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    throwgncpr got a reaction from INRIhab in Zao Re-issues!   
    Got mine yesterday. They look great. Can't wait to spin them!
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    throwgncpr reacted to daegor in PO NOW: DEFTONES- Ohms (9/25)   
    This post is mostly for Derek.

    Although I liked it on first listen (probably would have put it in the top half of the discog), Gore is now probably my second least favourate album, Adrenaline takes the bottom spot.  Both with a couple of songs I like, but I get bored.  Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan are my favourites.

    Ohms, imho, takes all of the best elements of Saturday Night Wrist and Diamond Eyes.  This is top-shelf Deftones for me, I'll need more time to digest, but I'm almost certain this is in my top three.
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    throwgncpr reacted to The Butcha in PO Now: pg.lost - Oscillate   
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    throwgncpr reacted to daegor in Zao Re-issues!   

    Always order direct from merchnow, the custom portal sites are wack
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    throwgncpr reacted to pizza face in Zao Re-issues!   
    Was just coming here to post this. Looks like I'm gonna sell my OG copy of Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest. Gonna wait until I secure a copy first though lol 
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    throwgncpr reacted to zaoza in Zao Re-issues!   
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from daegor in PO: SUMAC - May You Be Held LP   
    I feel similarly, but to be fair, I'm not in love with Love in Shadow. It's good, but it definitely feels like they were home from collaborating with Haino and wanted to keep experimenting and live with the moment. A superficial listen to May You Be Held could be interpreted in the same way, but this new music feels way more intentional and tight. What One Becomes has become one of my favorite records of all time, and I have a feeling that once I sit with May You Be Held a little longer, I'm going to love it just as much.
    And oh yeah, GY!BE fucking rules live.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO: SUMAC - May You Be Held LP   
    Yup.  "Different strokes for different folks" and all that, but I'm of a similar mindset.  I've even convinced normie verse-chorus-verse friends who listen to pop, indie, or hardcore - exclusively - to attend a GY!BE show with me, and they always leave stunned and smiling after the show concludes.  Post-rock is an acquired taste but between the visuals and dynamics of their live show, I feel like it's not hard to get something out of their performances, regardless.  Call it pretentious, but seeing them live has always kind of struck me as an "art experience"... just as much (if not more) than a traditional band playing a set.  Not arguing that music by itself isn't art.  But hopefully you get what I mean.
    Anyways.  Being that this isn't a GY!BE thread – I will say the new Sumac is pretty monstrous.  I see what NoWorthyIcons meant about the record taking its time to start up, a bit.  On first listen it feels like the outright riffy or crunchy guitar sections and breakdowns are maybe a little more sparse, but they're absolutely there, and it's a Sumac record through and through.  I feel like the more ambient and experimental passages are a little tighter, too – not that I disliked them on Love In Shadow, but I can think of several moments of that record that feel very free-form.  No doubt a product of those Haino collaborations recorded around the same timeframe.
    Overall pretty pleased with it on the first go-around.  It's sitting exactly where every other Sumac record has sat on first listen, so far.  Which is really impressive when you consider that it's the third time they've managed to stay consistent with a followup, giving me what I wanted or needed to hear, but also subverting expectations enough to stay fresh and "challenging" in a fun manner.  Makes for tremendous replay value and I can't wait to sink my teeth into additional play-throughs.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in Coheed and Cambria - No World For Tomorrow (Re-press)   
    But you also have to willingly bring yourself to write out the word “redditfam” so you really need to ask yourself if it’s worth it.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO: SUMAC - May You Be Held LP   
    Tell me a little more about this "GY!BE" you speak of.
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from MtrCtyWx in Zao Re-issues!   
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from danmpie7 in P.O. NOW mewithoutYou Collector's Editions/Everything Else Thread   
    ugg, still really bummed I missed the Brother, Sister deluxe. If anyone is having buyer's remorse, please let me know.
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    throwgncpr reacted to dantheriver in PO NOW: DEFTONES- Ohms (9/25)   
    I like your optimism but I don’t skip tracks. Either an album fuckin rips and I’m playing the whole joint front to back or I probably don’t listen to it at all.
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    throwgncpr reacted to jhulud in PO NOW: DEFTONES- Ohms (9/25)   
    Got all the reported content. Thank you for the headsup. It's been handled now. 
    For transparency purposes: 1 warning point issued for abusive behavior/language and 30-day complete suspension. 
    If it happens again, 100% permanent ban from VC. 
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO NOW: DEFTONES- Ohms (9/25)   
    Anything that makes me think of Torche basically gets free points in my books.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO Now: Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle - May Our Chambers Be Full (10/30/20)   
    Conversely a lot of sludge and doom bores me to tears but the tones and riffs of Thou are so damn good.  Their discography is gold.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO Now: Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle - May Our Chambers Be Full (10/30/20)   
    Bandcamp has become my new go-to.  Having access to 320 and FLAC on day 1 is a godsend, and it's almost always same-price or cheaper than the same variant elsewhere.  I believe the artists receive a bigger cut, too.
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    throwgncpr reacted to cannonfunk in [PO] Marilyn Manson - WE ARE Chaos   
    This sounds like a goth Mumford & Sons song. 
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    throwgncpr reacted to jhulud in PO: June of 44 - Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival LP   
    We’re very excited to share another track off of our new album! This remix, A PAST TO FACE, was made by John McEntire.
    In 1996, Bob Weston recorded an early, previously unreleased version of our song CUT YOUR FACE. We recently had the 24 track / 2” tape from that session transferred to digital media and sent the files to John, who went on to make this most excellent song while mixing our record this past winter.
    Here's a link!
    Many thanks, be well, be safe, much love!
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from Derek™ in PO: SUMAC - May You Be Held LP   
    track up:
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from Rip in PO NOW: DEFTONES- Ohms (9/25)   
    ††† ruled.  I would love more of that. Unlike Palms... I love ISIS and Deftones, but the combination of the two was really boring. Every time I try to revisit that album, I just get really bummed out.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO: SUMAC - May You Be Held LP   
    Think I’m gonna’ hold out since Sumac albums work almost exclusively as a full machine, with a sum much greater than its parts... but I do appreciate the link.  Maybe I’ll cave between now and September.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Fowty Dollaz in PO NOW: DEFTONES- Ohms (9/25)   
    Damn liberals. 
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    throwgncpr reacted to highfives in The Toadies- Rubberneck   
    We just need Hell Below!

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