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  1. Really? I'm going to have to look. I have one also, that I will not be unloading, even if I were thinking so to make a buck now that the new one is announced, I certainly wouldn't do so without hearing the new pressing. The OG blue I have is one of the best sounding records I own, so that would be a large risk for the sake of a few bucks. It's so good that it would be tough to top the original.
  2. Excellent. Thanks so much.
  3. Anyone see them on the current tour? Wondering what they have on vinyl at merch? Anything different than previously discussed?
  4. various download codes

    Claimed. I know the bass player in this band, but have never really listened to them. Appreciated!
  5. Good info. Pretty tough to make this limited to like 500 worldwide, as I'm sure they don't want a mutiny on their hands, if the thing sells out in 5 minutes.
  6. Obviously people have been crying for a Deadwing repress for ages but the label and PT said it wasn't going to happen. Clearly they were bullshitting us. I already have both of these, but the Deadwing is tempting. I so hope for everyones sake that buys Deadwing that it sounds as good as the OG pressing, cause that one sounds amazing! Can't imagine SW letting an inferior product out though. People on FB were saying the shipping rates are insane, so I might wait it out until these are available in the states somehow.
  7. Me too. Been hot for this on vinyl for ages. Sent a note to the company that's selling it and hoping to hear back about the pre-order and there will be more. I just hope the vinyl pressing stands up to the quality of the original release. Such a stellar, underrated album IMHO.
  8. http://media.socastsrm.com/wordpress/wp-content/blogs.dir/348/files/2016/11/image1.png Cher is right there with you!
  9. Got a notification that my order for this has shipped, so these are going out now. Very cool!
  10. Copies of this are on fleabay now. For too much of course!
  11. Got NTFP in the mail today, but looks like it's going to be warped before I open the shrink. Anyone else have this issue?