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Basement just announced their new album "Beside Myself" out on october 12th


Pre-Order the deluxe edition:

US: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/basement/beside-myself-deluxe-vinyl-1.html

EU: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement/beside-myself-deluxe-vinyl-32.html


Pre-Order the standard edition:

US: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/basement/beside-myself-standard-vinyl-1.html

EU: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement/beside-myself-standard-vinyl-32.html


Listen to the new single "Disconnect"



no news of a pre-order yet



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I honestly like the song. Reminds me of Jimmy Eat World haha. I think (after watching that studio teaser that came out recently) that there will be some punchier, grungy tracks on the record but they went with a safe poppy one first cause of the new, Fueled by Ramen-based fanbase maybe? Anyway I'm optimistic and can't wait for the pre-order info.

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This is up/going up now:




Standard vinyl is a red/clear mix.

There's a deluxe as well which is silver/2500 that comes with deluxe packaging. Yet to see it available alone though.


EDIT: Deluxe is now up alone.

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6 minutes ago, dantheriver said:

It’s a gatefold with silver vinyl instead of standard jacket with red/clear vinyl. There’s no indication that it includes any additional tracks (not listed in the item description or shown on the back of the cover).

dang, i was about to order the deluxe option cause i somehow thought there's gonna be additional record or sth but now I'm not sure what to order haha

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The bulldog was hella cure haha so I had a hard time deciding whether to get it or not


6 hours ago, somber_silt said:

Both version are also available here with cheaper shipping rates for Europeans: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement.html

I'm not that sure if it's worth it considering how much euro and dollar are worth, at least for the currency I'm using (ordering from Poland). After a quick calculation ordering from the US directly was a good choice haha

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For those Euro fans interested, I just ordered the Deluxe version from the FBR webstore directly

Deluxe variant is roughly
32€ + 13€ (shipped from the UK) shipping on the Warner Eurostore /= 45€

28$ + 10$ (shipped from the US)  shipping on the US FBR store = today 33,58€ thru Paypal. 
Maybe I could have paid a cheaper price using my credit card directly (USD to EUR), but I had a positive balance thru Paypal. 

Some will say that I can face custom fees... we'll see about that in october then.

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2 hours ago, bastianislost said:

Yeah I'm in the same situation haha let's hope there will be no fees

In Belgium, they usually leave things unopened and dont apply custom fees under a value of 50$, in my own experience.
But who knows? It depends on the agent who receives the package to decide wether or not he or she will apply fees. Slept well? Stomach not hurting that day? Arrrh.

Well I can tell you I try to separate my orders from the same store, even if I have to pay more shipping fees, customs are usually more expensive.

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