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  1. First, I like that price is equal for fancy coloured vinyl and black one. Second - again two albums??
  2. Not really an extreme metal, but worth mentioning "Icon" repress on Music On Vinyl. Still my favourite Paradise Lost album 😍
  3. I still cannot judge whether you are serious or sarcastic in this thread.
  4. Guys, debut album by Black Tundra is available on tape via Three Moons Records: Sludge/doom/postmetal at its finest. threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  5. Guys, debut album by Black Tundra is available on tape via Three Moons Records: Sludge/doom/postmetal at its finest. threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  6. If you have Minsk/Zatokrev split 'Bigod' test press and are willing to part with it, do not hesitate to message me. Thanks!
  7. Funny thing is that they did neither put it under 'exklusive' tab nor marked with 'exklusive' sticker
  8. I'd snag this water coloured one as mock-up looks amazing, but yeah, for most-limited-sake (and price) I'll take /100 variant
  9. Just got them and all I can say is that those releases are pure gold. Letterpress slipcase on heavy-as-fuck paper, gatefold cover, 180g vinyl and (obvious) colour choice. Definitely an example of "how the vinyl realese should be done".
  10. Just listened to "Flower.." - definitely not my cup of tea, at least after first listen However, I virtually overlooked last two albums..
  11. Haha, I'd expected something much heavier! But don't get me wrong - this is definitely great piece of music, relaxing I'd say; reminds me summer time so much! This is the way I imagine California in its seventies Good luck with the record, Greg!
  12. If you are into bands like AmenRa, Cult of Luna and in general post-metal with a bit of hard-core, check Guantanamo Party Program. You may stream all of their albums on bandcamp: https://guantanamopartyprogram.bandcamp.com/ And if you are into fancy cassette tapes boxsets, check this thread: One pic as a teaser:
  13. GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM "BOX" Apocalyptic hardcore. A beast. 13 years on stage, 3 albums, 4 splits, countless concerts across Europe. Music that will grab your heart and never let go. Lyrics that will squeeze your brain and make you think. Noise that will crumble your body. This release comes in three different variants, each one related graphically to one of the full albums. "Crane bolts" (black), "Old pictures" (grey) and "Rhinestones" (pink). Musical content is the same, each of variants contains tapes in one colour (same as wooden box). Black/grey/rhodamine tapes housed in heavy decorative die cut basalt cardboard case with letterpress finish (counterdie) consisting of unique graphics for each album. Tracklist on carbonpaper. Black/grey/rhodamine stained wooden box, painted dark grey and finished with semi-matt varnish. Crane bolts/old pictures/rhinestones hidden under glass bottom. Lyrics laid down in handy book.Dark grey wax seal to help you get the tapes out of the box. Each variant limited to 27 hand numbered copies. Available now in http://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com Stream: https://guantanamopartyprogram.bandcamp.com/