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PO: Alkaline Trio - Past Live albums

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2 hours ago, Satan said:

I'm in this camp. Good Mourning and This Addiction are a solid 10/10 but I celebrate the entire catalog. Let's just pretend My Shame Is True didn't happen

This is just weird to me. The first three and comp are regular jams for me, runner up would be My Shame is True. Guess it just shows they're pretty consistently solid. 


Don't make me play you the best worst shitty acoustic cover of my friend peter by spreading further blasphemy. 

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14 minutes ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

Personally, Goddamnit > S/T> GM> FHTI>micf>Remains>MSIT>Crimson>Addiction>Agony


Also, Standard Break From Life is my anthem 

I really just want a comp of every Dan song and him singing Hell Yes. Matt can stay in Blonk.

Plot twist. Dan just takes over lead. Skiba does backup. Always. 

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20 hours ago, mmhmm said:

Yep, there's more of us than you think.  Earlier stuff is really difficult for me to listen to...vocals/production/melodies are more to my liking with the later material.  

Completely agree. They matured nicely, became a great band.


I'm one of the extremely small minority that loves My Shame. Great to have them work at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson.

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