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Found 25 results

  1. Cloakroom's new album and first on Relapse Records, Time Well, comes out August 18th https://store.relapse.com/b/cloakroom First Press 1400 x Black Standard Gram $21.99 400 x Electric Blue Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* $23.99 200 x Electric Blue and Deep Purple Half 'n Half with Black and White Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* $25.99 SOLD OUT 100 x Clear (do not request clear)
  3. The Drip "The Wasteland" Redux.

    The Drip "The Wasteland" Redux (7 bonus tracks). Deluxe one-time limited reissue via Blackhouse Records. CD ltd. to 300 (100 left). CS ltd. to 60 (2 left). 7 Bonus tracks are the bands very first long out of print self-titled EP. BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM
  4. The Drip "The Wasteland" Redux (7 bonus tracks). Deluxe one-time limited reissue via Blackhouse Records. CD ltd. to 300 (100 left). CS ltd. to 60 (2 left). 7 Bonus tracks are the bands very first long out of print self-titled EP. BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM
  5. 200 on cool lookng splatter vinyl, relapse excluziv. Dude from Mastodon fronting electro rock outift. I like the tune. https://arcadea.bandcamp.com/
  6. Looking for a copy of king woman's latest album in relapse in the gold/bone/blood variant out of 300. PM if available please.
  7. Locrian's new album is up for preorder at Relapse's site. Available in Silver (/250) and Electric Blue (/850). It's out July 24th. http://www.relapse.com/locrian-infinite-dissolution-lp-blue.html The artwork is not so great in my opinion.
  8. Hey guys, I loved Doubt but can't seem to enjoy this record as much as I wanted to. I have the swirl/splatter variant /300. Anyone interested in trading something for it? PM me! Thanks
  9. PO now Obituary

    Death metal enthusiasts will thrill to the new Obituary pre order. Limited to 200 on multi-colored vinyl, with a signed poster. There are other less limited pressings too of course, ho hum. http://store.relapse.com/item/43866
  10. THE DRIP "The Wasteland" (15 tracks) CD/CS at BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM CD limited to 300 copies (100 left). CS limited to 60 (6 left).
  11. The Drip "The Wasteland" Ltd Ed. CD/CS

    THE DRIP "The Wasteland" (15 tracks) CD/CS at BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COMCD limited to 300 copies (100 left). CS limited to 60 (6 left).
  12. Several Relaspe titles from Maryland Death Fest 2016 are available now, limited to 100 of each color.
  13. Looks like some dope shit http://store.relapse.com/item/38673/highlighter-yellow-ltd-to-250?utm_source=Relapse+Mailorder+List&utm_campaign=660f4d3861-WRONG_pre_orders2_29_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_37232af94b-660f4d3861-311250346&goal=0_37232af94b-660f4d3861-311250346&mc_cid=660f4d3861&mc_eid=d02f263236
  14. New Boris and Merzbow collaboration. 150 minutes of music. http://relapse.com/boris-merzbow/
  15. http://www.relapse.c...indhand&x=0&y=0 Pressing Info: First Press 2400 x Electric Blue Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive* 400 x Baby Blue / Deep Purple Merge Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive* 300 x Black 180 Gram *Mailorder Exclusive* (Includes slipmat) 250 x Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive* 150 x Green / Purple Merge w/ Splatter *Mailorder Exclusive* (Includes slipmat) 2250 x Black Standard Gram *World Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through Relapse.com) 735 x Olive Green Standard Gram *US / European Indie Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through Relapse.com) 300 x Deep Purple Standard Gram *US Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through Relapse.com) 100 x Baby Blue Standard Gram *Canadian Retail Exclusive* (Not avail through Relapse.com) 100 x Clear (do not request clear) Produced by Jack Endino 1 - Two Urns 2 - Forest Clouds 3 - Crypt Key 4 - Tanngrisnir 5 - Sparrow 6 - Hyperion 7 - Hesperus 8 - Kingfisher 9 - Aition http://www.relapse.com/label/windhand-announce-new-album-grief-s-infernal-flower-produced-by-jack-endino-out-on-relapse-records-september-18th.html
