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  1. Screw you guys I just ordered the 2CD special edition!
  2. Y&G splatter sold out.
  3. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Interesting. My Scream Bloody Gore came with a 9 button set which included all seven albums plus two versions of the DEATH logo.
  5. various download codes

    Arguably HOF's best record: High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings code: bmml-79b4
  6. Had to get Scream Bloody Gore to complete the collection!
  7. Ordered clear, had to have it. Been waiting for this.
  8. The point is MONEY. Hello!
  9. The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    I've got a bootlegged QOTSA self-titled debut album, a Pink Floyd live bootleg (Havin' A Cigar), a Neurosis demos/compilation bootleg, a Catharsis bootleg, and a Faith No More live bootleg (We Fuck A Lot). Most of them were picked up at Austin record conventions. I really enjoy the FNM boot. I felt like a real sucker when I found out the QOTSA self-titled was a boot though. Whateva.
  10. Speak for yourself, creepoid.
  11. Get'em while they're hot! EDIT: Sold out the /100 variant already https://store.relapse.com/item/54056/deep-purple-and-metallic-gold-merge-with-black-splatter-ltd-to-100
  12. If I worked at DW I would make sure to only send you black LPs, you ungrateful son of a bitch.
  13. That bitch can fuck off, that's what I think.