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Cheap sports jerseys buying

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Hate to revive a thread so far gone, but has anyone been ordering lately?  What sites are you using?  Since 2009jerseys is shut down I'm looking for a new site, everyone in my office wants a jersey, and I said I'd be the one who get its going.  Just trying to take the leg work out of finding a new place.

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On 6/2/2013 at 1:37 PM, derrickcook19941 said:

This stuff is made by the same people with the same materials and in some cases sent from the same factory as the "authentics". Some jerseys the only difference is small formalities in the stitching

Well, there's the fact that I can personally spot a Chinese counterfeit jersey from 50'.


Strange that a thread like this is up on Vinyl Collective. I'd think that with how beleaguered the music industry is due to piracy, you wouldn't have a thread openly condoning piracy.

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