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  1. I totally agree with this! It was great that dine alone finally re pressed these even if it was black and we all know that they were snapped up by flippers anyway! But don’t get upset about black pressings. If you’re only in it for pretty records then don’t buy the black and complain.
  2. Someone get this guy a job working for the AFI merch team! https://m.imgur.com/gallery/loGxkMF
  3. Standard vinyl link up on their site now. Link takes you to the revolver site. Still $93 for a triple lp is rediculous! I’ve paid $25 for similar albums before
  4. Got my 'Shell' variant in the post yesterday and for anyone who was concerned about it having a lot of surface noise, it doesn't or at least mine doesn't but I gave mine a clean before spinning it and it really does depend on what you're playing it on too. I see a lot of people complaining about surface noise and other things with vinyl and I can honestly say that giving it a clean and investing in a decent player definitely pays off! On another note the album is killer and 100% my album of the year, not sure if anything is going to top this in terms of quality in music and overall packaging. Lenticular cover, glow in the dark vinyl, 2 inserts and a poster with a gatefold jacket! I've bought double LP's in a single jacket with no inserts before (normally a trait of hip hop albums it seems) which is just lazy and unimaginative. anyway hope everyone else is enjoying the album.
  5. Got my package in the post today no insert for LP2 and only managed to get 1 song from the download card, not happy at all! anyone else manage to get all the tracks and would be able to share them with me?
  6. Got my shipping notice too, can’t wait for this to arrive!
  7. Does anyone have a copy of this on white vinyl that they’d be willing to sell?
  8. Yeah I’m hoping that doesn’t sell out before Tuesday! Been waiting for payday to grab a bunch of the new Single Mothers stuff that went up but I’ll also be getting that too. I have the first press in black but can’t resist that clear/white smoke variant!
  9. Mine arrived yesterday and I’ve got to say that although the vinyl itself looks great I’m really disappointed in the packaging it feels so cheap! The sleeve is so thin and the card it’s made of isn’t great quality, I was expecting more for the for the price! Oh and the scratch and sniff smells like card!
  10. My Bronx I and III albums came in the post on monday and finally got a chance to spin them today and III sounds so good, glad they finally pressed this on vinyl. If anyone hasn't seen the difference in colours to the Australian press here they are. if anyone picked up II, is it a gatefold like the first press i didn't pick it up as i already own the first one!
  11. Thanks man i'll have to pick up that Spinnerette LP been searching for that at a good price for a while i gave up on the pink one! i'll forever be kicking myself for not buying the pink one off the Hassle records site when they had it.
  12. So I’ve seen some Distillers bootlegs floating around the internet before and never really given them a thought but now I’ve become interested in them I can’t seem to find them anywhere! I’ve seen a Coral Fang clear with black smoke and a clear and a white version of the self titled, also a blue version of the spinnerette album. Anyone know where I can get a hold of any of these or if anyone is selling any? Thanks
  13. Any news on a U.K. Pre order? Shipping from the US is usually more than the cost of the product!
  14. Does anyone who's been to any of the UK shows or US shows know if the tour posters they're selling come with poster tubes? I want to get one at tonight's show in London but I also don't want it to get crushed!
  15. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but from pictures I've see I've noticed that people have been getting a translucent yellow and also some opaque yellow with a bit of black! Has anyone seen this or just me?
  16. I bought mine from a store selling their leftover RSD stock online worked out at £34 with shipping! If I handn't of got that I would have just waited for Saturday for pre orders on the other pressing people are idiots!
  17. My Some Girls collection! managed to get that Heavens Pregnant Teens screen printed tour edition off ebay for $12 i think! all i really want are the spray painted covers for The Rains and The Blues and All My Friends Are Going Death. If anyone is selling them or wants to trade let me know
  18. 8th in line for record store day today and the guy in front of me picked up Coheed and they only had 1 copy in! that was my only chance and I'm not paying flipper prices on eBay but thank god they're releasing it online too
  19. Gallows collection so far, missing a few variants but i'm happy with what i've got the main ones are there i'm glad i got Orchestra of Wolves and Grey Britain before they started selling for crazy money on ebay!
  20. Here's my AFI collection, it's far from complete i know but theres too many variants out there so this is all i have for now
  21. Here's my vinyl storage area. only moved in a few moths ago so most of my 7"s are still in boxes till i find somewhere to put them
  22. how do i insert images into a reply or new topic on the message board i can't figure it out!

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