Out Now: Beck - Sea Change, Guero (1 x LP), Odelay (UME)

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21 hours ago, the-neil said:



For those that may be interested (I was), there are 3 sealed UK 2LP 45 rpm copies of Guero available on Discogs from Collectors Choice. They are in the US and under $23 shipped.

I have this same copy already, and it's in VG+, all except for one non repeating skip on "Que Onda Guero'. 

At $23 for a sealed copy to replace the skipping copy, I couldn't pass this up.



The UK 45 rpm 2LP will be tough to beat.  51 minutes is a lot to fit onto a single LP (new cut). I'd be very surprised to see the new cut beat the 45.

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18 minutes ago, itsgoodtobefree said:

Hmm it says free US shipping for the Sunday Night Steals. What gives?

Wonder if it's worth buying and then asking for a refund on the shipping.

I was wondering the same thing. It's coming up $4.38 for me to California...?

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36 minutes ago, mertzrock said:

My Popmarket order for Sea Change was canceled due to a customer request to cancel it....However, I never canceled it...


Thanks Popmarket!!

That's screwy, shoot them an email for sure. I got a shipping confirmation, so they aren't doing it to everyone.

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