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  1. Went with that /500 earlier, couldn't make myself pay $32ppd for the /100 variant.
  2. Fall tour co-headlining with thrice, balance and composure and chon. VIP vinyl version, says limited to 1000 with screenprint.
  3. Manners repress has been popping up from third party sellers today.
  4. Said this at the bottom of the email: coming soon from SPACELAB9: ELDER SCROLLS V: Skyrim, BORDERLANDS: Claptastic Voyage, RESIDENT EVIL: Vendetta
  5. I skip a majority of the songs on EIGHT, but the best song on there is the last track Ring of Chain.
  6. I hope you get one too! I got a Lite - Cubic test in my first package. The subscription has been great, I would have basically ordered every record this year so far (minus heat) and we still have a new LP from prawn coming later this year.
  7. Got a unique variant from my topshelf sub and a signed poster:
  8. Looks like there are more indie blue in stock at bullmoose and turntablelab right now.
  9. Interpol - Turn On the Bright Lights - $11.31
  10. It's good for two weeks because of the talking about tooth and nail stories, this week was about acb. They make it seem like they might get back together and write a new album towards the end. I can't handle the ups and downs of this band anymore.
  11. Just double checked and it is out of stock.
  12. As cities burn vinyl is 35% off with the code Labeled.
  13. Cancelled the shows to record a new album, so much for the Emotion is Dead VIP version.
  14. My bad, saw Uncharted and got excited. Sorry @voltagedrop
  15. It's back in stock now, and it's on sale too. They are having xmas in july sale and added more vinyl on sale like power rangers, psyconauts, rocket league, swiss army man, ori, etc