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Found 32 results

  1. For trade or sale. My official want list is small, but there are significant gaps in my shoegaze experience, so message me if something you think I might like and haven't checked out yet. I think I'm easy to work with and make sure you come out ahead for agreeing to the trade -- within some sane reason of course -- otherwise I'd just do another giveaway. Even will consider shoegaze CDs and tapes from the 90's as well. If you think the price is high just shoot me an offer. My Want List My Deadformat List - feel free to shoot me a message on anything *Serengeti & Sicker Man: Doctor My Patience LP #5/250 - 1st offer will be accepted + $3.50 ship, just be somewhat reasonable *Xiu Xiu: Knife Play LP + 7" Clear #109/250 - 1st offer accepted will be accepted + $3.50 ship, same LSD And The Search For God: Heaven Is A Place /200 Blue (Deep Space) True Widow: Avvolgere /100 Clear (Relapse) Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas Promo Cassette (Capitol Records) - $8 The Verve: No Come Down Promo Cassette - $8 A Place To Bury Strangers: A Place To Bury Strangers Casette (sealed, sold on Tour a few years back, spare copy) - $10 Beware of Safety: dogs /100 Yellow - $25 Beware of Safety: dogs #8/10 Test Press Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars /100 Blue; /100 White with Black Streaks; /300 Brown Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains #41/100 (50-60 exist) Black with Silkscreen Jacket Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains /10 Test Press White Label Beware of Safety: It is Curtains /200 Red with Black Swirl; /350 Red with Black Haze Camera Shy: Camera Shy LP /200 Green - $8 Lowtide: S/T LP 2nd /300 Red - $13 Night School: Blush LP #45/250 Yellow - Graveface Record Club Night School/Dott Split: Carousel #132/333 Purple Marble - Graveface Record Club Mono: The Last Dawn/Days Of Darkness 2xLP /150 Marbled Gray (Pelagic) Mogwai: Happy Songs For Happy People LP (Matador) - pristine! The Pirate Ship Quintet: Rope For No Hopers /150 Gold (Denovali) - $30 Deafheaven: New Bermuda /500 Pink and White (UK) - $12 Year Of No Light: Ausserwelt 1st /500 Black - $10 Daylight: Jar LP 1st /300 Black 180gm Caspian: Tertia 2xLP 4th /323 Half Black: Half Gold Caspian: You Are The Conductor EP 1st /200 Baby Blue Shy, Low: Binary Opposition EP 2nd /150 Black:Clear - $12 This Will Destroy You: Live 3xLP (sealed, not sure if white or 3 colors) - $10 Hum: You’d Prefer An Astronaut Clear (unplayed) - $28 Jakob: Sines 1st /300 Half Red/Half Orange with Black Center Jakob Sines 2nd /100 Clear with Red and Orange Swirl - $22 Junius: Days Of The Fallen Sun EP /200 Black with Ivory Splatter Junius: Martyrdom Of A Catatrophist 2xLP /100 Bronze w/ Black Swirl Junius: Martyrdom… Clear/Bronze /30 Error (Moth Jacket) - $29 Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP #80/100 White (Sheath) Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP /200 White w/ Blue Haze (Band) Sigur Ros: Kveikur Box Set #331/1000 - 9 x 12" Singles, Instrumental B side; Autographed Art Designs Other Test Pressings: Junius: Junius Comp 2xLP Test Press #5/10 Foam Jacket, hand numbered by the band - $49 Aidan Baker: Already Drowning LP Test Press /5 with poster and swag - $50 Have A Nice Life: Deathconsciousness 2xLP Test Press (unnumbered but labeled) Camera Shy: Jack O’Lantern 12” TP #3/20 - $29 Camera Shy: Crystal Clear 7” TP #17/20 - $25 Helms Alee: Weatherhead 2xLP TP #20/30 - $59 Animals As Leaders: Weightless TP /60 White Label
  2. I'd start a thread and try to keep it fresh here on what is still available, and for new releases. Don't forget discogs if sold out, as labels sell there and distribute as well. Catacombe: Memoirs Cloudkicker: Fade (4 remaining as of March 15, 2016) The Clouds Will Clear: S/T EP #/50 in 3 formats, 1 format sold out Colaris: Nexus #/70 (Puzzle Records) Dumbsaint: Panorama, In Ten Pieces Limited Blue tint with special box and enclosures Glaciers: Mirrored Through The Ancients Red or Smoke tint God Is An Astronaut: A Moment Of Stillness #/333 Helms Alee: Weatherhead /60 or 80 2011 RSD Jakob: Solace #/333 - I thought sold out, but looks like wooaaargh has gotten heavier into the cassette business... Nadja/AB projects - see thread pg.lost: In Never Out #/333 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGE Records: Black Spirituals: Black Treatment (only 4 left as of March 15, 2016) Mamiffer Statu Nascendi LP (what a beautiful album) Split with House Of Low Culture #3 - looks like they added a couple copies just recently (3/15/16) jump! SOLD OUT again *The Unseen World 2xLP, just dropped, but cassette preorders are not up yet. Faith said they would be doing a run of these. Mara (Faith's solo project): Surfacing of 100 Other cassettes, many are sold out, but keep checking back as occasionally they put copies up... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Set And Setting: Equanimity - only $2.25!! Terraformer (postmetal) S/T: Creatures: thisquietarmy: This Will Destroy You: Another Language /500 $11 Tides Of Man: Young And Courageous - I believe Brian sold Flesh And Bone or turned it over to a friend for management, can't remember if these were sold out or not Vasudeva: Life In Cycles 2nd press of 50, see above re: Flesh And Bone, may be worth sending an email Watter: This World (sold out) Yndi Halda: Under Summer is up now (March 15, 2016) -- and only a few left at Burnt Toast Vinyl, but Crime & Punishment has them as well. I think C&P is releasing it. $10 $12.51ppd in the US
