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  1. Don't be embarrassed. You like what you like and who gives a shit otherwise. I'd happily buy that as well. Fear could use a repress also. Coil also was never pressed to vinyl. Also these were put out under the Sony umbrella, so probably not easy for the band to repress these on their own, without paying through the nose.
  2. Are you selling the Led Zep or Beatles that you mentioned in the other thread?
  3. The listing didn't say which it was. It was $90 before the discount, which is not bad at all for an original G.O.D. pressing.
  4. Tripped over this the other day, plus they have 15% off right now. I considered buying it myself, but I already have one. Have at it! https://www.amoeba.com/stupid-dream-2006-issue-lp-porcupine-tree/albums/4006423/#used
  5. You mean about Pony Express Record being unauthorized or about Shiner?
  6. This repress was put out with the bands permission. However the same label just put out Shudder to Think's - Pony Express Record without the bands blessing. I hate that crap!
  7. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    Paid! Thanks for setting this up!
  8. October Project - S/T Bill Frisell - Have A Little Faith The Fire Theft - S/T Seven Percent Solution - Gabriel's Waltz Tonic - Lemon Parade Spacehog - Resident Alien Previously said, but any Tears for Fears that hasn't been pressed to vinyl.
  9. VC 2018 Super Bowl Squares!

    Too late to join? If not, I'm in! Thanks.
  10. Fenway Park tickets/Family stuff to do

    Quite welcome. As far as Fenway Park goes, the place is not cheap and not all the tickets have good sight lines. There are columns in the way and when the ticket said obstructed view, they mean it. The outfield is probably the cheapest area, but Fenway is one the most expensive tickets in MLB. The concessions are the most expensive in the league. Also, if you plan to go in April, the weather is very unpredictable in New England at that time of year, so be prepared for anything, as best you can anyway, when on vaca. It's quite capable of still being pretty chilly then. That all said, it's a great old park and one everyone that likes baseball should visit.
  11. Fenway Park tickets/Family stuff to do

    The swan boats in Boston Common are fun with the kiddos, as is the duck boats tours. The duck boats tours start right near the museum of science, which is also worth checking out, if for no other reason than they have a giant Tesla coil there. Need more info, feel free to ask. I don't live there, but know the town well.
  12. Received mine today, but my stereo is currently apart from moving, so I'll get to it soon.