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  1. 1 minute ago, Bladew1ll1s1sdead said:

    I miss you too!!!! I'm still deep down wanting to be in that industry but it's so fuckin hard to get into it. 


    Here is my overshare. Totaled my car last month and now I have loan on a new one that costs me too goddamn much money for that + Insurance so now yr small boi is paycheck to paycheck. Love adult life. Crushing and fun. 

    Dude...it's fulfilling, but honestly maybe not worth it. I'm getting ready to test to be a corrections officer. Funeral shit is rough. <333 good luck with the car stuff.

  2. 1 hour ago, dapeebs said:

    If you’re looking for quick cash, especially on an item like TMV, id throw that on the vinylcollectors subreddit if you use that. That’ll be gone in an hour.

    I keep thinking about doing that, but I have qualms. (partly because I just don't really want to part with most of this stuff, but it would be nice to get some cash for it.) If it gets to where I need them gone, I'll probably put them up there.

  3. Hey friends,

    Looking to sell off some stuff. Please make reasonable offers and buy more than $10 worth before shipping. I'm low on mailers, so bigger orders take priority.



    Algernon Cadwallader - FUN

    Arcade Fire - No Cars Go/Surf City Eastern Bloc

    Beach Fossils - Daydream

    Beach House - Used to Be

    Best Coast - Best Coast

    Best Coast - Something in the Way

    Best Coast/Wavves - Summer is Forever (signed by Bob Bruno)

    Best Coast/Jeans Wilder - Up All Night/Tough Guys

    Bloc Party - The Prayer

    Blonde Redhead - Signs Along the Path
    The Chameleons - In Shreds/Nostalgia

    David Bazan - The Man In Me/Hallelujah

    Dum Dum Girls/Male Bonding - Pay For Me/Before It's Gone

    Happy Birthday - Shampoo

    Local Natives - Sun Hands

    Low - Hatchet/Breaker

    The Mary Onettes - The Night Before The Funeral

    Real Estate - Fake Blues




    Beach House - Zebra

    Beyonce/Jay-Z - Upgrade U

    Bow Wow - Outta My System

    Phoenix - Fences

    The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?



    The Chameleons - Spring Fallout

    Coheed and Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
    CHRCH - Unanswered Hymns

    David Lynch - The Big Dream

    Death - Leprosy

    Floor - Oblation

    Frank Ocean - Endless (couple dings on the cover, plays fine)

    Future Islands - Post Office Wave Chapel

    Green Day - Live In Italy '93

    Jeff the Brotherhood - We Are the Champions

    Jets to Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary

    The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium

    Mastodon - Remission

    MF Doom - Born Like This (180 gram black 2016 reissue)

    Pedro the Lion - Phoenix

    Saxon Shore - The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore

    The Sword - Apocryphon

    The White Stripes - Elephant

  4. 55 minutes ago, armadillo01 said:

    Yeah it was 21.99 CDN for me (equivalent to 16.5 USD). Too bad it's been so expensive in Europe. At least you'll know the UK Exclusives are going to be cheap for you.


    Have you found 12"s w/ a non-black vinyl & a full outer sleeve to selling for less at a store in 2019? Must be nice, if so.

    Yeah, especially when they're not full albums.

  5. 1 hour ago, Derek™ said:

    You mean the 2 times I mirrored your absurd posts but plugged in real-world logic?  I guess that can be rounded up to 90%, but I’m no math major.  You’ve just always been a stain on this forum for as long as I can remember, even back when “karma” was a thing and you’d randomly downvote myself and others to... make yourself feel better, I guess?  Clearly not much has changed in the interim.  Fuck off, dude.


    To anyone still reading this thread today, for reasons beyond me; do you imagine Baroness will go down a completely different path after they conclude the color series?  There’s still plenty of colors they could theme a record off, or name an album after... it seems pretty deliberate that they’re opting to make G&G their last.  I suspect they’re not done making music though.

    Two more numbered EPs, then moving on to shapes. They're growing up.

  6. 1 hour ago, throwgncpr said:

     They've been way more successful at exploring prog/rock than contemporaries like Mastodon (imo: fuck everything after Blood Mountain). 

    Wh what what? Crack the Skye is solid, and I actually enjoyed Emperor of Sand a decent bit. Seemed like a bit of a return to form for Mastodon. Still not amazing, but pretty good. Leviathan will still forever be the high point of their career though 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

    That’s the proper cutoff.  Unpopular opinion around here, but the streak leading up to and through Blue is ace and holds up well for me.  Everything after hasn’t exactly been my cup of tea, but there are some cool concepts strung out here and there.  Definitely wish they’d figure out their production and tone down the anthemic songwriting in exchange for stuff that was a little more complex and jammy, like the Red days.  But to each their own.

    Agreed as usual. I still think the stuff after Blue is fine, but I don't find myself going back to it for any reason. If I want Baroness it's always going to be Blue or prior. That said, I'm picking this up. It again seems perfectly fine, and there may be some real rippers in there. The drum production does seem off to me on that song above though. Everything else seems to be kind of soaked in grit, but the drums are super clean and on top of the mix.

  8. 11 minutes ago, The Butcha said:

    Welp, getting a refund from DW. Lame. 



    maybe they'll have some at the show? If you end up not making it I'll check out the merch booth, but I'm taking a Lyft, so I'd probably wait until pretty late to pick anything like that up. It's been a rough week and I need to cuuuuuut loose.

  9. 2 hours ago, Derek™ said:

    That’s a fair deal.  In all seriousness I do not listen to a lot of Deja these days, but Sci-Fi is still killer in my books and has held up pretty well since release.  Not sure (and can’t be bothered to care) if that makes me a bad person to admit, but I quite like that record and wish I could’ve caught them touring it before they went off the grid for good.

    Nah, it's derfinitely good. Still have that and TDaG on my phone for car listening and spin them up relatively regularly.

  10. 8 hours ago, Reshiram said:

    Not a picky eater at all. Sizzle Pie and Killer Burgers have peaked my interest. I definitely love good Mexican or a good taco truck, I also love a good pub where I can get a drink and a good bite to eat.

    I've always been partial to La Bonita on Alberta St. for Mexican food, Poor Que No? Is also pretty good, but more hip. Hour Glass Pub has really good chicken. It's been a while since I've been there though. Belmont Station is a fun place to buy bottles and they have a bunch of taps and a great sandwich cart behind their building.

    Blackheart serves a mean chicken Benedict. One of the best things I've eaten this year.



    Killer Burger and Sizzle Pie are two of my favs around town though, so you can't go wrong with what you're already planning.

  11. 3 hours ago, Reshiram said:

    Going to Portland next week and super excited. Gonna go to Mt. Hood, a Trailblazers game and the coast. Question for y'all which are the best breweries in town? I wanna go to Rogue for sure but I'm not too familiar with all the other ones. Feel free to give any other bar recommendations!

    @The Butcha and I are going to see Slow Crush and Holy Fawn at High Water Mark next Saturday (if he still plans on going). It's in N Portland and I've always enjoyed my time there.



    I second the suggestion of Gigantic, and a buddy of mine does some work with Second Profession Brewery. Some good beers and a really laid back atmosphere.


    What kind of food are you into?