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  1. Defenders was a great series. Lot more action than the other solo shows. Iron fist was pretty good in this one.
  2. Northstar - Pollyanna LP out 03.23.

    Love this album. Best sounding record I own.
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    What the hell! I ordered a record and just got a stupid CD!
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Got my confirmation email. I wonder if they are going to throw some extras in due to the $45 price.
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I got one and I'm pumped.
  6. VNYL

    That was hard to watch!
  7. FS/ Big City & Colour Lot

    Selling this City & Colour lot. Includes all 5 albums and 6 7" and the woman 12" single. Open to offers. Trying to sell this as a whole. Pm me with offers. Thanks
  8. There Will Be Hell Toupée! (The Donald Trump Thread)

    This was pretty funny!
  9. FS Brand New devil and god lyric book first printing

    I couldn't believe when I received mine in the mail. It was a good day!
  10. PO: Noah Gundersen "White Noise"

    Really different sound!
  11. PO: Noah Gundersen "White Noise"

    Hell to the Yes!
  12. Awesome, been wanting a copy of this for a while!
  13. Had a wonderful experience selling to this guy! Great communication! Sell to him!
  14. There Will Be Hell Toupée! (The Donald Trump Thread)

    Haha, I agree. He's so fake its pathetic. I can't believe people actually fell for supporting this guy! He more crooked than Hillary.
  15. There Will Be Hell Toupée! (The Donald Trump Thread)

    Very true. He never went through congress on anything. Never cared about what the American people thought. Just signed his name. Why is everyone so mad that Trump is doing the same thing?