It worked well for him last time. There's no promise of only pressing 400. They can press 1000 sell the 400 with the poster and sell the rest on tour.
  22. ksleap

    VC NYC (New York City)

    There is no chance I would stay in that neighborhood but leaving my car is a different story. It's the hardest borough to get around if you plan on staying. I've spent many days stumbling around the ridge but I keep moving further and further away from that bridge. So unless I'm getting cupcakes for my wife or hitting paneantico for lunch I usually just drive on through. Nice place to live though.