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  1. Man, that was a seriously weird interview. Sounded like he didn't even want to play guitar anymore and isn't 100% happy with how direction the band is going. Still stoked for Gore.
  2. Thanks! Have yet to see any records that have the option to actually use my points. I'll hold onto the 11 I have now and hopefully use them in the future.
  3. Thanks, Ryantark! I should have been more clear. I made it to that section, but didn't know what it meant by entering my Frequent Buyer Number (From the back of your card) - is it talking about the debit card I just used to purchase everything?
  4. Thanks for the heads up about Bull Moose! Just scored: Ryan Adams - Live at Carnegie Hall 6 LP - $67.47 Manchester Orchestra - HOPE - $13.48 Grace Potter - Midnight - $14.98 (for the wife's birthday) Can someone explain to me how to the Bull Moose Points work? I had 3.7 points before this purchase, but I don't know how to use them. I don't have a Bull Moose store in my area and only order online. It's saying that I have to link my online account to a store account for me to activate my points?
  5. Nevermind...I'm an idiot. Just saw how I could score this. Thanks, tussin! Edit: And thanks, slinch!
  6. How did I seriously miss this!!! You posted 3 minutes ago
  7. Just bought with the quickness. Shirt and vinyl. Super stoked
  8. Man! I would give anything to do this! I have wanted to go every year. Wish I had the funds for the flight from TX, tickets and hotel room. My wife would go nuts Sorry you can't make it!
  9. Just posted this in "so is anyone into collection prints/posters also" section -- up on Ebay (not mine) if anyone is interested -- http://www.ebay.com/itm/EL-VY-Return-to-the-Moon-screen-print-poster-/181925654265?hash=item2a5b9d2ef9:g:Aa0AAOSw5VFWPlBM Has Matt mentioned at any of the shows if there are going to be any more tour dates announced?
  10. If anyone is looking for this print someone is selling it on Ebay right now : http://www.ebay.com/itm/EL-VY-Return-to-the-Moon-screen-print-poster-/181925654265?hash=item2a5b9d2ef9:g:Aa0AAOSw5VFWPlBM
  11. If anyone would like to help out Noah with winning a contest: NEW SONG "BAD DESIRE" In case anyone missed it yesterday, I put up a new song "Bad Desire" as part of the pay to stay voting competition. If we get enough views, there is 10K in hotel vouchers for us to use to be able to be out on the road more often. So share it around, and hope everyone likes the new song! @RenHotels ‪#‎PlaytoStay‬ Watch the video here -- https://youtu.be/YOAGaDEW3-I
  12. Just read this from front to back...made my whole day
  13. Looks like this is down to $25.16 with prime http://www.amazon.com/Celebration-Day-LP-Vinyl-Package/dp/B009E9R1IM/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1444422596&sr=1-466&keywords=vinyl&refinements=p_74:0-10000,p_75:30-99&linkCode=sl1&tag=httpsixtywatt-20&linkId=c3dd83029586edec4ff566bf4a249da3
  14. Alright my man...watching the final video now. Hope you win I'm on my work computer right now...I'll give them a watch on my iPad when I get home. You're not losing this one!
  15. Since Gaslight is on their "indefinite hiatus"...has there been any rumblings that there will be any new Horrible Crowes music in the future?