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  1. PO: Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected

    great call, hilarious with their "agent": we're renaming you guys "The Sums", whadayathink?
  2. Smashing Pumpkins

    All bald men can change their minds about reunions..
  3. AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    someone better snag this. what an album
  4. The Third Man Records Thread

    I'd say that is shortsighted. To invest in this technology for a concert, someone is benefiting fiscally. And what happens when media outlets want photos/video of the show? The only source will be the official photographer, who doesn't work for free, and doesn't keep all the money he/she will get from the licensing. I'd argue if this is a trend, it points to individual/freelance photo/videographers (and the retail technology) getting so good they are competing with "official" (read: paid) photographers. But call it what you will
  5. The Third Man Records Thread

    Its all about the $$$ "Our official photographer....." just stop reading there
  6. The Mondo Records Thread - The cause of dullness in others.

    Glad to see opposing views are still allowed here... Worried I was about to be shadow-banned by starf*ckers, inc.
  7. The Mondo Records Thread - The cause of dullness in others.

    you can like a piece of art and still critique it. are you defending that scene?
  8. The Mondo Records Thread - The cause of dullness in others.

    pretty corny when all the characters are saying "its not going to stop" along to the lyrics though, right? almost ruined the film for me, luckily every other scene makes up for that nonsense.
  9. wasnt trying to attack you, was just completing the joke. toke up and relax dude, seriously

    Male equivalent of Taylor Swift's new "progression". And he had no say in the video content, bet it. My boy JT peaked in Alpha Dog... even with the hat
  11. PO: King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Gumboot Soup

    yeah, the problem i have is that yes they are ok, I enjoy a few songs, but theyre just not as special as the hype/vinyl sales warrant. i don't understand the number of people who are so hyped for each subsequent album. its like the fans who obsess over them have never heard this style of music before. it is cookie-cutter psych/fuzz. not dark or unique or interesting. I wouldn't expect much more if any other band released 5 albums in a year, but we don't all have to lie and say they are epic.
  12. PO NOW: Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

    but what about how to leave town?
  13. the reviews are in, back to the drawing board on my comedic delivery, boys. I wont let the old heads down!