  3. Deadhorse - "Decay" now available on Cassette / CD / Digital Download. This is an official release of the MMXIII Demos. Tapes/CDs are in hand and shipping this week. Less than 50 of each format available. Each format comes with a free patch. Limited edition shirts / bundles also available. Purchase - Free Download -
  4. FOR SALE..!! GIANTS (They, the Undeserving) Reissue Test Pressing. No: 18/25. PM to make an offer, also as I live in Australia shipping could be expensive! Thanks.
  5. **FOR SALE** God Is An Astronaut (Far From Refuge) Vinyl in great condition. Hand numbered 238/500. looking to get around $85aud for it ?? open to offers, nothing to low!!! I ship from Australia. Thanks!
  6. Tarentel "From Bone To Satellite" CATALOG NUMBER: trr023RELEASE DATE: 03-06-2016 DELUXE EXPANDED VINYL EDITION PRE-ORDER WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND JUNE 1, 2016! CD FORMAT IS THE ORIGINAL 1999 EDITION - NO BONUS TRACKS OR REMASTER ON CD! When Tarentel’s debut album was released in December 1999, Temporary Residence was still a fledgling record label operated by a 21 year-old kid on a dingy carpeted corner of a sinking spare bedroom that was deemed too unsafe to live. The surprise success of From Bone To Satellite – the vinyl sold out in a matter of weeks, and the CD necessitated multiple represses – was both a blessing and a curse for the cash-strapped bedroom imprint struggling to keep on the lights and heat. With profit margins being razor-thin for vinyl, the record was forced to go out-of-print indefinitely. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Temporary Residence Ltd., we are elated to finally make this integral part of the label’s history available on vinyl for the first time since 1999. Not content to merely repress the original, we have unearthed a treasure trove of rare and unreleased material from that inspired early era of Tarentel. Restored and remastered from the original master tapes, From Bone To Satellite – Deluxe Expanded Edition includes the 7-track sequence that was exclusive to the original vinyl pressing, plus an additional 6 digital bonus tracks – a total of nearly 3 hours of music! This extremely special expanded vinyl edition is packaged in a heavyweight, old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with high-gloss full-color inner sleeves featuring the original restored and expanded photography of Dianne Jones. The pressing is 100% audiophile-quality virgin vinyl, manufactured in the United States. ALL VINYL FORMATS INCLUDE MP3 DOWNLOAD COUPON FEATURING 80 MINUTES OF RARE AND PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED BONUS TRACKS! LIMITED EDITION LP COLORED VINYL: CLEAR w/ BLUE STREAKS & CLEAR w/ RED STREAKS (EDITION OF 200) LIMIT ONE (1) COLORED VINYL PER CUSTOMER LP TRACK LISTING 1. Steede Bonnet 2. When We Almost Killed Ourselves 3. Ursa Minor, Ursa Major 4. For Carl Sagan 5. (Loop 1) 6. Strange Attractors 7. (Loop 2) DIGITAL BONUS TRACKS 1. Steede Bonnet (Flood Mix) 2. The Waltz 3. Welcome 4. Sets & Rises 5. Song For An Unborn Son 6. Superman Is A Damn Fool
  7. Looking to start my God Is An Astronaut collection on vinyl. Reply or shoot me a PM if you are looking to sell. Need the following: God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge God Is An Astronaut - The End Of The Beginning God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright God Is An Astronaut - A Moment Of Stillness God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut God Is An Astronaut - Age Of The Fifth Sun God Is An Astronaut - Origins God Is An Astronaut - Helios
  8. looking to convert my Mogwai collection from CD over to vinyl. if you are looking to sell any of their full lengths PM me, and I will update this as I get them. Here is the list that I am needing right now: Young Team Come On Die Young Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996 - 1997) Zidane - A 21st Century Portrait - An Original Soundtrack By Mogwai Les Revenants Atomic Bought: Rock Action Happy Songs For Happy People Mr Beast The Hawk Is Howling Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Rave Tapes
  9. For Sale IF THESE TREES COULD TALK (Self-Titled & Above The Earth, Below The SKY) Limited to 150 on Clear Vinyl. I currently have it on Discogs for $75AUD Its in really good condition! Pm if interested or for more info. Thanks
  10. Looking to buy Giants 'they, the undeserving' tour press. 100 - White w/ Green Splatter (Tour Edition). Would trade ITTCT- Self titled & Above the earth, below the sky, on clear limited to 150 plus $$. PM if interested. Thanks!
