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How did you find Vinyl Collective?

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I've ordered a few things through VC in the past but came to the board after hearing a one steventangent speak so highly of it at the altpress.com forums. I just recently got into collecting vinyl and found this place as a wealth of knowledge where i can learn more.
^ What he said...
Steven spoke highly of it...and it seems a lot of people I know from other boards are here...Jon...Scott...

From the altpress boards.

I'm new to collecting vinyl, so I'm pretty pumped about this site.

haha, awesome. I'm reppin' the VC board!

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hello there, i've just found this page, but all i can say it's Amazing!!!

i found you via an ap.net news on mwY pre-order.

I have just a few vinyl yet, but i want to extend my collection and this is the place where this could happen!!

I'm from Hungary, EU anyway.

have fun @ Collecting.

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Guest kingbuzzo

I heard about it a while ago while searching for Isis vinyl. I never did pick any up and just looked up vinyl and wished I had the money for it. Recently I decided I needed some stuff and I don't need to eat food that isn't mac and cheese so here I am.

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I also bought stuff from here and was a part of the mailing list. First thing I bought was I think the Portugal. The Man "Waiters" LP.

Been browsing the forum for a few weeks now, finally gave in and registered. Have been a member of the NOFXwiki board for a few months, and I noticed quite a few people from there also post here.

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