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  1. Hell yes - super stoked! That said, I'm gonna stop listening to any new singles now that I know the recent ones are all on the album. Rather hear the whole album at once. Luckily I've only played the recent singles once each, twice max for one or two of them.
  2. Fireside Appreciation

    That's probably the one I have, judging by the alternate artwork compared to the original. Wonder if I've ever heard the original, then? Either way, big fan of Fireside - haven't listened to them in a bit and now seems like a good time as what I was listening to just finished.
  3. I suspect they will be. 500 seems low but they're not so widely known really. If the response here is any indication...
  4. Suicide Squeeze just jumped in on this. Limited to 500 LPs on Cosmic opaque red (side A) and translucent yellow (side vinyl. No details about packaging, artwork, etc. at this point. https://store.suicidesqueeze.net/collections/frontpage/products/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland
  5. Oof yeah, the type on those stones with the embossing is absolutely horrid, and the Circular Craziness is absolutely stellar!
  6. The Washington, D.C. band's second and final album is being reissued for its 20th anniversary (released October 1997). For those unfamiliar with the band, a few members were also involved in other great D.C. bands Faraquet and Medications. If you like DC post-hardcore, check it out. 2LP on clear vinyl limited to 500 copies. Ships on or around December 15. https://swcconart20th.bandcamp.com/
  7. For a 2LP with nice artwork, printed inner sleeves, and an etching, sure it's a fair price, but the album could have fit on a single LP so I don't know, it's pushing it. I wouldn't be making this comment if I was really into the album though. But I've only played it once, maybe it'll grow on me in time.
  8. FELT First 5 Albums Pre-order

    It's intermittent - their server sucks. Go here instead, it's where the pro-order links go from the feltdecade.com site anyway: https://www.cherryred.co.uk/artist/felt/
  9. FELT First 5 Albums Pre-order

    Nice I'm interested in this - but need to revisit the albums as it's been a while and I've only listened to them a handful of times. Also the link won't load at the moment.
  10. Hot Snakes Reissues vis Sub Pop!

    I meant to come back in here and post after the show last Sunday. RIPPED is accurate! What a fucking blast that was. I've not seen the other bands but that was definitely one of the most ripping shows I've seen in some time.
  11. I just ordered this one too. The inclusion of back artwork and labels, plus nice looking not overdone vinyl color sold me overall. I thought I was just going to grab ONE version of this record and I've just ordered two already. Hope nothing super awesome comes out anytime soon or ever. Doubtful.
  12. This looks great, love the alternate artwork and vinyl color. My first order. Shipping to PNW is more expensive than the record itself, but it was priced low enough that overall it comes out to a fair price.
  13. Well the album is certainly great - up to now for me it was Microtonal > Brunswick > Murder and it may surpass them all. Not sure where Polygondanaland is going to fit yet - we'll see with repeat listens - but it could surpass them all. Microtonal and Brunswick are kind of tied for me at the moment, they're so different it's hard to rate one over the other. But yeah Murder is definitely my least favorite.
  14. Dammit I forgot to download this and put it on my phone last night. Means I can't play it in the car this afternoon when running errands! Ugh. Could download it to my work computer but won't have much of an opportunity to listen at work today. Really great to hear people are loving it.
  15. Officially out digitally today - including Spotify. Hoping to listen ASAP.