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  1. Good read. Obviously the author is uber butthurt. Ultimately the article boils down to a rant on selling out. This is not new. An old debate IMO. Apparently DH's Ray-Ban campaign was the straw that broke the author's back. Whatever, kinda funny to me. There's also a bit of the 'old man yells at cloud ' sort of thing going on. The fact is DH caught lightning in a bottle with Sunbather. It was the right album at the right time. I remember being blown away the first time I heard 'Dreamhouse' before the album even came out. It was a quantum leap from their debut. Surely, the refined and easy on the eyes artwork helped as well. Deafheaven brings it live too. They have one of the best drummers and a very charismatic front man. It's also easy to see why some in the scene would be put off by and/or be jealous of them. EDIT: Also, he's full of shit when he claims the people who went to see Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Meat Puppets, etc didn't listen to Nirvana. That is total horse shit.
  2. Do you actually believe that, bro?
  3. What the fuck?
  4. A nice return to form!
  5. I'm loving this album. I really like singing along with this record. Can't wait to see them on their upcoming tour.
  6. Pallbearer - Heartless code: 3LHRKVER67
  7. Whoa. Talk about a blast from the past! I had no idea this was still around.
  8. Yea, I agree BJM is a head scratcher. I like them though. I cannot wait.
  9. Anyone else been following Psycho Las Vegas at all? Full lineup is about to be released and I'm super stoked.