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  1. There were no records for sale in Chicago. I did get the Chicago poster #3/100 though.
  2. You have benefited more than anyone from the negative rep button going away.
  3. Second consecutive RSD that I can sleep in...
  4. Just got my setup back together and spun this for the first time. Very clean and crisp!
  5. Ordered! Amazing that you can get this from Europe for $25, and it would literally cost double for any of the blink website versions.
  6. Four Roses is a favorite, in all its iterations.
  7. Waited a long time for a good price on Some Nights...thanks for the heads up!
  8. I'm seeing the Wednesday show with a meet & greet pass.
  9. Yup. Fat sent me an email and I nabbed one.
  10. I've found much the same for more than a year now at my local goodwill and salvation army stores, including stores that I've stopped at during my travels. I know for sure that shop owners pick over whatever records do still get donated, as well as travelling to the estate/garage sales in the area. They also buy whatever halfway decent equipment is available, which used to just sit forever on thrift store shelves, to put in their stores for a significant mark-up.
  11. Dammit! Went out of town for the week, and missed out on the Gimmes.
  12. Back in town bump...
  13. Still no mock-up available, but UO has free shipping thru tomorrow morning if anyone thought about grabbing this version.