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  1. mia2000

    PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Anybody else getting shipping notices from Amazon? I ordered Binaural, Riot Act and S/T from them months ago and still no activity (even though the system says they will be delivered tomorrow). I had a shipping delay on the recent Beck "Mutations" reissue as well. Not a big deal, but I was hoping to have these on the release date.
  2. mia2000

    PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Did you order all 3 album reissues?
  3. Preorder is up! Thanks for calling us dicks as usual. https://intheredrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/lars-finberg-moonlight-over-bakersfield
  5. mia2000

    PO (Soon?): Beck - Mutations

    So is Mutations still coming out tomorrow? Amazon still says 10/27, but no shipping notification yet......
  6. ITR website says Slaughterhouse starts shipping in late September.
  7. Very nice! Digging these tracks. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Grabbed that Wedding Present - thanks for the heads up! Hope it shows up in OK shape.
  9. mia2000

    Record Store Day 2017

    I'd buy that in a second. Or at least put the title track out as a single!
  10. mia2000

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    1 more Ryan Adams Heartbreaker deluxe up here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heartbreaker-Four-LP-DVD-by-Ryan-Adams-Vinyl-May-2016-5-Discs-Universal-/132097903298?hash=item1ec1a60ac2:i:132097903298
  11. Curious to hear anybody's thoughts on these for those that have had a chance to listen!
  12. This is a great record and sounds fantastic! Highly recommended.
  13. Ian, I'd like to see my order that was placed on November 30, 2016 (Tom Petty box vol 2 and two My Morning Jacket records), or at least get some indication of when I'll receive it. I do understand that there is a backlog of customer service inquiries, but I've sent 2 e-mails and haven't heard anything back. I ordered some items for Christmas presents and would like to know if they'll be showing up before the holiday. *Edit - Ian contacted me via PM and got things sorted out right away. Thank you Ian!
  14. mia2000

    Meatbodies- Alice-Out Jan 27

    Stoked! Love these guys!