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  1. @icecream seems you haven't sent my records since September.
  2. ^looks like they added more as it is still available for me - and there is no info about copies left, so I assume more than a few.
  3. Well, haven't noticed that - but I think there was nothing about quantity left mentioned. Thought they would stay for a while, though. Funny thing is that amber was $23, while white is $26. Still good price nowadays, argh..
  4. SUMAC new vinyl available on bandcamp (same 'amber' variant), go!
  5. Damn, I missed that one; there is EU store linked, but it costs 37 euro there plus shipping "Over the course of 4 tracks in 76 minutes [..]" 😲
  6. Believe me or not, I have never heard "Sunbather", somehow it was beyond my interest. So I bought 10th Anniversary edition and spun it yesterday, it was really good. And today, looking at the turntable, something told me - "wasn't it supposed to be 45, by the way?" 😵 This way, I bought two albums at the same time - guess I like the second better, though.
  7. First, Paradise Lost with my beloved "Icon", now Incubus with my favourite of theirs.. I really don't get it 🤷‍♂️ Have few simple theories, but well - I'll stay with originals.
  8. There is new track from ITTCT coming Feb 8th. I wasn't big fan of last record, maybe I didn't give it enough spins, but happy to see they are still around. Excited!
  9. One more on tape, hope you don't mind.. and again from Three Moons Records, sorry for self-promotion. If you like Swans, search no more! Whalesong "Leaving A Dream" Over 120 minutes of bliss, hope, dreams and bright radiant light. The marvelous stream of consciousness. Sonic cinema for those who love to get lost in the sound. Special guests include: Attila Csihar (Sunn O))) , Mayhem ), Steve Blanco (IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT ), Wukir Suryadi (Senyawa ) and many more..
  10. Nazi + Child pornography - could it be any worse..? 🤮 I haven't heard a word about delay neither seen this vinyl delivered to my doorstep. However, I somehow have bad experiences with NB, it happened to me few times that packages were returned without notification. So, glad I'm not the only one, maybe there is still hope.
  11. Bobby Legaspi "Beneath Black Waves" Fantastic piece of ambient/drone available now on tape via Three Moons Records: I know it's not vinyl, but still great release. Check music on bandcamp: https://bobbylegaspi.bandcamp.com/album/beneath-black-waves
  12. $10 for double LP? Haven't found a better time machine yet, thank you for this moment of joy!
  13. Yeap - was surprised with some double ones for like $15 (Puscifer, Sunn, Primus) plus Converge/Bad Religion last represses for less than $20. Plus third record free, which made me pull the trigger.
  14. Recently I have released something for fans of heavy stuff - call it whatever you like: mathcore, noise, sludge. Absolutely stunning band KRZTA! Check if that's your cup of tea with opening track from their last album: And here are the tapes, more pictures and details in the store (threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com) :
  15. ^I couldn't agree more with you, same story for me in regards to collecting. However, not sure if I'm strong enough to give up on this. Once I tried, it ended up with re-buying records from people I sold them to 😐

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