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  1. Hey! Sorry this has nothing at all to do with your sale but I didn’t even realize you were on the forum - that Dogwood Tales record you put out last week is truly incredible thank you for bringing it to vinyl!
  2. I cannot BELIEVE this band sold out 250 “collectors bundles” in half a day. Truly insane, pop punk collectors are another breed. Part of me doesn’t even wanna give this record a shot because the ‘cash-grabbiness‘ of this release just rubs me completely the wrong way.
  3. Lmaooo the /250 variant is only available in a $105 bundle with all four colors. How many variant collectors do you seriously think there are that would spend over $100 on four different colors of the same record? And the “deluxe edition” for $45 with no indication whatsoever of what makes it “deluxe” besides a slightly different cover is hilarious. That’s some truly out of touch, lofty-ass shit.
  4. Best find and best sale are hand in hand for me. When I was in tenth grade the first record I ever bought was a used copy of Jane Doe by Converge I found at my local record store (that years later I ended up working at) for like $20. I had it for several years before I ACTUALLY got into collecting, and after I started getting more serious about vinyl I discovered that the pressing of the record was the red/orange split OG tour variant which is the rarest version of the album ever released (at least to my knowledge). I held onto it for several more years, but eventually in college needed to pay some bills so I sold it for around $350 after the album got repressed with a better mastering. I’ve also made $200+ on several radio rock albums (Shinedown, Alter Bridge, etc) that I bought for $20 when they were first pressed and that always amuses me. also the time I found an OG press of The Power of Failing in a Goodwill was very cool. At the time I tried listening to it and I HATED it so I sold it immediately. I got into Mineral several years later and always regretted selling that record lol.
  5. Got a black, damn that’s 2 preorders before noon that I didn’t even know were dropping today.
  6. Missed the swirl even though I tried right at release. Oh well, got the red.
  7. They recorded a record at Studio 4 sometime late last year. No idea about release or anything, but it’s definitely been recorded.
  8. Went with Newbury, can’t beat a more limited pressing for basically the same price as ordering through Secretly (at least Newbury’s shipping wasn’t $10)
  9. I have the green Floral Green and the clear Hyperview - dm me if you wanna work out a deal.
  10. If anyone ordered an extra copy of the my-sea-crafice variant please let me know I stupidly missed out when it was still in stock and now I can’t stop thinking about it 😰
  11. Great record, been listening to it all quarantine - quick and easy vinyl purchase
  12. Not that I know much about record cleaner fluid, but I do wet clean my records on a vacuum machine and I'd never personally use old fluid - just sounds like a bad idea to me. I use MoFi Super Record wash, you can't really buy it super cheap in small quantities but a 32oz bottle (which is $30) tends to last me about 400-ish records in my cleaning machine.