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  1. 15 hours ago, Derek™ said:

    Unfamiliar with Farm, but that’s a very spicy $40 for 28 minutes of music.  (Not as spicy as those OG prices on Discogs though.)

    You're not wrong.


    You know I'm not about $40 single LPs either, and have gone out of my way to deride the greed of labels in the past, so it's out of character for me to get hyped about one. This is really good, and as I said a good bit of that price is shipping from Europe, so that feels like it softens the blow a little.

  2. 1 hour ago, dawhizz said:

    This was recorded kinda close to where I live and couple of local shops had the last pressing in store.  It was still a little too rich for my level of interest but cool that it was pressed. 

    I was listening to it tonight and bit the bullet on it. It really is pretty awesome.


    I love it when these old private label presses get some love and are rediscovered by people outside the usual sphere that would know about it. 😄

  3. Saw this on Reddit, thought I'd share.


    This is an insane psych/blues album from 1971 getting a re-issue shipping Dec. 16 (alegedy). Aaaaaanywho, check it out. Get it or don't. It's pretty bananas though.


    A little steep on price. And by a little I mean it's $40 for a single LP after shipping which is nuts, but it's because it's being imported from EU and the shipping is quite a bit.



  4. 4 minutes ago, ParallelofDeath said:

    I had no idea, I'll have to give that a shot. Thanks!

    It took me a minute to find it in the app, but if you press the search button, the barcode scanner will pop up right next to it. As Mitchard and I said though, it likely will not be super accurate, especially for older records that will share a barcode across a large number of different presses.

  5. 15 minutes ago, ParallelofDeath said:

    Totally get what you mean. Any automatic solution, even if it involves some sort of advanced image recognition, is bound to be imperfect. Whenever I do take an hour or two to add stuff I also enjoy the process, getting lost in music and liner notes of records I haven't picked up in  a while. But it's hard to make that time, so I'd settle for a solution that gets me 50% there, by correctly identifying whatever it can and narrowing down the options for the rest.

    Right on. I thought at some point they had a barcode scanner in the app, but I may be remembering wrong, or it got removed.

  6. 3 minutes ago, ParallelofDeath said:

    Reminds me of whatnot. The biggest hurdle here for me is that I don't want to make time in my schedule to watch a live auction on my phone, especially when the odds of coming across something in my want list are so small. I also couldn't imagine using this to sell records, just seems wildly inefficient. But I'm sure it works for some people.


    Sorry for going off on a tangent, but if there is one feature I could request from the big kids at Discogs that would be really useful to me it would be a way to scan record identifiers (barcode or even covers or other identifiers) via the phone cam in order to more quickly add them to my collection. Only a fraction of my collection is on Discogs; I just don't have the time to add everything. (Is that already a feature of the Discogs app? I never actually tried.)

    I'm way with you in the first half. This isn't for me, but im glad whoever likes it does.


    The issue with the second half of what you said is they'd have to make it able to scan matrices and etchings to actually be accurate for most older pressings, which would be terribly hard. As someone who has taken the time to go through and carefully and accurately catalogue 90+% of my collection...it's time consuming, but a worthwhile endeavor. I can't be put out to add any of my weird old Korean, Japanese, and Chinese records that have no entries on discogs though, so it will never be complete.

  7. 1 hour ago, MyEnemy said:

    We already are. A record that’s been OOP for 6+ years is going to be, at least, $8-$15 more than it was when it was last pressed. There are exceptions. Supply and demand are making it easy to make these things happen. Labels/bands need to survive too. Albeit to a certain extreme that hurts us. But even then you can have an “endless” pressing, $50 is still decent. 

    Again, we’re talking about a band that was charging $50 for a double LP 10 years ago.


    Mentioning/complaining about the rise in prices for records is one of the craziest things to me. Especially with what the fuck is going on and the world we’re all living in. Ramen used to be $.25, now it’s two for a $1. FUCK! I’m done!


    Instead of voicing an opinion that doesn’t matter, bow out of “the hobby” gracefully.

    Ah, right. The argument that because worse things are going on in the world another shitty thing doesn't matter. Gotta love that old chestnut. More than one thing can suck at a time.


    And suggesting someone give up a hobby they've been involved with for 18 years because they voiced an opinion you appqrently disagree with? Seems like you're super stable and fun to be around.

  8. 2 hours ago, MyEnemy said:

    Are you not familiar with Fantastic Planet??


    A universally loved record that wasn’t pressed until 14 years after it was released, has had only two pressings and is insanely rare to come by for cheaper than 4-5 times what they’re charging. A record that’s only gotten more popular in the 26 years since it’s release and will continue to.


    You may bitch and moan about it, but not bad for what it is, if you ask me.


    Its also Failure. 

    I'm quite familiar with Fantastic Planet, and Failure as a band. I've said it before and I'll say it again, aftermarket prices should have no effect on a new pressing of a release. If that were the case you'd be paying ridiculous prices for most represses that have been OOP for a while.

  9. 1 hour ago, thesecrets0308 said:

    Thankful that I've already got good pressings of all their albums.  $50 for the FP 2LP ok... but $50 for Comfort and Magnified for a single disc?  yikes... that's a little steep for sure.

    $50 is steep for any of these. I'm not sure when $50 2xLPs became acceptable to people, but I hate it.


    Not even The Weeknd, who is notorious for high priced vinyl, has had the gall to cross that threshold yet, and just because this is a band people here like doesn't mean this is a good price. There is nothing extra here to differentiate this from other bands/labels putting out gatefold 2xLPs for $30.

  10. 22 minutes ago, Deathbyart said:

    I somewhat agree but I rather have at least some of it going to support the band rather than a flipper asking $250 plus

    Sure, or course. The other option is not to do either obviously, and hopefully that drives the price down rather than paying artificially inflated prices and encouraging it across the board for other releases.


    Whatever you do is up to you, we can all only do our best in any endeavor, and that differs for everyone.

  11. 10 minutes ago, HardlineKid said:

    Now that I have it in hand, the 10in isn't so bad... Except for the fact that the spine doesn't have the band and album name. Kind of a pain to organize this since I can't exactly just place this in between my other saves the day 10 inches and use context clues.....

    You have so many 10" that it's hard for you to decipher which is which in alphabetical order?


    Like...yeah, sucks that it isn't on there but I think you're making it a bigger deal than it is. I have 2000+ records and literally 15 of them are 10"

  12. 1 hour ago, dantheriver said:

    The vinyl has been up for preorder for a few months. I don’t think hardly anyone here gives a shit about Foxing or side projects after the last few albums so it’s probably fine.

    You're probably right about nobody caring, it just seems like people are weirdly afraid to post new threads about new releases lately and look up old or unrelated threads from a related band to say something about it.


    It can definitely be frustrating when someone starts a new thread for a rerelease of something that already has a thread, but I think it would be even more frustrating to miss out on something because it only got a mention in some other thread.

  13. 1 hour ago, Derek™ said:

    Boiling frog 101.  Baffling to me how many people on that sub have accepted $40 as the norm for a double LP.  Celebrating a $32 PPD single LP ain’t it… but the goalposts they set get way, way distorted by the $80 Alchemist POs they hype up, $50+ bootlegs, steep imports for region-exclusive variants, etc.  Super warped sense of what vinyl should actually cost, over there.

    It's genuinely wild. I occasionally "get into it" with people over there about pricing stuff.

    As someone who has been collecting records for 18 years I've seen prices increase steadily over that time, but anything over $25 for a single LP is high. $20 pre-shipping for a single LP is about my limit for saying, "Oh, that's pretty reasonable."