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  1. This is the only other reference I can find for one of these acetates, here called a test pressing, which an acetate essentially was: https://www.popsike.com/THE-BEE-GEES-HOLIDAY-1-SIDED-TEST-PRESSING-1967-WLP-PROMO-45-DJ-COPY-VG/110861876699.html
  2. Looks like an acetate for one of these (ATCO 6521): https://www.discogs.com/The-Bee-Gees-Holiday/release/1801105 Sometimes Acetates would only be one sided, so there would be a separate one for the B side.
  3. Why is PT leaking on VC? Right wing phish trolls are the worst.
  4. The ridiculous thing is that they printed postage for all the packages over 2 months ago and then delayed them because of the membership cards of all things, not the vinyl. Then they sent them all out recently and the post office returned them all because the postage expired. A comedy of errors.
  5. Long time Thou stan, personally I visit the Tyrant/Peasant era the least. I would say the Algiers comp covers a good range of years where they were really growing as a band. If you just want a quick (ha!) Selection of songs I would say: New Orleans is a Hole, Skinwalker, Helen Hill, Voices in the Wilderness, and Bonnet Carre. If you dig that stuff then just go to the Heathen LP which is the culmination of everything that came before. If you dig that, then spin Magus, by then you should be off to the races. For a bonus, check out their blessings of the highest order comp which is all Nir
  6. The two newer songs I have seen them play are fucking great. There is almost a Heartwork era Carcass vibe to some sections in between the punishing black metal. They keep getting better, I cannot wait to hear the new album.
  7. Not sure if you are serious, but Kannon was an RSD first release and had an exclusive color. The Black One repress did as well. And at this point there is at minimum like 3 versions of every SL release (silver anniversary, regular release, and european mailorder) and often many more (looking at you Dopesmoker). When they did that Scream repress a few years ago for RSD I think there were 5 random variants just for RSD. I would bet there will be minimum 5 variants for the Sunn album (RSD, Euro, regular, SL 20th anniversary, and Sunn store exclusive).
  8. Rumor of a single LP of the Grateful Dead's 46 minute Playin' (split over both sides) from the 5/21/74 show recently released in the pacific northwest box.
  9. Like 7 or 8 years ago the talk was that Robotic Empire was going to do the Nirvana discography with a different band doing each full album and Thou was going to tackle In Utero in its entirety. The project then became the various artist albums as released. I also would have preferred Thou just do the whole thing.
  10. Harmon made a satire that went nowhere, it has been addressed in the past. The real issue here are the alt-right trolls dredging this up (they just did it to James Gunn last week) to equate it to people like Roseanne who legitimately got fired for being actively and undeniably racist in her public life. It has nothing to do with Dan Harmon other than creating a false equivalency to undermine people getting questioned and facing consequences for being genuinely terrible people. And Dan Harmon has full acknowledged being a terrible person and worked to atone for it.

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