  11. We are extremely pleased to announce the physical release of our new EP titled "Harag/Inspiration/Home". After months of hand assembling, we succeeded to finish an ultra limited, awesome wooden boxset that we are very proud of. The product is totally DIY and required an enourmous amount of working hours, and the result speaks for itself. Pre order starts starts at 20th of February noon CET. Everyone who orders until end of February (or until the stock lasts) is entering a contest to receive a copy of our long-sold out first EP The Remedy Process on one sided clear 8" lathe cut with real feathers on side B. BOOM! You can check out the first official music video from the EP below, it is our first and only song written in Hungarian:
  12. The special deluxe version of the latest Wildernessking LP is up for order, very good post-black metal from South Africa, grabbed it quickly: 12.2 inch hardcover book coated in grey recycled paper, golden engraving of logo and title, 12 pages of heavy paper giving more focus to the lyrics and additional photos, black vinyl, limited to 66 copies There is a standard version as well in three color variatons:
  13. Just got an email from Debemur Morti Records about the new Latitudes record. Pretty pumped about this one. Amazing artwork by Thomas Neulinger. Special edition of 50 with: - Exclusive silk screened hand printed PVC bag - Hand numbered - This edition is available only on pre-order. 01. Ordalian 02. Body Within A Body 03. Amnio 04. Gyre 05. In Rushes Bound 06. Altarpieces 07. Quandary
  14. For all 3 of you who might be interested, the one man band has expanded to a full lineup and Aloud Music from Barcelona, Spain is pressing 100 vinyl on Solid Blue, Black and Clear mixed. They are a small, but very friendly label, and I have had great interactions with them in the past. I'm rolling the dice on this having loved Polaris and Eleven Miles and good chunks of his other releases as well. There are bundles to reduce cost if you like you what you hear/ check out. There are some other things in the shop like Toundra and Astralia represses that may interest you and defray some shipping cost. They priced this one a bit more than usual, but I'm all about helping these folks out. If you live in Spain, shipping is free, 10 Euro minimum. EXXASENS / BACK TO EARTH VINYL (SOLID BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR MIXED) Exxasens Back to Earth VINYL (Solid BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR Mixed) Aloud Music VINYL 15 Euros ORDERS BY PAYPAL / PEDIDOS CON TARJETA DE CREDITO / PAYPAL You just need a credit card or a paypal account. ATTENTION! If you don´t have a paypal account, YOU DON´T HAVE TO REGISTER ANYWHERE. Just with your credit card you can but the record without any difficult process. If you wanna buy this item to pay it throught Paypal or Credit Card, just add it to your shopping cart: If you buy FROM EUROPE (+ 2 euros per record, + 5 euros per vinyl or t-shirt): Please, write here your comments: If you buy FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD (+ 4 euros for record, + 8 euros for vinyl or t-shirt): Please, write here your comments: If you wanna buy from Spain, please use our spanish site. Si quieres comprar desde España, por favor usa nuestra web en castellano. CHECKOUT / COMPLETA TU COMPRA Are you finished and ready to checkout? Click here to complete the process. Please, don´t forget to read our FAQ with information about how to buy in Aloud Music. SPECIAL REQUESTS / AÑADIR MENSAJES Put the size of your t-shirts, records you choose in a pack, some comments to us, ... There´s a space in Paypal to make this, called "Instructions to the seller". If not, you can write us atpedidos @ aloudmusic . com INFORMATION / INFORMACIÓN Limited edition: 100 copies Colour: Solid BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR Mixed Shipments: 10th sept (to be confirmed) EXXASENS comes back to Earth after a eight-year space travel and 4 DiY albums, including the