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  1. I've found much the same for more than a year now at my local goodwill and salvation army stores, including stores that I've stopped at during my travels. I know for sure that shop owners pick over whatever records do still get donated, as well as travelling to the estate/garage sales in the area. They also buy whatever halfway decent equipment is available, which used to just sit forever on thrift store shelves, to put in their stores for a significant mark-up.
  2. Dammit! Went out of town for the week, and missed out on the Gimmes.
  3. Back in town bump...
  4. Still no mock-up available, but UO has free shipping thru tomorrow morning if anyone thought about grabbing this version.
  5. I have never once received an Amazon order in anything other than their super rigid carboard mailer.
  6. Sold 1, added 1 bump...
  7. Asian man records, though it has been around for 20 years, is literally run out of a garage by 2 or 3 people. Give em a minute to process all the orders.
  8. Received my copy from import cds that I paid $18.76 for. Was expecting 180g black, and they actually sent me the 180g purple number stamped 00200...stoked!
  9. The previous pressing had the same flaws, no?
  10. A mock-up would be nice...
  11. Pretty sure that was an issue with the plates, not the fact that it was HT. There is also a retail black pressing of Cork Tree that sounds just as shitty.
  12. 10 songs...20 bucks...I'm good.
  13. April is going to be nuts. I've got a meet & greet pass for NFG at bottom lounge on 4/12, the Gimmes at Concord Hall on 4/13, and Lucky Boys Confusion record release show at HOB on 4/15... ...and I live 60 miles from Chicago, so 3 trips to and from since I have to be home after each show.
  14. Heads up for those who didn't order a bundle. The PN exclusive /400 Is back up on the website as a standalone item for $13, along with the cream/orange split and the clear 2nd press /1500.
  15. Grabbed Rocky Horror for my wife...thank you!