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    rooks reacted to idreamofpunk in Wanted: Blink 182 TOYPAJ Tri color 7"   
    You don't need to be a dick about someone telling you that tricolor blink 7"s don't exist. They actually don't.
    What you're asking for are the yellow (one record), green (one record) and red (one record) 3x7" set that is a part of a larger release that I'm not so sure you'll find easily split apart.
    You're asking someone to break up a set. I guess if someone really wants to, more power to them, but good luck finding that special someone.
    Just don't be a dick when you are, in fact, wrong due to the usual agreed upon definition of "tricolor." Tricolor refers to the first hot Topic press of TOYPAJ where the one record was red, yellow, and green. It refers to what third Man does with theirs where the colors are like pie slices. "three record set where they're all a different color" does not fall under that umbrella. Semantics? Yeah. But don't piss on someone for correcting you when you're wrong.
    "Tanks for looking."
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    rooks reacted to Brock N Roll in Wanted: Blink 182 TOYPAJ Tri color 7"   
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    rooks reacted to xadamhudsonx in Cliff Martinez - Only God Forgives OST - 2LP - Out 7/16   
    I used to be Gaythem for Stathem but Baby Goose has recently taken the lead.
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    rooks reacted to tape in Radiohead. Vinyl. Free.   
    The Vinyl Word is having trouble with twitter. they DM'd me saying I won and to respond to claim the prize. however, they aren't following me so I can't DM them (for those unfamiliar with twitter, you can only send private messages to someone if they follow you). I tweeted at them that I couldn't respond to the DM as explained above but that I was alive and interested. this was at about 7am. at around 10, they tweeted that no one had responded. HELLO I RESPONDED.
    if they give this away to someone else because they can't figure out how to use twitter, I'ma be displeased.
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    rooks got a reaction from njpunkmusic in PO: Shone - Heat Thing   
    happy with my tier 3 purchase. accidently let the needle drop auto, obviously hit the etchings for a half a second.
    gotta keep your wits about you with this one.
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    rooks reacted to timbrh2001 in FREE copy of Mellon Collie plus a SIGNED Pumpkins tour poster up for grabs!   
    You might want to edit your Drive - OST article. These werent first released on RSD. They were an online presale sometime in March on Mondos website.
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    rooks reacted to Rip in Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) Arrested   
    Tommy Wiseau.
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    rooks got a reaction from andi in Drive Soundtrack?   
    but why does # pressed matter so much to you?
    If you want it... you want it. Go order it.
    If you don't want it... don't order it?
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    rooks reacted to tokimedo in PO: Shone - Heat Thing   
    jesse had the most scraggly beard in NYC. i asked him where the bathroom was lol. 
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    rooks reacted to tokimedo in Copeland - Eat, sleep, repeat in 2013   
    whoa i guess i ordered this? cause i just got a shipping confirmation. dont even remember doing so. i guess it will be a surprise to see the colour i got. 
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    rooks reacted to cwhitmuzik in If Anyone Wants A "Cheap" Moving Mountains - Pneuma   
    Sweet, glad VC people got this! Would rather you guys get it than someone who'll frame or flip it, hahaha.
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    rooks got a reaction from jkelly in Drive Soundtrack?   
    Yep - ordered one and we will see what I get. When these last 1500 are released into the wild the market will be so saturated with black ones I doubt they'll even sell for cost. haha. Ah man...
    The way I look at it, I want the OST anyway. If it's pink, double win, if it's black single win. Still looking forward to it.
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    rooks reacted to jkelly in Drive Soundtrack?   
    For sure. I hate the random crap. I only order 1 of whatever release it is I want and if I get a color, great! But I just can't go through the trouble of ordering multiples, then trying to sell off the black copies. Even if I make my money back it's annoying. I'd rather just go for 1 and see. I mean it's not like I "lose" getting a black copy, still cool and gonna be pleased with it overall.
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    rooks got a reaction from swemoll in Copeland - Eat, sleep, repeat in 2013   
    want to give that sweet 180g baby a spin, eat some chocolate, and go straight back, I'll go straight back to bed.
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    rooks reacted to minor incident in FS eBay: Yellowcard, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys   
    GODDAMNIT. FUCK YOU AND FUCK THIS THREAD. You are being a gigantic sack of dicks and you can't seem to grasp why people don't like you. MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A SACK OF COCKS.
    It infuriates me that I'm getting notifications for this shit now.
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    rooks reacted to museummouth in FS eBay: Yellowcard, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys   
    This guy is the new Teenageeric.
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    rooks reacted to museummouth in FS eBay: Yellowcard, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys   
    Because you keep coming on here trying to sell things that JUST sold out like a week or two ago for insane prices. You were on here trying to sell recent copies of Full Collapse and Where You Want To Be for over $100, when they barely came out. This isn't a place for you. If you want to do that, that's your choice and ebay welcomes you. VC is a community for people to help each other not take advantage of people.
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    rooks reacted to kurt in FS eBay: Yellowcard, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys   
    Riiiiiiight. So why did you even ask for a picture when you knew you were just going to go the "OMG ITZ PHOTOSHOPPED" route?
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    rooks got a reaction from museummouth in FS eBay: Yellowcard, Blink 182, Dead Kennedys   
    lol I paid 20 bucks for this anyone wanna give me 110? gtfo.
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    rooks reacted to ntslash in WTB: Owen - New Leaves (multicolor/any color)   
    I'm going to my shop today. They have a copy, but not sure if it's a colored one. Is there a sticker on the outside?
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    rooks reacted to museummouth in WTB: Owen - New Leaves (multicolor/any color)   
    Hmm they must all be somewhat differently colored because mine is an orangish marble with browns, white, and red mixed in. Kinda looks like the cover of the album all mixed together. Try maybe emailing Polyvinyl, sometimes they have old variants that they find and put up on their site for special sales.
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    rooks reacted to museummouth in WTB: Owen - New Leaves (multicolor/any color)   
    Good luck finding this one. It's a beautiful sounding and looking record. Matches the album art perfectly. One of my top five favorite colored vinyl. 
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    rooks reacted in Late Night Albums   

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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