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  1. I work at Know Hope Records and we’ve spent every day since Thursday packing up shipments and taking them to the post office in batches. We have around 500 orders and it’s just two of us doing the packing, so hopefully they’ll all be in the mail by Tuesday at the latest! If you ordered just the record WITHOUT the book, or the book with the splatter variant it’s already in transit! If you ordered with the book + the color in color or the tri-color variant those are what we still have left to pack and they’ll be out in the next couple days. Also everyone’s order includes a free record or two fro
  2. Their best record (in a catalog of nothing but hits) and my AOTY after one listen. I’ve listened to Fell in Love probably close to 20 times already, a magical masterpiece of a song. Also if anybody got the Lame-O subscription variant and doesn’t want it lmk I’d trade it for a copy of the new IIOI album (on black 180g wax - limited to 200) or pay you for it.
  3. Thanks, got The Roots - Undun, Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American, Kasey Musgraves - Golden Hour, Feeling Stangely Fine - Semisonic and Come Away With Me - Norah Jones for $83!
  4. Haven’t played the Limelight - but the Double Barrel is a great pedal and a very versatile, each side is basically an entirely different circuit so it’s like having two pedals in a single enclosure. My band recorded last month and sometimes we’d find the tone on one side good for one part and the tone on the other side good for a different one - so it’s definitely not a one trick pony. The Limelight seems like it has a single baked in tone and then a boost circuit on top of that tone, so it’s not the same “two pedals in one” deal the Double Barrel has. That said I love Electronic Audio Experi
  5. https://seether.limitedrun.com/products/679294-karma-and-effect-blood-red-splatter-2xlp
  6. Honestly hell yeah been waiting for some early Seether to get pressed for years. They could do up through Strings Much Better Left to Fray and I’d be down
  7. Got mine, really nice package - just wish it came with poly lined inner sleeves. Mine were really static charged and I put a couple hairline scratches on the records just taking them out of the sleeves.
  8. Got my turntable lab copy the other day - came with the Persona Non Grata single which I didn’t even know was included with the record so that was sick!

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