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Due to the color vinyl variants of Tomb Mold ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’ selling out so quickly, we’ve ordered a 3rd color variant for people who weren’t so fast in pulling the trigger. 

Purple / Swamp Green half and half (both are translucent colors), and that is now up for pre-order. (Ltd 300)


Also the 2nd press of Mournful Congregation 'The Incubus Of Karma' 2xLP is up for pre-order. A new color variant KARMIC SILVER & WHITE is available. https://www.20buckspin.com/theincubusofkarma



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We've started shipping Tomb Mold LP pre-orders. Gonna take some time to get through them all and then we'll start the even more  daunting task of Khemmis pre-orders right after. Thanks for your support.


Some new shirts up for pre-order now (all designs shown have a t-shirt version as well). 


Tomb Mold - Manor Of Infinite Forms LS / TS




Tomb Mold - Ootheca LS / TS




Ghastly - Death Velour LS / TS




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34 minutes ago, rooks said:



Any chance of a new pressing of Khemmis - Absolution (and\or new variants of Hunted and Desolation)  in the near future? Would love to pick up all 3 at once 😬

If the answer is no, I have 2 copies of Desolation, so I can help you with that one at least.

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