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  1. I was overweight Brand New prior to the correction. Now I have to work until I'm 82
  2. So.....I am a Financial Advisor for a company that operates throughout North America. I am located in Canada and therefore not licensed to advise US residents. I will say that employee stock purchase plans in general can be judged by the employer matching rate as well as the quality of the individual company. For example - Costco (though a great company and stock) does not match employee contributions and merely saves the employee a commission on what may be otherwise an overpriced stock at the time of purchase. Railroad companies on the other hand generally match dollar for dollar effectively giving the employee an instant 100% return in a decent company. Then there are companies that are so bad that I would not buy stock if there were matching 10 shares for every one I bought. Most ESPP will have terms for how long you have to hold the stock before selling. Like any stock, it's best not to have all your eggs in one basket and diversify once the amount seems to big. Lowes however is on my company's stock focus list with a buy rating. Independent research provider Morningstar has it as a Wide Moat Undervalued Company with Exemplary Management and a current price value of $90.
  3. I don't say too much around here. But I am a little exhausted with your whining to/complaining about the mods. Maybe you should volunteer to help out since you obviously have this internet thing all figured out.
  4. Good guess @roadmonkey. I was right on top of things with ordering the gifts I wanted but then when I got the reminder to ship by end of november it was a mad scramble to get this out before I went away for a vacation. Didn't have time to include a note or anything. The empire LP is the blue small man release so not totally a double for you. Hope you enjoy the other stuff, if not, throw it on Ebay or trade it, my feelings will not be hurt. Good call @backpackoat. The idea is to scratch off the gold foil of the counties you have been to to reveal a water-colour painting underneath. Thought it would be cool for your new place.
  5. So I waited until Christmas morning to open up my Secret Santa box that arrived almost a month ago. I can not figure out how to attach photos here anymore and am too lazy to open up a photo bucket account or whatever you crazy kids are using these days, so we will have to rely on the good old written word here I am afraid. First thing I saw when I opened the package was a very thoughtful handwritten letter describing the selection process for all the gifts included. I am the first to admit that my intro here was pretty bare bones and my current want list is pretty short (a few of the reasons that people hate buying me gifts). My secret santa combed through my collection and bought records that he/she felt would fill gaps in my collection and I am super appreciative for what I received. First off, Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes - https://www.discogs.com/Death-Cab-For-Cutie-Something-About-Airplanes/release/6409096 I had never heard this LP before. I have downloads of Plans and Narrow Stairs which I enjoy but couldn't get into Transatlanticism at the time it was released so never went any further back into their catalog. Spun this last night and really enjoyed it. Second LP up was Sonic Youth - A Thousand Leaves - https://www.discogs.com/Sonic-Youth-A-Thousand-Leaves/release/8761043 I was a big fan of Sonic Youth when I first started getting into music around 1990 and was a big fan of Dirty, Goo, and the more mainstream singles from their earlier releases. I stopped following them after that time as they got more mellow and my tasted were getting a little heavier. Now that I am a bit older and my tastes have caught up this is a great time to check out some of the releases I have missed out . Look forward to spinning this shortly. Third up is a band I have never heard of - a blind buy local metal group to the SS - FOGG - High Testament - https://www.discogs.com/Fogg-High-Testament/release/7146287 The hype sticker claims it has "gnarly shredding" by guys who "worship at the altar of the almighty riff" so I don't see how I could possibly go wrong with this one. The letter had 3 clues as to who my secret santa is: 1. Twin Peaks 2. Texas 3. Tea. I used my sweet ass detective skills as soon as the SSs were assigned and saw that Green Tea Papi had viewed my profile (helped me remember to log out before viewing the person I was assigned) Thank you @Green Tea Papifor an awesome gift. Merry Christmas!
  6. Mid Year Review

    1. Propagandhi - Victory Lap - Just Wow - a grower not a shower this time around. Every listen I discover new things to love. 2. Brand New - Science Fiction - Sometimes dysfunctional/tragic/horrible/flawed people make great art. This may be one of those times. 3. The Menzingers - After The Party - career topping LP - in most years this would have been my number 1 4. The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Wild - this one seemed to come out of nowhere for me, amazing folk rock songwriting, keep things varied throughout without throwing in too many ballads 5. 88 Fingers Louie - Thank You For Being A Friend - Better than take back the streets, not as good as behind bars. Dennis' voice has aged very well. 6. Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure - My favourite post Attack in Black Lp from any of the members. 7. The Flatliners - Inviting Light - It took me two years to truly appreciate Dead Language. Hope that happens here. Weird production. 8. Blink 182 - California Deluxe - Not a Blink 182 fan but there are some serious good tunes across the double LP that make for a really decent single LP playlist. Matt hasn't screamed this much since Good Mourning. Too many whoas and na na nas though. 9. Sincere Engineer - Rhombithian 10. Hot Water Music - Light It Up - pretty disappointing for HWM, still better than most stuff out there
  7. I ordered about 20 minutes after it went up. I got a confirmation from Thrice store along with PayPal confirm. Order still says unfulfilled.
  8. Fair enough argument, you are not wrong. Side1 has done some pretty standup things in the past for me (sent out Horrible Crowes Live test press as surprise in the vinyl sub, replaced damaged orders) and others (lots of charity work, actually pay their bands), so I'm cool on giving them a free pass for this one
  9. $21 is better than the $45 some people paid on Discogs
  10. 32 of the Missed flexis from Title Fight we’re put up. Use code Udeservethis for 30% off. Sorry if this was posted already. Typing on phone from work.
  11. Hi, my name is Chris. I'm 37, married for 10 years with a 7 year old son. I work as a financial advisor. Hobbies include travelling, running, watching HBO/Netflix. Fave music includes Propagandhi, Lawrence Arms, Attack in Black, Horrible Crowes, Bad Astronaut. Fave authors: Chuck Pahlaniuk, Cormac McCarthy, John Irving Fave Shows: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Narcos, Curb your Enthusiasm Food: Try to do the paleo diet thing but ice cream and hoppy beers are my kryptonite Booze: Red wine (cabs and zins), Tequila, Session IPAs Hope that helps!
  12. Here's hoping for a double LP with one volume per side. Disc 1 - Red/Blue half and half, Disc 2 Clear/Brown half and half - as much as I love the 10" set, it's a pain to keep flipping
  13. superbad

    Search function found this while looking for something else. Awesome!
  14. Finally saw a signup for this PRIOR to the deadline!