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  1. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    now that were done with the holidays and work is back to normal, heres a picture of everything scottheisel got me. the only bands i wasnt familiar with were manifesto jukebox and a death in the family, and i cant stop listening to it. i love the arrivals and the brokedowns and for whatever reason never picked this up. the shorebirds and chris wollard, i know who they are and just havent listened to, yet. and then the dropkick/vandals split, well, its the murphys and the vandals! thanks again scott, i do like and will enjoy these!
  2. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    you are correct sir! the $5 was on purpose because, well, who doesnt like cash? im really glad you liked everything. ill post pictures of my gift when i have time, but thanks to @scottheisel i loved what you sent. funny how we had each other.
  3. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    my name is andrew and i live outside philadelphia. some of my favorite bands are the loved ones/dave hause, gaslight anthem/horrible crowes/brian fallon, holy mess, bouncing souls, alkaline trio, kid dynamite, unwritten law, the lawrence arms/falcon, tim barry/avail, the menzingers, red city radio, . im a huge fan of pop punk, raspy vocals, 90s skate punk and "woahs". i love onyx's first album and similar rap from the early to mid 90's. i work in a restaurant so by the time i get home i rarely feel like doing anything. my nights are usually watching the shows my girlfriend wants to watch and then its usually espn or random sitcoms while im on the computer. i listen to music all day while im at work and am always looking for something new to add to the rotation. thats all i can think of at the moment. if you want to know anything just have some one ask.
  4. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    im in again if enough people sign up
  5. splatter /250 from tim barrys site now up
  6. preorder up at chunksaah bundle stand alone vinyl
  7. http://www.timbarry.bigcartel.com/product/new-tim-barry-high-on-95-lp https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/chunksaahrecords/products/tim-barry-high-on-95 https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/chunksaahrecords/products/tim-barry-high-on-95-bundle 1. Slow Down 2. High on 95 3. O&DP 4. Riverbank 5. Back Home 6. Gumshoe Andy 7. Porter St. 8. Chelsea 9. Running Never Tamed Me 10. Little Eden 1st press tim barry website - coke bottle w/ splatter /250 chunksaah exclusive - clear w/smoke
  8. http://www.say-10.com/store/chokeup/ http://www.say-10.com/store/chokeup/ 1) Saturday Night 2) Joyride 3) Blue Moon 4) Borderland 5) Arcade on the Pier 6) Roadside Graves 7) Fireworks 8) Full Bloom to Bedlam 9) Level Me 10) Sunday Morning /100 on Baby Blue LP /400 on Dark Stormy Blue LP
  9. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    post after you hear back, im in the same boat.
  10. delete

  11. i just got logged out. probably not worth the time trying to get back in but ive got nothing to do at the moment. i used the link at the top to 'check out'
  12. done

    just left the shop. unfortunately, none of what was asked about was there. @Dunc - the alice in chains 2x7" was at the place i stopped at after work. ill go back tomorrow if you want. sorry i couldnt be of any help.