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  1. The first episode is going to be a blood bath!
  2. Man, Hil"lair"y was scared last night. You could see it in her face. I also liked when the fly landed on her face and she didn't even notice. That was pretty funny.
  3. Dont think he would be a good choice for Lando!
  4. I have a mint copy of this album. It is the pressing where there is no real cover though. Just the discs and a sleeve. In Mint condition. You looking to buy?
  5. I have a bunch of prints. But am only willing to get rid of this one. I hate getting rid of them, but would possibly sell or trade it.
  6. The down votes are the only thing that got rid of trolls like Halo 2/Young Thug!
  7. This video pissed me off. I can't take it!!
  8. The goose that laid the golden egg is my favorite!
  9. Im really looking for more Marvel. But thanks!

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