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  1. Going to wait and see what the HMV and banquet prices are. Otherwise, I'll just grab an indie variant.
  2. They have several shows coming up. I wouldn't call it a "tour".
  3. For a few years, yeah. They had two major label records on Elektra, and had a couple songs on movie/game soundtracks. The band maintains that the label did the absolute bare minimum to promote them after their album was released.
  4. I live 50 miles from Victory Records, and they want $7 shipping for a single LP. What the actual fuck?
  5. Gone...again. Eminem gone as well.
  6. Thank you. I grabbed a copy from ebay for $25 dlvd. Just really aggravating. Most/all of my record orders are delivered by my postal carrier. The one time I get a ups delivery, they fuck it up.
  7. I do, thank you. For whatever reason, b&n didn't come up when I googled it. Just Amazon and bullmoose.
  8. Fucking UPS delivered my amazon copy today... ...bent in half like a fucking taco. edit: and of course they don't have any more, as it is sold out everywhere.
  9. Love, love, love Christmas and Christmas records. Had been waiting for this to be reasonable. Price went up after this post, but grabbed a warehouse deal for $11.68, so we'll see how it arrives.
  10. Preordered on Amazon as well, and now it seems they shit the bed on this.
  11. Serious nostalgia record for me...however, fuck src, their pressings, and their prices.
  12. I just got one packaged like that, but the fucking record was opened! On top of that, it was in a giant shipping box with no bubble packs.
  13. More to the point. Is there any other reason to pay $28 for a single lp?
  14. Staying true to the title of the album...