  16. Not sure how you guys feel about "tripped-out, sun-baked, cloud-high psychedelic jams" coming from a metal label, but here goes... New album "Sonic Praise" arrives 6/30/2015 via Relapse Records. Pre-order available here. Orange/Blue merge looks pretty sweet:
  17. Free worldwide shipping for all orders of 60€ and more up to April 20th! No discount code to enter, the offer will apply automatically. If you were intending to place an order, this is by far the best moment for the label. I am relocating Throatruiner to another city in the coming weeks with a few thousand LPs, and every order will be more than helpful to lighten my shelves and save some funds for upcoming projects/releases. And as european/international shipping rates have increased dramatically since january, this may be the last time I'll be able to offer this deal. http://store.throatruinerrecords.com http://store.throatruinerrecords.com http://store.throatruinerrecords.com Our last distro update, with new items and restocks from Deathwish Inc, A389 Recordings, Southern Lord, Relapse, Consouling Sounds, Adagio830/Vendetta and more : ABSTRACTER | Wound Empire [12"] ACxDC | Antichrist Demoncore [12"] ADVENTURES | Supersonic Home [12"] ALL PIGS MUST DIE | Self Titled [12"] AMALTHEA | In The Woods [2x12"] AMENRA/MADENSUYU | Split [10"] AMENRA/ELEANORA | Split [10"] AMENRA | Mass I [12"] AMENRA | Mass II [12"] ANCST/AST | Split [12"] ATRIARCH | An Unending Pathway [12"] BAPTISTS | Bloodmines [12"] BASTIONS/BURNING BRIGHT | Swan Songs [12"] BIRDS IN ROW | You, Me, & The Violence [12"/CD] BLACKLISTED | When People Grow, People Go [12"/CD/TAPE] CALL OF THE VOID | Ageless [12"] CHRIS COLOHAN | Negative Space Book [bOOK] CLOAKROOM | Further Out [2x12"] COLOSSVS | Unholy [12"] CONVERGE | Live at the BBC [7"] COWARDS | Hoarder [12"] CROWS | Better Off Dead [12"] CULT LEADER | Nothing For Us Here [12"] CULT OF YOUTH | Love Will Prevail [12"] CURSED | Two [12"] DEAD IN THE DIRT | The Blind Hole [12"] FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW | Split [12"] FULL OF HELL/PSYWARFARE | Split [12"] GIVE | Electric Flower Circus [12"] GRINDING HALT/SUFFERING QUOTA | Split [7"] HARM'S WAY | Rust [12"/CD] HEAVEN IN HER ARMS/COHOL | Split [12"] HEXIS | MMXIV A.D. IV KAL. IVN. [7"] HIEROPHANT | Peste [12"] HOMEWRECKER | Circle Of Death [12"] IN COLD BLOOD | Blind The Eyes [7"] IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS | White Cities Are Breeding In Your Wound [12"] INDIAN | From All Purity [12"] IRON REAGAN | Spoiled Identity [12"] JUNGBLUTH | Part Ache [12"] MAKTHAVERSKAN | II [12"] MAYHEM | Deathcrush [12"] MAYHEM | Live In Leipzig [12"] MOLOCH/HAGGATHA | Split [7"] MUDBATH | Corrado Zeller [12"] NASUM | Helvete [12"] NASUM | Human 2.0 [12"] NASUM | Inhale/Exhale [12"] NASUM | Shift [12"] NOTHING | Guilty Of Everything [12"] OBLITERATIONS | Poison Everything [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | The Ape Of God I [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | The Ape Of God II [12"] PELICAN | The Cliff [12"] PHARAOH | Negative Everything [12"] PHARMAKON | Bestial Burden [12"] PISSED JEANS | Honeys [12"] PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS | Up In Them Guts [12"] PLANKS | Funeral Mouth [TAPE] PRIMITIVE MAN | Home Is Where The Hatred Is [12"] PRIMITIVE MAN | Scorn [12"] PYRRHON | The Mother Of Virtues [2x12"] REKA | Dvala [12"] REVOK | Bunt Auf Grau [12"] SED NON SATIATA/CARRION SPRING | Split [12"] SELF DEFENSE FAMILY/CREATIVE