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Completely agree. 3 LPs, great packaging, it sounds killer, and it’s Wildflowers. 180 gram or not, this is an awesome reissue and $40 is more than reasonable. I can’t believe anyone is complaining abo


Why are you assuming that this is being done by someone else. No info exists of that this is a record that came out when vinyl was dead and thus is pretty limited causing the price tag if you want i

I guess you are correct about pricing tonyfranciosa. Only having started buying vinyl within the past year, what happens to the price of an album like Wildflowers after say Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (or any reproducer/ distributor) picks it up and starts distributing it? Does the value drop on all pressings? Trying to figure out if I should buy not at a premium or what for it to be reproduced?

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I most likely will purchase this LP. I guess being relativley new to vinyl I was curious about prices. When I look at an album like Dylan's Blonde on Blonde...You can find it anywhere at any price you'd like. Just wondering generally if prices fall for an album when it's reproduced. Basically supply and demand.

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They can fall a bit. Some of it depends on how good the new pressing is. But yeah, you usually see a dip in price if people can get a new pressing.


Thanks for clearing that up. Don't think I can wait for reproductions on this, haha. Once you get that itch it's hard to avoid that vinyl purchase.

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I have an original copy. I bought it from cdnow.com back in the day. The records aren't 180, they are probably standard 120 or so. Sounds really good!


One of my faorite records! Sad to say...I only have it on mp3 at the moment (I know, it's a very sad situation). Lost the CD version. Need the vinyl badly. Can't wait to hear it.

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There is some info out there that says a deluxe reissue is coming out in early 2015. Original info said a deluxe 20th anniversary issue was supposed to be released in time for Christmas 2014. Not sure how true either of these are but i would wait before dropping that kind of money.


Thanks th11thson! Do you have any links to this info? Do you know what company is planning the reissue?

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