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"Vinyl Films" Release Thread

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I am a huge Cameron Crowe fan and i always just seem to barely miss his Vinyl Films releases. Next thing you know they're on ebay selling for hundreds. I thought i could start this thread and we'll keep each other up to date with any news concerning releases, release dates, etc. 


For starters, here's the latest release as stated at the TheUnCool.com


"Vinyl Films Records is pleased to announce the release of Mike McCready’s Music for Film 10″ vinyl.  Side A features Mike’s songs from Pearl Jam Twenty and Side B includes his We Bought a Zoo compositions. Music for Film will be released on November 25th on black vinyl at an Indie Record Store near you and on lavender colored vinyl on December 10th at pearljam.com — check out the Vinyl Films Records page for all the details and track listing."


hopefully i can pick a copy up this friday at BFRSD!

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Vinyl FIlms has posted boxes of the 10 inches to their facebook, with the following message:

"Love seeing boxes and more boxes of glorious clear vinyl of these six records. Let the box assembly begin!"




Looks like it's happening, folks. Since this box set isn't just Koz, maybe we can use this thread for all the updates surrounding this release? Unless I missed another on this, please let me know. 

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Here's what we know will be included, from the photo:


Mark Kozelek – Duk Koo Kim


Low – Murderer 



Mono – Memorie dal Futuro



Sun Kil Moon – Third and Seneca



Eluvium – pedals/petals



Mike McCready – Music for Film



I don't see Possum 10" in the photo, but since it hasn't been pressed yet, perhaps it will be announced alongside the box. Very curious about the price point on this. Depending on the design of the box itself, I'm guessing around $125?

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Nobody knows yet. But ever since Aural Exploits went under the VF stuff has normally ended up at indie stores and online shops like bullmoose and amoeba. The McCready was the only one I'm aware of that was pretty impossible to track down with half going to PJ.com and a good portion of the rest going to Seattle area stores with some others randomly hitting shops here and there. But VF has never sold anything directly to my knowledge.

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