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  1. What other insurance providers have y’all talked to about records before? I definitely gotta get renters insurance soon and wonder if anyone has had any particularly good experiences with a specific provider regarding records.
  2. He was in charge of the vinyl purchasing at Hot Topic for a few years and was an active member of this board, so we’d be able to get inside deets on upcoming releases from him and offer up suggestions for pressings and stuff
  3. Shit I didn’t even see this was dropping! I’d love Guttefower and Let Love In, but I already have Dizzy Up the Girl and I don’t care about Magnetic or that other one I’ve never even listened too. Gonna keep my fingers crossed for individual releases and keep and eye to see if anyone deep-discounts a box to move it quick.
  4. Whatever is the cheapest, I’m not really looking for a collector’s copy just a listening copy!
  5. Ugh wish they had a repress of the first Periphery record
  6. Hey, so I procrastinated picking this up forever and apparently it’s now impossible to find online. So if anyone has a copy they’d part with for a reasonable price, hmu!
  7. HELL yes been waiting for a good Thomas Newman score to get pressed forever.
  8. Hell yes totally missed this. Gonna try it right now, thank you!
  9. Title says it all, I saw them at a show last night and they were so good, I bought the newest EP but they were sold out of their first record so I'd love to track a copy down! Send me a personal message if you have a copy you'd be willing to part with, thank you!
  10. Of course I just pulled the trigger on a Discogs copy like 3 weeks ago the last time they went back up and I missed them. I only paid $50 for it after shipping though, so not even much more than it’d cost to order from the web store right now.
  11. Went to order Songs that Saved My Life and both Dashboard records and when I got to the "submit order" page it told me everything but A Mission A Mark was out of stock. Lame.
  12. Kinda sad they didn’t have these a few days ago when I saw them in philly but I already have them both anyway. They played SO good, like monumentally better than I was even expecting them to sound.