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  1. Looking forward to the album, but this song isn't doing anything for me. Then again I wasn't that into Choke compared to the previous two albums.
  2. Hmm, not sure about this one. Won't listen to it again till I hear the whole album, maybe I'll like it more in context.
  3. 100% vinyl records. Ok maybe there's an occasional pic from a live show. 100% music, how's that? I split this out from my personal account 2 years ago. @allthatyouseeandhear
  4. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/rob-crow-releasing-first-optiganally-yours-since-2000-stream-a-track/
  5. Digging the new track and it has squashed my fears of an over-produced Danger Mouse album. Will likely pick up the deluxe at a local indie on release.
  6. I streamed the album today, after only listening to the first single once and avoiding the others. Gotta say the album surpassed my expectations based on that first single.
  7. Yeah - I'm a little worried. I've liked some Danger Mouse productions, but I can't help thinking this will end up sounding too polished. Human Performance was my favorite release of 2016 and A. Savage's solo album was in my top ten last year.
  8. There are 3 copies of Loveless for sale on Discogs for over $100/€100.00.
  9. I liked the first two APC albums alright but to me they were always just a bit too radio/corporate alternative for my tastes. Never bothered with the following releases. Surprisingly I did enjoy Puscifer's Conditions of My Parole - the best thing Maynard's been involved in since Lateralus. Well, 10,000 Days wasn't bad I suppose but certainly showed signs of a band past their peek. Not to beat a dead horse but that is absolutely the worst artwork I've seen in a long time that isn't from an absolutely shit band. There's no excuse for that garbage.
  10. A Place To Bury Strangers- Pinned

    This is of interest to me and I love the album cover because it reminds me of my girlfriend's eyes when we are having sex.
  11. Yeah they can fuck off with their shipping and exclusive-to-website purchase, I'll pick this up if it pops up locally or for a reasonable elsewhere online.
  12. Cheers, same. Aenima too.
  13. Fuck it my expectations are so low at this point. Their sound has not evolved beyond Lateralus and waiting 10 years between albums certainly doesn't help. If/when it comes out and it's great, fantastic I will enjoy listening to it. But I feel they'd put out a much more enjoyable album (to my ears) if they didn't spend so much goddamn time on it.