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  1. Wonder how this is different than the first press. EDIT: Never mind. Probably not “translucent.”
  2. Yeah you didn’t miss anything at all with those matches. Especially Lashley/Zayn. What a strange, pointless feud.
  3. I guess I mispoke. It was enjoyable for the most part I suppose. Just a lot of predictable outcomes I felt, which in turn, really took the excitement out of it for me. Like seriously
  4. FiggyPud

    The official Horror fan topic

    Man that’s crazy. No one in the theater made the clicking noise (that I know of). Then again, it was just me, my wife, my cousin, and her husband, along with maybe 4 or 5 other people scattered throughout.
  5. Money In The Bank was rough to get through. Good lord.
  6. FiggyPud

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Still hope everyday for a Night In The Woods OST to get pressed.
  7. FiggyPud

    Rap Discussion Thread

    Yeah despite what people’s thoughts on him as a person were, I loved his music and am pretty sad about this. It’s like Lil Peep all over again...
  8. FiggyPud

    The official Horror fan topic

    I’ve started to make it a habit of going to the earliest showing possible for a movie on Sunday. Seems to weed out the assholes.
  9. FiggyPud

    PO NOW: THE FEVER 333 "Made An America"

    Yesssssss. Grabbed from Bullmoose.
  10. FiggyPud

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Oh fuck yes! Grabbed the black. New single is fantastic. I was just thinking the other day we were about due for a new Foxing album. “The Dealer” was my favorite album of the year when it came out so I can’t wait to hear this.
  11. Man I don’t know if Gargano/Ciampa 2 tops their first match for me. It’s damn close though. But I agree about Black needing a better feud. Wonder who it’ll end up being next? I’d love to see Dream get a shot but since they had a feud not real long ago I doubt that’ll happen. Other than that I can’t think who else it could be. EC3 is an option I guess but I’d imagine it’s a little too soon. Same with Ricochet. But yeah, not a fan of Shayna at all. Whether it’s in the ring or on the mic. It’s about Kairi’s turn.
  12. Takeover was pretty great (as expected). Highlights for me being the Tag Title match, Dream/Ricochet, and Gargano/Ciampa. Black/Sullivan was better than I expected. At least from Sullivan. I never really liked him but he definitely earned some points with me in that match. All the “big guys” should just stay in NXT because they always seem to shine so much more there instead of turning into the “generic heavyweight” they turn into when they get called up. Then again I guess that can be said about all the NXT guys that get called up.