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  1. I did get the email. I'm gonna have a happy friend who gets these 2 records.
  2. Everyone got duped imo. That's how Sumerian is when it comes to vinyl. Every Sumerian record I own is pretty standard for packaging and then the cost is above average. Also doesn't help they don't believe in media mail for no legitimate reason.
  3. Spoiler alert for new package*** Thought it felt heavy and found out it included the gorgeous anniversary edition tour press of Have Mercy's The Earth Pushed Back. I gasped I was so excited. Also comes with the Tricot 7" and new mouse on the keys. Unfortunately got the wrong variants for those 2.
  4. For reference: Turnover's was 60 pages, no photo inserts and without shipping was $40. Also limited to 1,000.
  5. Bay Bridge can be a nightmare sometimes. One truck falls off and you're not getting home until 5AM from a gig. And the Bay Bridge tunnel is $15 one way. Luckily Dogfish Head in Rehoboth has been booking some good free shows including Stacked Like Pancakes, Work Drugs, Waxahatchee and Guided by Voices. Other than that, nuffin.
  6. I feel that. I'm in southern Delaware and tours don't go through peninsulas.
  7. Repress is going up this afternoon. At least 2 variants with new artwork.
  8. I have serious beef with their "we can't count" policy. It's not right that they put it back up and sell it again.
  9. http://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/621860-toe-our-latest-number# You can sign up for an email notification for when the preorder goes live. Track List: Dual Harmonics The Latest Number Etude Of Solitude F_A_R Info: Long before we ever started working with them, toe is a band that has always captivated us. Mostly for their innate ability to meld elements of jazz, punk, post-rock, R&B, and a very specific blend of midwest instrumental math rock a la Ghosts and Vodka or Pele—all while channeling the raw energy of a hardcore show. There aren't too many bands you can listen to and over the course of a few minutes hear parts that ring simultaneously of J Dilla, Victor Villareal, and Fugazi—toe is one of those bands (hell yeah). There's a kinetic energy about anything this band does: a level of care, precision and attention to detail that 20+ years into their existence, continues to elevate and set them apart. This four-song offering is no different—from the four tracks down to the design and packaging (by the talented Makoto Nii of long time inspiration for me, personally, Dis(ign) ). The vinyl packaging contains a screen-printed B-side record and features a spot-varnish on the LP jacket. This EP will be released digitally August 22—all pre-orders (of any format, physical or digital) will get a download of the album on that date. Physical orders will ship the week of September 7, 2018. All purchases come with your choice of a FLAC, ALAC, MP3 320, MP3 VBR or AAC 256 download. This item is a pre-order and will not be available until September 7, 2018. We will send download codes on or just before this date.
  10. http://counterintuitiverecords.limitedrun.com/products/617068-mom-jeans-puppy-love-12-preorder Only thing I see is at this URL where it says "**LABEL FRIEND PRESS VARIANT WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE RECORD**" so maybe in September?
  11. Vanna "VOID" $9.98 https://smile.amazon.com/Void-Vanna/dp/B00JUC7WK0
  12. Either way they've been doing this shit for years and can't seem to keep a good streak.
  13. FFS. I wish every label would drop Merchnow for ridiculous "service" like this. Last time I had to file a credit card dispute and my CC company said Merchnow never responded to them either.
  14. I got the yellow and red swirl and mine was fine with minimal popping here and there and it wasn't too noticeable. Maybe I got lucky.
  15. N8TRU1

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Snagged Hey Violet for less than $7 shipped with a UO Rewards coupon. Thanks!