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  1. I believe they removed the option for the crate membership, but those who had are grandfathered in until they cancel. You found out the next monthly record towards the end of the previous month, for example the March record of the month was announced on Feb 21. They give you options to swap with another title in the store if you don't want it. So April is not The National, it is assumed to be Gorillaz - Demon Days, but we will most likely find out this week.
  2. Got this in the mail today, and they updated their bandcamp with the pressing info /100 Clear and /400 Black.
  3. Distant Solar Systems is up on spotify
  4. If you want to go through it again. This time with devin, for real this time.
  5. Also has a kickstarter up for a documentary The first thing to go out was Blanco test pressings
  6. the /600 Oxblood in Cokebottle is back in stock on merchnow.
  7. In regards to travis it's around 52:30, he just mentions that he was his assistant and he let him have free reigns with the vinyl department. For the whole podcast, I just thought it was interesting to hear the story from him going from club booking to hot topic and having the inside retail story.
  8. Yeah they look like they are the same colors
  9. Travis was mentioned for a second during the washed up emo podcast. This guy was his boss
  10. lazylabrador has some test pressings up for bid, after having them for BIN for like $300 for a couple of years. There is a mae test press that's still at $20 also there is a fall of troy and dustin kensure ending today too.
  11. I think birds of paradise is the best songs on that album. Just noticed they put up a new 7" on dog knights productions new song here