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  1. I thought we all agreed to move this shit to it's own thread?
  2. To quote Eddie Murphy..."what a bargain".
  3. Just ordered. Now down to $16.99 on amazon.
  4. $21.24 now, and still out of stock...
  5. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Actually, the most recent NFG album was cheaper for the UO exclusive than the previous album was at HT. FYE is a different fucking story.
  6. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    And Pure Noise is nearly identical to Fat on their pricing.
  7. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Instead of "having a think", how bout you just tell us what's up?
  8. It really sucks that HMV will only ship to the UK.
  9. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    HT without Travis has = zero purchases for me.
  10. Primus-Desaturating Seven-9/29

    I love Primus! My first concert was on the Tales from the Punchbowl tour. That said, fuck those prices.
  11. Still ridiculous, even for a 2lp.
  12. Going to wait and see what the HMV and banquet prices are. Otherwise, I'll just grab an indie variant.