ADULT | Split [7"] SLEEP | Dopesmoker [2x12"] SVFFER | Lies We Live [12"] SWAIN | Heavy Dancing [7"] SWAIN | Howl [TAPE] TESS | Que S'Élève La Poussière [12"] THE BODY/SANDWORM | Split [12"] TOMBS | Savage Gold [2x12"] TORCH RUNNER | Endless Nothing [12"] TORCHE | Restarter [12"] TOUCHE AMORE & SELF DEFENSE FAMILY | Self Love [7"] TRAP THEM | Blissfucker [12"] UNIFORM | Self Titled [12"] WINDHAND | Soma [12"] XERXES | Collision Blonde [12"] XIBALBA | Self-Titled [12"] XIBALBA | Tierra Y Libertad [12"] YEAR OF NO LIGHT/BAGARRE GENERALE | Split [12"] YOUNG AND IN THE WAY/WITHDRAWAL | Split [7"]
  18. (via Relapse): Howl returns to the scene with ‘Bloodlines’ the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut full length ‘Full Of Hell’. Several years of relentless touring with the likes of Saint Vitus, Kylesa, Pentagram and many many more has paid off in spades, as ‘Bloodlines’ finds Howl having grown into a fully developed metal beast. With producer Zeus (Hatebreed, Crowbar, Terror, etc) at the helm, Howl have settled into their groove as masters of the riff. This is a pummeling, aggressive, muscle-y record that will leave you humming its hooks after it kicks out your teeth. Pressing Info: First Press 700 x Black Standard Gram 300 x Red and Black http://www.relapse.com/bloodlines-lp-black-83039.html
  19. Tombs, "Savage Gold" out June 10, 2014: http://www.relapse.com/savage-gold-lp-gold.html Pressing Info: First Press 1500 x Black Standard Gram 500 x Gold Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive* 100 x Clear (do not request clear) TOMBS’ third album Savage Gold is the most anticipated underground metal album of 2014. The band’s sophomore LP Path Of Totality unanimously topped 2011 end of the year metal lists (everyone from Decibel to Pitchfork to NPR, and more, dubbed it their top album of that year). Savage Gold focuses the awesome strength of Tombs’ previous works into one brilliantly dark post-punk and extreme black-metal masterpiece. Recorded and produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore), Savage Gold both expands upon the moody post-punk foundations that Tombs’ prior albums explored while also bringing out the band’s most traditionally metal moments yet. Once every few years a record comes along that sets a new benchmark for what can be done in heavy music. This is that moment and this is that record.
  20. Yup. Back on vinyl as well. http://www.relapse.com/yob
  21. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has just released the Haemorrhage "Live Carnage" LP, limited to 100 copies on Red vinyl. You can order your copy for only $20 with free shipping at http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/store/hpgd077usalp.html
  22. The first physical release for XAPHAN (members of 108/Disembodied/Threadbare/The Blinding Light) and latest release from PRIMITIVE MAN since their critically-acclaimed debut on Relapse Records. http://initrecords.corecommerce.com/PRIMITIVE-MAN-XAPHAN-split-7-PRE-ORDER.html Denver's PRIMITIVE MAN start this split out with a blackened surge of hateful brutal doomy metal; the first new release since the release of their debut full-length for Relapse Records. On the flipside is a brutal, down-tuned hardcore song from XAPHAN, comprised of members of THREADBARE, DISEMBODIED, 108, and THE BLINDING LIGHT. Packaged in a beautiful gatefold jacket and limited to 1000 copies. Vinyl breakdown = 100 copies on half-white/half-black vinyl, 300 copies on white vinyl, 600 copies on black vinyl.
  23. Preorder Here: http://www.relapse.com/blacktusktend
  24. COFFINS will release their new full length album "The Fleshland" via Relapse Records on July 9th! Deluxe Mail Order bundle available along with multiple vinyl formats, CD and limited edition cassette and Japanese import CD! Visit http://www.relapse.com/coffins to pre-order!