acclaimed ELEVEN MILES(Aloud Music LTD 2011) and SATELLITES (Aloud Music LTD 2013) and one compilation (2007-2014, Ricco Label, Japan). In this period, EXXASENS has evolved from a one-man solo project (Jordi Ruiz) to a fully-fledged band. Jordi Ruiz (guitars/programming), Sergio Ledesma(synths/keys), Cesc Cespedes (bass) and Oriol Planells (drums) have recorded the last EXXASENS´ album at Siete Barbas Studios (Barcelona). Containing 8 inspiring songs, BACK TO EARTH offers the band´s renewed vision of instrumental music which introduces choirs, stratospheric guitar solos, electronic groove and even a sung song. The first album single “My hands are planets” is now released with a new video which is the sequel of the remarkable "Rocket to the sky" from the previous album (currently with more than 50.000 visits online). TRACKLIST 001. Supernova 002. My Hands are Planets 003. Hugeness 004. Oniria´s Interlude 005. Your Dreams are my Dreams 006. Bright Side of the Moon 007. Saturn 008. Back to Earth LISTEN TO THE BAND / ESCUCHA SU MÚSICA OUR STORE / NUESTRA TIENDA * Minimum order is 10 euros. If your order doesn´t come to this minimum, we have to charge 5 euros. * If you live in Spain, there´s a big offer: we doesn´t charge any shipment cost. We can´t do it if you live in another country, we´re sorry. * If you live in Europe / Rest of the world, please use the buttons correctly. The first button is for europeans (2 euros for CD, 5 euros for vinyl/tshirt/pack), the second one is for people in the rest of the world (5 euros for CD, 10 euros for vinyl/tshirt/pack). Spanish Postal Service is extremely expensive, sorry. * To know more about shipment costs, please click here. * The only way to make a payment is Paypal / Credit Card. Easy and fast. More than 98% of our customers use this method. More than 2000 people bought anytime in Aloud, we never had a problem. Feel sure buying in our store. * If you have any question, please write an email to pedidos @ aloudmusic . com or reed our FAQ.
  15. Getting close to finishing my Giants vinyl collection, still need these though. Will pay the $$$'s for They The Undeserving: 100 - White with Green Splatter (Tour Edition) 100 - Translucent Green with White Splatter (Mispress with Screen-Printed cover) 10 - Test Pressing Old Stories: 5 - Test Pressings 20 - Test Pressings (Repress), with exclusive screen-printed cover. Thanks for looking, PM me if interested in selling (please please!!)
  16. Looking to buy a copy of Tuber (Desert Overcrowded), non picture disk vinyl! PM me please!
  17. 1. Gifts From Enola: Split with Caravels - Well Worn: /10 Test Press - $50 or trade 2. Marshmallow Ghosts: Corpse Reviver No. 1 - 7" #164/333 with coloring book - $9 pictures here: 3. Toundra: (I) 1st /525 White - $25 or trade 4. Appleseed Cast: Peregrine 1st/ sealed (some shrink separation on the back) $59 or trade me worth that or even less, you never know. But be in the ballpark 5. Restorations: LP2 /100 White/Yellow/Green Swirl - $35 or trade me for something - shoegaze, postrock/metal, I'm easy to work with, lots of things I don't even know I want 6. Russian Circles: Empros 1st /Black -sealed $12 Athletics: Who You Are Is Not Enough #/300 Jack’N’Coke – 150 pressed, handmade jackets, wax seal Crosses: †, ††, ††† 2014 RSD: Pink, Yellow, Blue 10” x 3 (sell/trade as a set, $40) Black Moth Super Rainbow/Octopus Project Split LP #304/333 Sky Blue and White -Graveface Record Club ($20) Deftones: White Pony 2xLP - Ten Year Anniversary (sealed, 2010, corner dings, $23) Maserati: Inventions For The New Season 2xLP 1st /1000 A/B White on Crimson; C/D Crimson on White ($18) ISIS: Panopticon 6th press 2xLP Black (Robotic Empire) $21 Gifts From Enola/Caravels Split EP: Well Worn, Test Press unnumbered of 10, special jacket God Is An Astronaut: All Is Violent, All Is Bright LP 4th /1000 Blue ($32) Russian Circles: Empros LP 1st /1000 Black (sealed, $13) Steven Wilson: Grace For Drowning (sealed, $29) Caspian: You Are The Conductor EP 2nd /100 White, large