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  1. shadowkid33

    Preorder Soon! The Room OST

    Anyway how is your sex life?
  2. Been looking for this ever since it sold out of their webstore earlier this year. Please hmu if you have a copy to sell, I’d also be interested in any MoBo besides Sports or Holy Ghost if you have those to bundle in as well. Thank you!! p.s. please enjoy this SBD set I shot in Philly last weekend. https://youtu.be/W5P0gCgqlu4
  3. Would totally buy this but WAY too much fucking money.
  4. shadowkid33


    Do you have a photography Instagram? I’d love to check out your work from the tour!
  5. I’ve been dreaming of this glorious day since I started collecting vinyl. Did anyone place an order for this online anywhere yet?
  6. shadowkid33

    Record shopping at thrift stores?

    I found a bunch of weird 90s emo records in a Goodwill in like 2011. An OG press of The Power or Failing was the coolest one, but I found maybe 5-6 weird bands I’d never heard of before (the only one whose name I remember specifically was Threadbare). And I did find a nice copy of Dark Side of the Moon once around the same year.
  7. shadowkid33

    WTB: Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle.jpg

    Bump! Halllllp
  8. This. Would love to own this, the whole thing is a banger but just can’t afford $40 on a single record anymore.
  9. shadowkid33

    PO: FUEL - Sunburn

    I was lucky to find an OP online for like $15-20 in 2011, but I’d be all over this otherwise! Maybe this means Something Like Human will get pressed.
  10. shadowkid33

    WTB: Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle.jpg

    Bump! Here’s a SBD set I filmed last month for my YouTube channel too:
  11. Like the topic says, I slept on this 7” and it sold out online. Help me out and sell it to me if you don’t spin it anymore! Also I’m looking for the Dawg 7” too, but that’s still available on their webstore. If you have it I’d love to bundle though! also I don’t have You’re Gonna Miss It All by Mobo so I’d be interested in that too I’d you have it. Thanks!
  12. Hey! I'd be interested Hostage Calm- Lens, Against Me- Searching..., and Pentimento- I, No Longer if they're still available