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  1. Here is another new song:
  2. To add to the drama, looks like broken worlds twitter is gone and Molly Drag posted this yesterday on facebook: Back in October I finished recording my latest album "Whatever Reason" - at this time, I was promised 300 copies of it on vinyl to be released as a bundle with t-shirts that I over 10 artists/friends of mine were kind enough and worked for free to draw up. I was assured by Broken World Media that the vinyl and the t-shirts were paid for, aside from that I was promised that college radio, and all press related issues would be handled by BWM, none of that ended up happening - I myself handled all the public related emails, etc... Come December, and almost barely any word from BWM I was starting to wonder why nothing was being done to support my album. Not too mention I was hearing a couple of things from others to deter me from continuing, but I was already under the impression that the gears were moving, and that these physicals were paid for and the album would be released by January (which most of you know now is not the case), and being who I am gave BWM the benefit of the doubt here. I will admit I did for too long, and I feel terrible about it and very upset at myself at this time... not to mention I have received no royalties for my 2nd record (the first BWM released for me, "Tethered Rendering"). Come March and my album already being done for 5 months I decided just to release it myself, which I did.. but I could off pitched it to other labels or actually could of had a gameplan in my own right, which is another regret towards myself that I have.... I no longer have any association with Broken World Media (BWM), and will work to get royalties for distribution on my second record to someday come to me, the writer, and purchaser of the masters of said album... And I ask that you please do not purchase my music off the BWM bandcamp or any other sites they have posted it on for sale. As for whoever pre-ordered vinyl that doesn't exist (15 people) - I have been told that you will be refunded in full, and if you are not in the next coming months please contact me ( anyway that works for you, I apologize on their behalf.... I am willing to re-release my new record on another label if you, or anyone you know might be able to help me out, and I am almost finished recording a new EP.... I feel used, and that I wasted so much time. I will try to move forward, Michael
  3. Some decent deals on revhq sale: BEAR VS. SHARK - Right Now You're In The Best Of Hands / Terrorhawk - $15.40 BETTER OFF - Milk - $11.20 CARDINAL CARDINAL - Distant Lover - $4.20 CASEY CRESCENZO - Amour & Attrition - $9.80 DADS - I'll Be The Tornado - $7.70 EISLEY - Currents -$9.80 EISLEY - I'm Only Dreaming - $11.90 ELLIOTT - Songs In A Transit Wind - $9.10 I THE MIGHTY - Satori / Karma Never Sleeps - $13.30 MAT KEREKES - Luna & The Wild Blue Everything - $8.40 NIGHT VERSES - Into The Vanishing Light - $11.90 PORTUGAL. THE MAN - Censored Colors - $9.80 PORTUGAL. THE MAN - In The Mountain In The Cloud - $9.80 SAVES THE DAY - s/t - $9.10 SAVES THE DAY - Through Being Cool - $11.90 SAY ANYTHING - Hebrews - $11.90 SAY ANYTHING - I Don't Think It Is - $11.90 THE DEAR HUNTER - Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional - $15.40 XO - Heart - $9.80
  4. New EP from pictures of vernon is up for order, Black /300
  5. It's half turquoise and half clear with blue-ish white splatter
  6. Came across this link, haven't ordered from them before but say they have one left.
  7. Dine Alone has Alexisonfire and The Lumineers up on their website
  8. Graveface posted a video on facebook with all the rsd leftovers, they want you to call to place an order. I saw some Ike Reiko and the Dark Crystal soundtrack in the video
  9. I saw Ra Ra Riot at 1234go records
  10. This was said on an article from Billboard: "They’re pressing 3,000 copies of the long-out-of-print Emotion Is Dead on vinyl, with half of them -- a red, black and blue splatter variation -- only available for those who purchase certain ticket presale packages. " I would assume that Mind over matter would be pressing it since they just did Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat.
  11. I got this postcard from equal vision today.
  12. I believe they removed the option for the crate membership, but those who had are grandfathered in until they cancel. You found out the next monthly record towards the end of the previous month, for example the March record of the month was announced on Feb 21. They give you options to swap with another title in the store if you don't want it. So April is not The National, it is assumed to be Gorillaz - Demon Days, but we will most likely find out this week.