jacket but fits fine in cubby ($15) This Will Destroy You: Another Language 2xLP /500 Navy Blue AUS (Hobbledehoy, sealed) – if you missed out on the group buy, here’s your chance ($45) G L A C I E R S: Mirrored Through The Ancients LP - #34/100 Red (surprise win on ebaY auction) duplicate Have A Nice Life: Deathconsciousness 2xLP /400 Green with Book – ($32) Signals Midwest: Light On The Lake LP /125 White with Green + Black Starburst “Sludge” ($14) This Will Destroy You: Another Language 2xLP /3000 Copper ***with Autographed Poster, first /300 **** (sealed, $28) This Will Destroy You: Live at Reykjavik 3xLP Black/White/Gray (sealed, $17) Giants: They, The Undeserving LP: 2nd /100 Sky Blue ($15) Caspian: Waking Season /250 Red -Make My Day Colaris: Renewal 2xLP 1st /200 Light Blue with White and Black Swirl "Yearning" ISIS: Celestial RP Yellow "Swarm" 2xLP RE Pelican: Deny the Absolute 7" Box Set - wooden cover handcrafted by Charlie Wagers, all 5 variants + download + Mylene Sheath 45 adapter, #33/50 ($40) pictures here: SOLD Red Sparowes: Every Red Heart…2xLP 3rd /500 “Red-Sun” looks killer, only played a few times, cleaned meticulously - $18 Prawn: Kingfisher /200 Clear with Orange & Blue Splatter - $30 GONE Giants: Old Stories "Tour" Clear with Blue Haze #34/50 - GONE ISIS: In The Absence Of Truth /200 Pink - $20 SOLD Chelsea Wolfe: The Grime And The Glow - GONE /trade Shipping to US: 1 LP $3.50; 2xLP $4.00; 3 LPs, is $4.50; >3LPs $5.00 -- media mail International shipping: check with me via PM I love to trade – a partial Want list is in the Sig Line (Want tab), but if you have something that looks like it would fit in my collection, please feel free to PM – for example, Sigur Ros EP’s, postrock/metal, instrumental, shoegaze, math, experimental. If you need pictures first, no problem. Anything else on my DF tradelist that’s marked $ale or Trade, but I forgot to list here, PM me. Or, if you see something sticking out of place, feel free to offer. If it looks like I’m going completist, I might have a spare, just ask. I try to keep my list as up to date as possible.
  18. Please help me out, I need this in my collection!
  19. Exclusive MONO Photo Book + Double Live CDs available for pre-order now via Pelagic Records! Since the end of last year, we have been planning this special release and it’s finally ready to be announced! What we have here is a special The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness Tour 2014-2015 Photo Book package. Featuring 100 pages of amazing photography by our friend, a great Chinese photographer Muto, a full Paris show recordings from the tour by our live sound engineer Koichi Hara, and finally, designed and put together by our digital manager and designer Seiya Ogino (Ogino Design). The book is finished with linen cover and blind embossing, so this will definitely be a timeless item to have. They’re also limited to 800 copies and hand-numbered, so make sure to grab yourself a copy quickly! Pre-order starts today! Live in Paris 2014 (Disc 1): 1. Recoil, Ignite 2. Unseen Harbor 3. Kanata 4. Pure As Snow (Trails Of The Winter Storm) Live in Paris 2014 (Disc 2): 5. Halcyon (Beautiful Days) 6. Where We Begin 7. Ashes In The Snow 8. Everlasting Light Total runtime: 1 hour and 26 minutes
  20. From the "real" Talons (sans apostrophe), UK, famous for Hollow Realm (postrock, Topshelf Records) The hour is soon upon us, from Big Scary Monsters... New Topographic edited (again)
  21. Wanting to purchase Giants "Old Stories" friends press, is any one thinking of selling theirs?
  22. looking to purchase Giants "Old Stories" friends press. Any one wanting to sell their copy, or know someone who might want to sell?
  23. Hey guys, after a quite long delay, pre order of the new full-length will go up on 23rd of October 4:00 PM CEST. It will be ultra-limited to 100 hand-numbered red copies. No repress, don't sleep on this. CONTEST: If you preorder until November 1st, you'll get a chance to receive a test press of the record.