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  1. I grabbed Big Choice and Don't Turn Away, S/T was gone. AFI had downloads left but my info didn't match the first d/l's info. Thanks
  2. Sorry, only have an old iPhone with a semi broken camera so the quality is low. Gives you an idea though. Just PM me your email and I will send you a pic. I don't have a photo sharing account online to link to.
  3. Hail Mary PM has been sent
  4. I have two "leftover" bonus double LP sets from the Teenage Bottlerocket box set a few years back. One is black - limited to 100 I believe. The other is a bit of an anomaly - the C/D LP is a a the-dye variant while the A/B LP is labeled as "off-splatter" with most of the splatter LPs being clear with splatter, this one is a marbled army green with lime green splatter. Taking offers on both sets.
  5. Had to get some revenge for what the Cavs have been doing to my Raps lately. And also for the baseball team that can not be named. Ohio has had our number lately.......until 6:57 EST today that is
  6. I grabbed a Caution test a few years back. Was /50 so not so rare
  7. I was using USD since that is what I would have paid with from FAT as well. The increased shipping cost with from US makes this cheaper from KRM Europe. I also keep USD In my paypal when possible
  8. It was $70 to Canada but would have been at least that from Fat as well. I love these 3 LPs and the set looks dope. If I didn't grab it for $70 I'm sure I would have ended up paying $150 on discogs down the road.
  9. Grabbed one from KRM Europe, thanks for the heads up, shipping wasn't too bad to Canada
  10. Five downloads left for this. Could care less if lurkers grab it as long as they enjoy. John K. Samson - Winter Wheathttps://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=5EBE1B46013A2743A0845A3CDD8E6623 John K. Samson - Winter Wheathttps://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=78DDE03F3E3EEECCF5F0F672E9DF98C4
  11. Bad Religion - 30 Years Livehttps://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=70710A2652E9CD24A372810B98730762 Bad Religion - 30 Years Livehttps://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=119BA449A55D3C878C309EF813D61F61
  12. I need this and Atlantis
  13. 07. Billich0986 16. Cside 27. DOMAN127 31. KingTacoMunster 39. Tatom 56. Dub 68. gabraham 88. youinreverse 18. Vector53