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  1. splatter /250 from tim barrys site now up
  2. preorder up at chunksaah bundle stand alone vinyl
  3. http://www.timbarry.bigcartel.com/product/new-tim-barry-high-on-95-lp https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/chunksaahrecords/products/tim-barry-high-on-95 https://www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/chunksaahrecords/products/tim-barry-high-on-95-bundle 1. Slow Down 2. High on 95 3. O&DP 4. Riverbank 5. Back Home 6. Gumshoe Andy 7. Porter St. 8. Chelsea 9. Running Never Tamed Me 10. Little Eden 1st press tim barry website - coke bottle w/ splatter /250 chunksaah exclusive - clear w/smoke
  4. http://www.say-10.com/store/chokeup/ http://www.say-10.com/store/chokeup/ 1) Saturday Night 2) Joyride 3) Blue Moon 4) Borderland 5) Arcade on the Pier 6) Roadside Graves 7) Fireworks 8) Full Bloom to Bedlam 9) Level Me 10) Sunday Morning /100 on Baby Blue LP /400 on Dark Stormy Blue LP
  5. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    post after you hear back, im in the same boat.
  6. delete

  7. i just got logged out. probably not worth the time trying to get back in but ive got nothing to do at the moment. i used the link at the top to 'check out'
  8. done

    just left the shop. unfortunately, none of what was asked about was there. @Dunc - the alice in chains 2x7" was at the place i stopped at after work. ill go back tomorrow if you want. sorry i couldnt be of any help.
  9. done

    im getting ready to go out so if anyone wants me to get something for them let me know. ill check here when i get there and if anything is left ill get what i can done.
  10. Secret Santa 2016 - The Unisex Edition

    books: how to ruin a record label king dork green lantern comic records: afi - miss murder gameface - three to get ready saturday night live amy grant - a christmas album phoenix - alone on christmas day alkaline trio - help me bunch of stickers and a couple cds and a nice warm winter hat that i needed. very happy with my gift. the afi and trio records i used to have so its nice to get them back. im guessing that my secret santa was jacobe? thank you so much!
  11. Secret Santa 2016 - The Unisex Edition

    im glad you both like everything! happy holidays! ill post pics of my package in the next couple days.
  12. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    got mine the other day... 7" Bracket - Stinky Fingers Closet Friends - S/T x2 Cobra Skulls - Eagle Eyes x2 Frenzal Rhomb - Were Going Out Tonight Goober Patrol - Eight Of Spades Horace Pinker - Songs About Selling Out Less Than Jake - Do The Math x2 Me First - Go Down Under Morning Glory - Born To December x2 Sundowner - Little Elephant Sessions x2 10" Snuff - Blue Gravy /blue Swingin Utters - Brazen Head Ep x2 LPs Banner Pilot - Souvenir Big In Japan - Destroy The New Rock Bracket - When All Else Fails Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy x2 Dogpiss - Eine Kleine Punkmusik Fluf - Road Rage The Flipsides - Clever One Goober Patrol - The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Drunk Joey Capes Bad Loud - Volume One x2 Lagwagon - I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon Morning Glory - War Psalms x2 MxPx - The Renaissance EP Only Crime - To The Nines Screeching Weasel - Bark Like A Dog x2 Star Fucking Hipsters - From The Dumpster To The Grave x2 Strung Out - Prototypes and Painkillers Sundowner - Neon Fiction x2 Tilt - Viewers Like You id like to trade for any of the following: consumed, diesel boy and hagfish