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  1. FOH related: Spencer's side project Eye Flys announced today they've signed to Thrill Jockey Records with a new EP this summer. New song "Stems" over at eyeflys.bandcamp.com . I assume the EP will be called Context. 2019 is looking good for the dudes. Hopefully Jarhead's full length will be finished at some point.
  2. 25% off at Enjoy the Ride Records with code Springcleaning
  3. https://spartanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/637611-florida-man-tropical-depression Album out May 3, 2019 from Spartan Records. Can't decide which variant I want because they both look so good! "Orange" Picture Disc /100 "Patricia" Transparent Orange + White Pinwheel with Black Splatter /150 New track "Brain Cell" streaming at Decibel https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2019/03/20/track-premiere-florida-man-brain-cell/ The first 100 orders get a Florida Man stress ball!
  4. Blue mix w/ red splatter from BSM is now shipping. Fingers crossed it looks better than the US early bird.
  5. If you want the Easter Yellow & Highlighter Yellow Pinwheel w/ Heavy Royal Blue & White Splatter, it looks like there's only 8 left in stock.
  6. Up now. Very confused why it's $23.99 at checkout but says $19.99 while ordering. Oh well. Edit: black is $19.99, /750 is $21.99, /200 is $23.99
  7. FOH's countdown on IG ends at 11AM. I haven't seen any confirmation of a time.
  8. Good to know. Thanks. Normally I wouldn't mind especially since they've been good with updates but I move in a week.
  9. Anyone else have no movement on their first press? Mine has said label created for a week now.