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  1. The Menzingers - After The Party - This LP is AOTY for me, can't believe more people here not into it. The Flatliners - Inviting Light - It took 2 years for me to truly appreciate Dead Language as their best LP, I don't think this will ever top that but it is still great despite the weird production Garrett Dale - Two Ts EP - Was never much into RCR but "Here I go again, liquored up and then, singin' Propagandhi until I lose oxygen" is my new 2am drunken kitchen dancing jam Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure - Weird stuff but probably my fave release from him since Attack in Black
  2. I frame them and put them on my wall. You should too. After all, how many LPs can one really fit on a wall? 10? 20? maybe 40? But with stickers you can fit thousands of your favourite bands and even bands no one has ever heard of! Shop www.CuteNCustomTinyStickerFrames.ca for all your sticker framing needs!
  3. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/the-dirty-nil-who-just-won-a-mother-effing-juno-award-have-unearthed-an-old-jam-for-you New version of Caroline is a beast!
  4. I really dig the new tracks so far. I really enjoyed Chris' solo record and this is definitely in that crooning style. I think someone should sell me their dine alone exclusive LP since you all hate it so much.
  5. I grabbed Big Choice and Don't Turn Away, S/T was gone. AFI had downloads left but my info didn't match the first d/l's info. Thanks
  6. Sorry, only have an old iPhone with a semi broken camera so the quality is low. Gives you an idea though. Just PM me your email and I will send you a pic. I don't have a photo sharing account online to link to.
  7. Hail Mary PM has been sent
  8. I have two "leftover" bonus double LP sets from the Teenage Bottlerocket box set a few years back. One is black - limited to 100 I believe. The other is a bit of an anomaly - the C/D LP is a a the-dye variant while the A/B LP is labeled as "off-splatter" with most of the splatter LPs being clear with splatter, this one is a marbled army green with lime green splatter. Taking offers on both sets.
  9. Had to get some revenge for what the Cavs have been doing to my Raps lately. And also for the baseball team that can not be named. Ohio has had our number lately.......until 6:57 EST today that is
  10. I grabbed a Caution test a few years back. Was /50 so not so rare
  11. I was using USD since that is what I would have paid with from FAT as well. The increased shipping cost with from US makes this cheaper from KRM Europe. I also keep USD In my paypal when possible
  12. It was $70 to Canada but would have been at least that from Fat as well. I love these 3 LPs and the set looks dope. If I didn't grab it for $70 I'm sure I would have ended up paying $150 on discogs down the road.
  13. Grabbed one from KRM Europe, thanks for the heads up, shipping wasn't too bad to Canada