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  1. texan4life

    PO Soon: Restorations - LP5000

    All variants are up for sale on their website: http://restorations.limitedrun.com/products/630262-lp5000-vinyl
  2. Andrew tweeted out “I’d love who licensed the rights to you for this reissue. Please advise. Any fans seeing this, I would be very suspicious!!!” In regards to that bull moose posting.
  3. They're maybe banking on the package that they all come in, but regardless...
  4. He announced on Instagram that at 12am EST time there will be new music, info on a new album and tour and vinyl preorder all happening.
  5. Wish those merch limited blankets were better quality. My Menzingers one is falling apart.
  6. texan4life


    So to complete your Nothing collection you bought two of the transparent covers and are attempting to flip one on here? Go away
  7. Looking for the flesh, lipstick, brunette merge variant /100. If someone wants to let it go for less than what people on discogs want, let me know.