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  1. Hi! I'm selling the Run For Cover 2013-2014 Split 7" Series box set. It includes a total of seven 7" records that are limited to 250 copies each and only available through the box set. Includes: Tigers Jaw/Code Orange Kids/ The World Is../Self Defense Family Death is not Glamorous/Shook Ones Self Defense Family/Meredith Hunter Miserable/Grey Zine Empire! Empire! (IWALE)/Joie De Vivre Hostage Calm/Anti-Flag Pity Sex/Adventures box set packaging miscellaneous newsletters Please note that the box set is hand constructed and not of the best quality so it'll feel a little flimsy. I will do my best to protect it when shipping. Contact me with any questions. I'm open to any offers since I've never seen this box set sell by itself (if you have feel free to reference a link to me).
  2. If I remember right, the EU press of ETID's latest record was the only one that had every track on it while the others were missing 2 tracks. So they had that going for them.
  3. Here comes EVR charging $20 for a EP on a 12" again...
  4. He could scream when I saw him in 2012 and even early 2014. But their December 2014 hometown show he had a really hard time screaming. I haven't seen them since.
  5. Got the Verite record I've been wanting that isn't near me. Very happy.
  6. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Non-Amazon deals appreciated on this tread!
  7. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I'm seeing free shipping to store for me. I think I spotted free shipping to store if it's over $10
  8. What's your White Whale record?

    I got my gf the S/T for her birthday a couple years ago. It was sealed and happened to be the blue/white mix. Super lucky I dropped the cash. I'm also having the same problem with Intrinsic and honestly annoyed that there's been an amazon listing since May and the label wont email back regarding if it's being repressed or not. If it's not, get the damn listing removed... Oh and I found the white copy on Intrinsic on Discogs and scooped it for $40 a couple weeks ago. Seller decided they weren't going to give me a shipping price or answer me so now their account is suspended. Yippee.
  9. I appreciate THR doing this for ASD and Strawberry Girls but the prices are not for me.
  10. PO: Axis - Shift

    New song bangs
  11. Has anyone had their US edition ship? International editions have.
  12. The original listing said all records would ship in 2013 and 3 did in 2013, 3 in 2014, 1 in 2015. Pretty outrageous in my opinion. He was transparent about delays but updates were sparse (considering the length of time that's a given). The set came out nice, however.
  13. Seems like a lot of deluxe releases from RFC gets delayed, which is kind of messed up since we spend the most money and there's no real compensation for the delay. Not even an early download or anything. I think I've had positive experiences with RFC half the time. Worst experience was in 2012 when it took 4 months to have non-preorder items mailed and then that "2013" 7-inch box set. Anyone else here order that disaster that didn't finish until 2015?