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  1. If anyone ordered an extra copy of the my-sea-crafice variant please let me know I stupidly missed out when it was still in stock and now I can’t stop thinking about it 😰
  2. Great record, been listening to it all quarantine - quick and easy vinyl purchase
  3. Not that I know much about record cleaner fluid, but I do wet clean my records on a vacuum machine and I'd never personally use old fluid - just sounds like a bad idea to me. I use MoFi Super Record wash, you can't really buy it super cheap in small quantities but a 32oz bottle (which is $30) tends to last me about 400-ish records in my cleaning machine.
  4. Also this new Gleemer song goes - I wasn’t into them before TTX came out but now this has gotta be one of my most anticipated releases of the year.
  5. You guys see the one dude (Nick Manske) is putting out a solo project called Seer Believer on Will Yip’s label that he recorded with the other members of Gleemer? They just dropped their first single on Brooklyn Vegan, honestly doesn’t sound much different than where I see this new Gleemer record going which is sick - I’m very into it. https://memorymusic.limitedrun.com/products/666520-seer-believer-bent
  6. Please disregard this post I just posted a bunch of links that other people posted 5 posts above mine because I’m an idiot.
  7. Thanks! I already had someone with a vinylflat reach out, but if for some reason it doesn’t work out on that machine I’ll reach out to you!
  8. Heya, so I have 4 warped records that I'd love to put through a Vinylflat if anyone out there has one, is experienced with it, and would be down to help me out - I can't justify buying one myself for just a few records. I could pay you like $20 and (obviously) cover the cost of shipping both ways for your trouble. If anyone is game to help, please let me know on this thread or shoot me a PM. Thanks so much!!
  9. I have the OG Src press and it sounds great, as all their pressings do in my experience.
  10. Update: after shipping out on Monday my records already arrived from HVV this afternoon, double boxed by the shipping warehouse and in flawless condition. So I guess I can’t complain about $25 shipping, I couldn’t justify it for a single LP but for a big order, I’d definitely use them again.
  11. MOV releases were: Jack’s Mannequin - Glass Passenger Alter Bridge - ABIII Billy Talent - Billy Talent III 36 Crazyfists - A Snow Capped Romance non-MOV were: Gigi Masin - Talk to the Sea Gigi Masin & Templehoff - Corner Song Gigi Masin & Elia Perrone - Stella EP Gaussian Curve - Clouds Gaussian Curve - The Distance Aphex Twin - Richard D James Album Most of them were the lowest prices I could find online for them, 36 Crazyfists was cheaper on Dodax but fuck it. And all the Gigi/Gaussian Curve stuff is import-only that is pretty tough to find for a good price anywhere so that’s really what made my decision for me.
  12. Ended up placing an order on hhv - the shipping prices were pretty crazy but they had some solid prices on the stuff I wanted plus a good collection of other non MOV imports I wanted. Shipping was like $25 (which ended up being $20 after a discount code), but I ordered 10 records so $2 a record isn’t too bad. Checked out some of the other recommended sites though and Dodax looks like a great one, can’t believe I’ve never heard of them before - they’ll be on my radar for sure.
  13. Hey all, so I have a bunch of Music on Vinyl (MOV) releases on my wantlist and I want to pick up a batch of them - does anyone know a good distributor in the US who carries a good selection of their stuff for decent prices? Maybe even with a discount or coupon going on or something. I’d like to order a handful in one fell swoop to save on shipping instead of from a bunch of individual stores. Thanks for the recommendations y’all!