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  1. Death to False Nostalgia

    a THPS 1-4 box set that comes with an exclusive Tech Deck
  2. Got shipping notification for this the other day!
  3. My copy arrived today! Have yet to play, but it looks sweet
  4. Just got an email saying the LPs arrived and will begin shipping!
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    The 2011 version of Twin Fantasy will be released on RSD
  6. PO: DEATH Repress Galore (/200 each)

    Mine arrived today! My copy of Sound of Perseverance came with a print of the cover art signed by Travis Smith
  7. Received mine today on the east coast, arrived in awesome condition!
  8. PO: DEATH Repress Galore (/200 each)

    Hm, I received an email at the same time as my PayPal payment from Relapse confirming the order
  9. Received a shipping notification email this morning!
  10. Strapping Young Lad vinyl?

    My copy of Alien arrived today!
  11. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Who's the earliest so far? My tracking says expected Monday