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  1. If anyone knows about a repress outside the tour VIP, or if they're selling it at the merch table on this tour, could you let me know? My girlfriend is going to see them this weekend.
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    Are those titles going up at 12AM? I don't see BLG but I see Cartel
  3. Mine is 100% solid black. The deluxe is VERY nice...
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    Just posted this 2 days ago but I guess I need to share it again for people looking.
  5. New single "Dead and Gone" out now on Apple Music & Spotify & wherever else. Album release date is 06/15/2018.
  6. Oxblood also had a nasty seam split. Maybe they're all that way.
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    https://www.dogfish.com/blog/record-store-day-flaming-lips 100 are beer filled
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    My local shop, Gidget's Gadgets in Rehoboth, is having a raffle for that record. I got to look at it the other day and it's pretty nice. The proceeds go to The Delaware School of Music. You can enter the raffle here. http://www.maxwellsrecords.com/news/
  9. Lol @ no merch tonight for their acoustic & emo nite. And they only played 4 songs.
  10. http://dgdmerch.com/ No detail on how limited the yellow vinyl is.
  11. Speaking of asking for things, it would be super cool to get the bundles with just CD and most limited vinyl back for PNR releases. I did that for several back in the day like Boston Manor, Masked Intruder (they must be in jail again...), To The Wind, Handguns, Seaway, etc. I think it's more appealing for a lot of people over 2 of the same record.
  12. Good to know. Mine has been sitting since the 3rd and I was beginning to wonder.
  13. Yeah. Mine shipped April 6th and I had USPS priority shipping.