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Dance Gavin Dance - Summertime Gladness/Pussy Vultures 7"

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Two variants up at merchnow. /100 is bundle only. Release of Sept 8th


Summertime Gladness + Pussy Vultures Magenta/Mustard 7" Vinyl
Limited to 100


Sold out


Summertime Gladness Cyan/Mustard 7"

Limited to 500


Sold out


Summertime Gladness/Pussy Vultures Baby Pink W/ Magenta Splatter 7"

Limited to 1000


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Jesus, we never had a chance on that /100 variant. DGD fans are vicious like that, I guess.

Then again, I remember how quickly I jumped on the Box Set because it sold out really fast too, so...


...aaaand order placed. I hate having to pay over $10 for a 7", but it's better than having to pay Discogs prices.

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Half doublemint / half clear blue with black splatter:




Looks like this one is also /1000 since there's just over 900 left 


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