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  1. Felt great to take each of these EPs off my discogs wantlist. Ordered it from the band's store. Mogwai is my favorite band and I'm happy to pay them for this, cant wait to spin this. Fingers crossed for a Young Team boxset soon, or for the 25th anniversary next year...
  2. Here hoping that additional pressings of Bless the Martyr will mean that there will be additional pressings coming down the pike for I am Hollywood. I dont know many people but I know at least five that would buy this album.
  3. Unsure where im going to live mid 2022 but i do not want to miss out and will have shit sent to my parents address. Converge is number one, very very interested to hear how this sounds.
  4. Is this going to be like the King of Limbs cell phone game from a few years ago? was it called PolyFauna?
  5. I think this record is really cool, and could be in the running for my favorite album this year. I had already preordered the pic disc from hello merch (along with some other cool Sargent House stuff) but I got impatient waiting for HM to ship so I also picked up a Neptune Blue copy from my local record shop. For whatever reason the hello merch preorder took two extra weeks to ship so I haven't had a chance to compare both the pressings yet. My main question for other people with the picture disc/zoetrope editions: Are these plastic sleeves that hold the picture discs gonna hurt the record? Reason I ask is I bought a copy of Glassjaw's Worship and Tribute on white vinyl a few years ago and it was also housed in a similar see thru sleeve but i dont know if it was the same type of plastic?
  6. Hoping more Lungfish reissues are forthcoming. Love is Love on red wax was a nice surprise and i'm glad I can retire my first pressing. Repeater/In on the Kill Taker on colored wax would be fucking sick too.
  7. Any idea if the 2 song release next week is gonna get pressed on vinyl? I wish they'd repress some of those older records. I sold most of my etid collection from Hot Damn to Ex Lives while I was in college and comically poor and I regret it. Wish I could hear the new record too. I think it might be a 2xlp which will be fucking awesome. I guess the band is sitting on the record until they can tour again which is understandable but sucks all the same. With the way this cabal of morons running the us gov has handled the pandemic this year it will be a while before they can tour America. New record in 2026? Don't feel much of a way about Burial Plot or Last Night in Town, but everything from Hot Damn onward is quite wonderful. I think Big Dirty is probably my etid LP but I can also see the argument that Low Teens is their best record too tbh. Best band
  8. Barry from Mogwai did a reddit AMA earlier and fielded a couple questions about vinyl pressings for Zero Zero Zero/the 2018 live lp. A few other people asked him abt EP+6 or Rock Action/Happy Songs getting the boxset treatment. It's cool that I'm not the only one that wants to pester the band about stuff like that. I ordered the new boxset from TRL with the quickness. I meant to ask him about this but didn't make the reddit chat... the bandcamp posting for the As the Love Continues is a little confusing, it says "you'll get the album the moment its released" on November 23 and then below it it seems to clarify that the album release date is Feb 19 2021. I guess I'm hopeful that they will let people listen to the new record via the Bandcamp app on 11/23 but I'm not super sure thats gonna happen.
  9. Hey I've been lurking VC but haven't logged on IN YEARS but I'm hopeful someone can help me out. Currently searching for a copy of Impalers - Cellar Dweller preferably on red vinyl. I've never seen this in the wild or sold online and I'd be willing to consider other variants since I love the album but red wax is my first choice. My discogs collection is https://www.discogs.com/user/PlatonicPlatypi/collection please review my ratings as a buyer/seller for reference if needed. Also able to provide my ebay profile as additional proof. Hit me up if you need other info? Also due to COVID my job has shifted into working from home and I'm listening to records everyday. In the weeks that come my plan is to try to offload some stuff I don't care about so if you've made it this far and want to shoot me a message for inquiries or offers on my collection that would be cool. Worst that can happen is I say no. Stay safe and healthy. Register to vote against Donald Trump if possible. Peace and Love.
  10. Yeah, the touche amore collab and the creative adult split show up on amazon as having the same release date. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=self+defense+family&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aself+defense+family
  11. Against Me! and Propagandhi are pending at the moment. Thanks for the bumps guys. If this is a success, I'll probably be adding some more stuff, so check back in a few weeks.
  12. Well I made a huge mistake. Sorry everybody. If a Mod could lock this up and/or move this to the for sale/trades/wants thread that would be magical.
  13. Long time lurker and only an occasional poster, but I would like to downgrade my collection a little bit in anticipation of a future move. I'm only providing a set price to hopefully expedite the sale process a little bit, but if you want to negotiate or haggle or if you find my pricing to be fucking goofy then by all means send a message and let us have some communication. Also, given my infrequent posts as of late, I can point you links to my ebay profile as well as my discogs profile: http://www.discogs.com/user/PlatonicPlatypiand http://www.ebay.com/usr/kleinns77 I'm aware that I haven't posted any grading of sleeves and LP's so if you are interested then send me a message and I can provide pictures of the albums and some in depth grading. Thanks for looking and feel free to send a message with any questions. Against Me - Reinventing Axl Rose - (No idea what the color technically is other than simply 'Magenta') - 8ppd At the Drive In - In/Casino/Out - Gray with Pink Splatter - 20ppd Balance and Composure - The Things We Think Are Missing - Yellow - 15ppd Bloc Party - IV- 180g Black - 9ppd Ceremony - Violence Violence - Black 2012 repress - 12ppd Cold Cave - Love Comes Close - Matador Press -12ppd Coliseum - Goddamage EP - 8ppd Deafheaven - Roads to Judah - Cream w/ Black Splatter - 14ppd Early November - In Currents - White /1000 - 14ppd Give Up the Ghost - Year One - Black with Blue - 8 ppd Iceage - You're Nothing - 10ppd Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead - Clear - 14ppd Moving Mountains - Waves - White - 15ppd My Bloody Valentine - MBV (No CD copy with the album) - 18ppd Phantom Planet - Raise the Dead - Blue Marble - 33ppd Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything - Clear Blue - 12 ppd Pianos Become the Teeth - The Lack Long After - Grey 5th Press - 17ppd The Replacements - All Shook Down - 23ppd This is it for now, I may add some stuff to the list later. Thanks again!
  14. Is anyone still waiting on their pre-order package from Kill the 8?
  15. If anyone's going to any remaining dates on the tour and would be down to grab me a shirt or maybe a poster PM me. I'll pay for the merch plus a little extra for your trouble. Thanks

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