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  1. Alright then, not wasting any money ordering online and will pick it up locally when it's out. I'll be quite surprised if they don't do other variants by Sept/Oct considering the number of variants they've done in the past.
  2. Is the LP not hitting shelves until next week? That was the original release date I was aware of, I'm just thrown off by the digital release/stream today. Not seeing it on any of my local shops' websites. And no word of an indie variant this time around?
  3. This is quite a fun one. The basslines are constantly making me think of Primus though. Not that it's a problem.
  4. I also thought it was out next week on the 25th. I thought that about King Gizz too, but I was proven wrong there.
  5. I'm surprised this thread only went up today and that there still isn't a pre-order considering it's out next Friday. As I've done for the recent King Gizzard albums, I'll just pick up the indie store variant locally. Looking forward to it!
  6. Glad to hear it! It's taking upwards of A MINUTE to load pages the last few days. Dial-up speeds at best!
  7. Wish that Duds LP was available already for a combined order. But really I went through checkout as fast as I could anyway so I probably wouldn't have taken the time to add other things to my cart.
  8. Goddamn these variant names, can't tell what's what. Orc Skeined Water Poisonous Bloom Gilden Axehead Snagged a Poisonous Bloom, thanks to lethalenforcer's post above indicating it was the red one.
  9. I do wish they were shipping the presale/tour edition instead of having to pick it up at the show. Hopefully I can grab it at the end of the show without hassle/long waits.
  10. I bet it will look good on my white TT with acrylic platter. It's not scheduled to arrive until Friday though.