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  1. I would love to, although it's an apartment fourplex so there isn't much I can do.
  2. I didn't get any shipping notification either, but haven't received mine yet. Getting kinda nervous since I've had plenty of packages stolen since I live downtown on a busy street :/
  3. Am I the only one who is reminded of early Converge (like Petitioning and Forever early) when listening to The Dusk In Us? Some of the melodies and soloing remind me of it. Anyway, I’ll admit, it took me a few listens for it to hit me like AWLWLB did, but I like that they arent just doing Converge by the numbers, even though there are some songs that are unmistakeably them here. I’d still rank it in my top 5 Converge records probably.
  4. I wonder what the likelihood is of there being any green copies once they come to the West Coast in January. Since it's limited at 500 I am nervous they will sellout pretty quickly.
  5. Any west coasters (particularly Bay Area, CA) notice that The Catalyst in Santa Cruz listed a Converge headliner with SUMAC and Cult Leader on January 28? Tickets are listed as "Off Sale" and when I google it there are some other links to the show that come up but are now dead. Fingers crossed for a west coast tour (and hopefully an opportunity to get the green press).
  6. Keep your eyes peeled on 1-2-3-4 GO!'s online store tomorrow morning. They had a ton of SDRE there and I doubt will have sold out of all of it by 8pm tonight (when they close) They put the leftovers the next morning on their online store. http://catalog.1234gorecords.com/ Quick edit: if anyone can pick up an extra Space Jam (or happened to get an extra) I will love you forever. 1234 only let me get one and I had already promised my friend I would get him one since he wanted it more than I did and now I kind of regret it LOL.
  7. I just feel like adding my two cents because I am so excited to get this album and have been listening to it a lot since this VMP announcement. I will agree, most of the hype can be attributed to the lack of any represses, but at the same time there has to be some demand for the record for the lack of represses to actually be felt. Also, I would say my love for this album is somewhat nostalgic too. I vividly remember demanding someone to take me to Target so I could buy this CD, and the next day listening to it non-stop on an 8 hour road trip. Being an early teen, it was one of my first introductions to any sort of hip-hop, and it for sure was my first time listening to MF DOOM (oh, what a world that opened me up to). From a purely musical standpoint, it blended multiple genres so incredibly well. Albarn just knows how to write a good, catchy tune and there is a little bit of something for everyone on this album, yet still feels very cohesive and manages to have a "sound", if you will. The lyrical subjects fit well with the time it was released, it was Dangermouse's breakthrough record and he was pretty much flawless here. The features were near perfect; very tastefully used and with purpose. It was just a ton talent on one album and it hit all the targets they were aiming for in my opinion. Upon revisiting the album throughout the years I feel the album hardly lulls. So yeah, anyway, I am beyond stoked to be able to finally own this record.
  8. Took too much time deciding which variant I wanted, and by the time I chose Baizley's version it was sold out on DW. As much as I hate ordering from Kings Road I need that Baizley version.
  9. If anyone has a Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal or can pick one up in their shop I'd appreciate it. I'm pretty close to the end of my line and doubt I'll get the 1 or 2 my record store is getting lol EDIT: Nevermind I got it!
  10. On the sites banner it says "promo only - Black Friday 2016" and there is a countdown that start at 24:00:00. edit: also the record has a Black Friday sticker it seems. Not sure if that means there is a Black Friday special edition or this is the only time we can buy it. Will it be black and white or are the photos just black and white?
  11. Picked up a neon pink edition from Bullmoose and they shipped a bit early. It's two single LP jackets (each side with different art, and of course one of them being the main album art) in a pretty hefty plastic sleeve with the album text printed on it. It's a beautiful package. The only bummer is that I received mine with the side of the sleeve totally ripped open on the side. Hopefully I can get it replaced. https://imgur.com/gallery/w93it (sorry I'm a noob and Don't know how to post photos)
  12. By chance did anyone order these from Amazon? I thought these would ship by now (since in my orders it says estimated delivery tomorrow) but it still says not yet shipped. I'm a little paranoid since the listing says out of stock now, and i know for a fact it was in stock when I ordered them. There hasn't really been any email about this order except when i first placed it. Hope I didn't miss out or they took too many orders.
  13. So I figured I'd be able to hop online and get this online on May 5th. Silly me, I forgot about preorders. Does anyone know where this is still available online?
  14. Mine was cancelled around 5 hours ago while I was still asleep. I order both TBP and 3 Cheers separately, but TBP was the only one to get cancelled. Fingers crossed for no 3 Cheers cancellation.