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Handguns just released their new single from their upcoming album Life Lessons due out July 8th via Pure Noise Records.


Pre orders are live




Pressing Info:

Half Black/Blue w/White Splatter - /300

Half Maroon/Clear w/Aqua Blue Splatter - /500

Royal Blue/Aqua Blue/Baby Blue Smash (Hot Topic Exclusive) - /600

Baby Blue/Milky Clear/Royal Blue Tri Stripe - /1600





Track Listing
01) Anvil 
02) Sleep Deprived 
03) Highway Robbery
04) Heart vs. Head 
05) I Can't Relate 
06) The Loved Ones Who Hate Us
07) Queens 
08) Give and Take 
09) Waiting for Your Ghost
10) New Years Resolution

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These guys have annoyed me lately with their constant lineup changes. Lyrically, it's the same stuff that made me lose interest in Angst. I just feel like the lyrics are terribly cliché and immature. Instrumentally, this is the best song they've ever written. The breakdown was a nice surprise. I'll remain skeptical about this release. It will make or break them as a band. 

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I've been trying to get into this band for since Angst came out, but I think Saint hit the nail on the head. The lyrics just don't do it for me. The instrumentation here is really cool though. I'll probably listen to the record when it comes out, not sure about purchasing it.

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^ already entered that contest for sure, thanks for that! I think the song sounds better than anything they've done. I've heard lyrics that are far more immature. Sure, they aren't the greatest lyrics but they aren't THAT bad. I didn't like Angst at first but a lot of the songs grew on me, although a couple are just plain cheesy. With that said, for the most part I enjoy their music and I will be purchasing this.

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